What is Yourphone.exe in Windows 10?


Have you ever noticed yourphone.exe In Windows 10? Many of you may have, but I’m sure most of you don’t know about this program. A few days back, I came across this yourphone.exe program in the taskbar, and I got curious about it. Then I search for it and understand what your phone process is.

Generally, this process doesn’t take much space, but you should also know how to disable Yourphone.exe. There are various ways of doing this. Continue to read this entire article, and you will find everything about your Phone, including what it is and how to disable YourPhone.exe.

What is Yourphone.exe in Windows 10

#1 What Is Yourphone.exe In Windows 10?

Yourphone.exe is a handy and advanced feature of Windows 10. Yourphone.exe is the primary process of your phone application from Windows 10. This program is default located at:

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It relies on other DLL files for functioning. Its size is tiny, and it is only 19 KB. This program will not appear in the task manager until you launch the Your Phone app from your Windows computer.

When you open this application, yourphone.exe will run in the background. When you close Your Phone app, this program will automatically be terminated. It is an essential program if you want to link your mobile with your laptop. Whether you have iPhone or Android smartphones, you can sync your mobile with Your Phone app.

This program will help you to read your mobile notifications, like messages from the computer. So, you don’t have to look at your mobile frequently when you are working. You can share so many multimedia files easily with android smartphones; however, there are some limitations for iOS devices.

Your Phone is a great app, a very innovative way to sync your mobile with your laptop. It is a straightforward process for syncing.

#2 Is YourPhone.exe Process A Virus?

Yourphone.exe is not a virus, but it is a functioning program of Your Phone application. Microsoft develops this program to sync your mobile with your computer. This program’s size is only 19 KB.

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However, in some cases, this can be a virus. But you need to make sure bout something. You need to check the path of the process. If the file path is different from this path, then it is a virus. The file path is below mentioned:

If this program uses an unusual amount of memory, and due to this program, you see Ram’s 100% usage, it can be possible that yourphone.exe is a virus. Sometimes some malware and virus use these program name as a mask and create troubles for you. So, you need to first check these things before calling it a virus.

#3 How To Disable YourPhone.exe From Running In The Background?

You don’t have to disable the YourPhone.exe process in the background. It will automatically be closed once you close the Your Phone application. But if it is a virus, it will not close automatically so, and if you are unsure whether it is a program or virus, it’s better to close this program.

To disable Yourphone.exe in windows 10, follow these steps.

Step 1: You need to press the Windows key to open the start search bar or directly press Windows key + S to open the windows search bar.

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Step 2: You need to type ‘Background apps’ and press enter. If Windows 10 Start menu is not working, click here. Now click on the background apps search results to open the new background apps window.

Background appsStep 3: You will see various app list in this window. Scroll down until you find Your Phone app. Now click on that app and turn of this app from the background process. It will stop the YourPhone.exe process.

background processStep 4: Close the settings and restart your Windows computer.

Step 5: Now open the Task Manager from the Windows menu and find Yourphone.exe. You will notice that there is no longer a yourphone.exe process. You can also close the LockApp.Exe process in the same way.

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However, if disabling yourphone.exe from the background is not enough for you, you can remove your laptop’s phone app.

#4 How To Remove Your Phone App From Windows 10?

Your Phone app and Yourphone.exe are closely associated, and you can’t run Your Phone app without yourphone.exe and vice versa. Your Phone is a small application that makes your windows a better companion. It increases your Windows 10 performance. If it runs perfectly, there is no need to remove Your Phone app from Windows pc.

It’s a great way to store and backup your mobile settings and data. However, if you have decided to remove Your Phone app, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: To remove the YourPhone.exe program, you need to open PowerShell Window on your computer with administrative access. For doing this, right-click on the Windows Menu and select the Windows PowerShell option from the list. You can also solve Windows 10 Taskbar, not Hiding from this menu.

open PowerShell WindowStep 2: You have to run a command in the Windows PowerShell window; this will pause your Phone app components that include yourphone.exe. For doing this, you need to type Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage and press the enter key.

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Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhoneStep 3: You will not see any confirmation or pop up reflecting your Phone program’s removal, and this will automatically remove that program without any notification. You should also delete Your Phone app’s installation files after removing the program from the Windows PowerShell window.

automatically remove that program without any notificationStep 4: You will find installer files in Windows C drive and then click on Program files and search for WindowsApps. Now you should look for Microsoft.YourPhone files. There are many files with this name in starting. You need to delete them unless this will create a futile cache in your system.

Microsoft.YourPhone filesStep 5: To delete these files, first, select them and press the delete key.

select them and press the delete keyStep 6: That’s it. Now you have successfully deleted Your Phone App from your computer. You can also Remove Windows 10 Watermark by using the Command prompt and some useful functions.

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Your Phone app is now deleted from your computer. If it is not extremely required, it is not advisable to remove such a useful program from your Windows computer. You can find various Microsoft Windows 10 Product Key List online as you find this helpful article.

#5 Conclusion:

Yourphone.exe in Windows 10 is not a virus. If you still want to disable this program from the background or remove Your Phone app from your Windows 10, now you knew the method from this article. I hope this article helps you with such a problem. Comment below if you have any questions.


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