TOP 11 Tips To Improve Your SaaS Support


Tips to Improve Your SaaS Support

Improve Your SaaS Support : SaaS solutions are neither that much old nor the latest. Hardly 20 years old, the software as a service business model is now widely using approach. With its introduction and advancement, it resolves all major IT challenges, improves scalability, and offers more flexibility to work.

Some companies sell SaaS, and some offer customer service and support without selling SaaS. And if you are one who rethinks to sell the service and support, here are some tips to improve your SaaS support. But before we dive into tips, first let me share some other information related to SaaS Applications and solutions.

#1 What is SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a service is a way to deliver the application or the software via the internet. In other words, one doesn’t have to install and maintain software as they can easily access it via the internet. It let users keep free from complicated hardware and software management.

Sometimes, they are also called on-demand software, web-based software, or hosted software. SaaS-based applications are run on a SaaS provider’s servers. And the provider is accountable for performance, security, and availability.

#2 Importance of SaaS

SaaS software is the best alternative for the traditional model in the business environment. Here you do not have to install or maintain software. Instead, you have to pay to the service provider, and the rest of the thing will be taken care of by him. Apart from this, there are many more benefits to SaaS Applications, which are as follows:

#1 Reduced time to benefit

SaaS applications are already installed and configured in the service providers cloud. And after paying for the service, within a couple of hours, it is ready to use. So it reduces the time for the installation, and configuration also lessens the time for the software deployment.

#2 Scalability and integration

SaaS is a cloud-based solution. And cloud-based solutions are highly scalable and integrable. To upgrade it, users do not have to buy a whole new software or system, just by paying some extra for extra service, one can get what he wants. Also, if you do not need some additional services, you can cut it off whenever you want. In short, you have to pay for the things that you use.

#3 Lower costs

There is a vast difference in the price of SaaS as it resides in the multitenant or shared environment, and the cost of license and hardware are also lower compared to the traditional model.

It allows the small and medium business model to use at a low, competitive cost. The maintenance costs are also lesser as a SaaS provider owns an environment, and shared among its client who uses SaaS as a Product Management Software.

#4 Frequent updates

SaaS providers frequently upgrade the solution for the betterment of the customers. And money, as well as efforts associated with this, is lower than the traditional model. You don’t have to pay for the upgrades or buy new software for a recent version in SaaS.

#5 Easy to use

Since SaaS come up with sample inside and offer best practice, it is simple to use. Users can test functionality or use a new feature in advance. Easy migration and different versions are also there for the feasibility of the users. And the user can use the software before investing in it.

#3 How To Improve Your SaaS Support?

SaaS Development is a whole different thing, and its support and management is a whole different thing. Here are x tips for managing your SaaS support. Have a look, improve where it lacks, and back to the grind.

#1 Make easy to find support widget

If your software is complex or there many functionalities, it might be possible that customers pull their hair with frustration. Do not add pain; instead, try to make it easier for them with easier navigation and user-friendly structure. Either show a support link on the home page or offer a shortcut link to the support page. If you want the actionable customer and positive feedback, remember support is import to offer and find as well.

#2 Quick answers on live chat, no more waiting

When it comes to service, customers have higher expectations from the service provider. All the SaaS Development companies offer call and mail support, but it does not have to in this way only.

A live chat system can cut down the massive time. The customers also demand On-demand support. The great support can make the difference when it comes to purchasing.
Remember, even in the business, always sell the solution instead of service and believe me; no one can beat you. Also, live chat saves your money, whereas the support hotlines are expansive.

#3 Offer FAQs to help self-service loving users

All the technology lover users always try to solve their problem by self and if they can’t do it, then only they go to service support. If FAQs are there, it will help you. According to the study, 91% of the customer wants to use knowledge base information to solve the problem.

Try to find what people search for and address all the common queries with in-depth knowledge. You can use tools to find out what people look and answer them satisfactorily.

#4 Understand Why and What Support is Needed and fix it whenever is Possible

When it comes to knowledge, three major categories come up:

  • Bugs
  • Confusing or hidden features
  • Missing features

No software is complete or bug-free. It is a matter of time. You need updates that solve the problems. Try to offer the bug-free best features. Also, there is always something missing and what is wrong if customers help you with this. Ask for the suggestion and improve productivity and customer engagement. If you consider their problems and suggestion, note it down, your customer is not going anywhere.

#5 Categorize customer issues

Follow the best customer support practice and categorize the support issue after identifying it. Once you identify it, you can assign the right department to your customer for a satisfactory answer.

Note that customer request is not only for the support department. The owner has to take responsibility to pull the fallen parts together when something big happens.

Companies can categorize support tickets and send them to the relevant department. Manually filtering is a big task, but a best practice can make it easy with time. You can use a shared inbox to segregate the request and auto-assign each request.

Use a central server to get all the support request a single place whether you offer the service from various platforms like Facebook, live chat, email, twitter, WhatsApp, etc. or single platform, make sure that all your final request goes to the same place from where you can sort it out.

It is not two sides beneficial thing. Customers can engage with your support service from multiple platforms, and you can also have a track record of it like what was the problem, how was it solved, etc. Some software integrates the support platform.

#6 Have the Right Support Staff

Even though you have excellent SaaS applications, poor customer service has the potential to throw off your software from the market. The right customer support staff is a must to build a customer base and for recurring customers.

Your staff needs enthusiasm and all sales information with all the technical skills. Invest money in the training the team and offer a learning curve and see the result.

#7 Have Customer Service Staff

Customer support and customer service staff both terms have a huge difference. Customer support reply to day to day customer queries. And customer service staff find ways to keep the customer interested in the product. Before the customer request the product, they offer you the same.

#8 Build good relationships with customers

Customer relationships can also increase or decrease the value of your product. It is true for SaaS Solutions & SaaS Development. The customer support department is responsible for building the base of a healthy relationship with the customer.

Try a different way with the aim of personalized communication. The majority of SaaS companies do not use customer relationship management systems, but you can try it to stand out from the rest.

#9 Ask Customers to Review the Service Agent on Various Parameter

After the customer query session finish, ask them to share their experience with the agent. Ask overall experience, customer feedback. Customer satisfaction is the number one parameter for all companies. A happy customer can bring two more clients, but an unhappy client not only takes away the customer but share their bad experience everywhere and tell others not to choose your service.

#10 Consider in-app and Website Support

Most people use the smart device, and hence, an application for support is a great way to offer support. Days are gone when the customer support is available on the desk. The easier you make the things for the customer, the more they love you. Ensure your mobile app and web support work efficiently. For that, you need time with a good development team, but you can try it.

#11 Set standards

The best customer service department prefix some measure. For that, you have to set rules like minimum time in which customer receives the response, way to greeting, know how to make things right, a concern that offers a refund, follow up with customers, tracking of requests without missing single piece of information, respond in specific situations, etc.

#4 Conclusion

It’s all about the tips to improve your SaaS Applications along with some important advantages and benefits. After viewing the points, you must know where your system needs improvement. And I think after knowing it, you have already started working on it. In case if you have any queries or doubts, you can reach us without any hesitation. Happy hosting!


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