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Tech Riyo is one of the fastest growing online blogging community. We always try to share the latest tips and tricks about mobile, technology, SEO, blogging, Lifestyle and much more.

Now, we are going to accept unique Guest Post from real authors and bloggers.

Content Guidelines

  • We like to cover new topics that hardly one have discovered or thought of it.
  • We also allow existing topics with new viewpoint.
  • We allow content covering Technology, Business, Startup, SEO, Blogging, Software.
  • We don’t cover topics related to Apps unless it has connected a whole world.
  • We don’t cover games.
  • We like to have guest posts range from 1500-3000 Words.
  • Please don’t over promote Yourself or Business.
  • Buying, selling, or trading links that appear in posts is strictly prohibited.

SEO Practice

  • Image size 1920*1080 with alt tags.
  • HTML formatting with proper bulleted lists, headers (H2, H3, H4 ), bolding, etc.
  • Content must have the first two links in every post point to relevant internal TechRiyo content that relates to your topic.
  • All the guest posts will have no follow links.

Publishing Guidelines

  • Please send your content in Word file.
  • Your desire image must attached in the mail.
  • It may take up 10 days to publishing Your content.

How to Submit Guest Post?

If you are interested to publish a guest post on Tech Riyo, then knock us via
email at [email protected]

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