TOP 10 Reasons To Consider Cloud-Based Phone System in 2021


Reasons To Consider Cloud Based Phone System

Consider Cloud-Based Phone System : As per the business analyst, 75% of the business shifted to any of the cloud-based platforms. The cloud market also reaches to the value of $158.8 billion this year. When we talk about the Cloud-based Phone System, then it has numerous benefits for the business of all sizes.

Whether you have a startup or a global company, it offers advanced features to all of the users. Its unified communication features lead to the business towards the path of success.
Before the Best Cloud-based Phone System introduced to the market, people rely on the on-site equipment like PBX cabinet and other physical machines for the applications and phone system. But with the interfere of the cloud, all the systems and apps are stored in off-site data centers.

If you are thinking of investing in a Cloud-based Phone System for Small Business, then here we have something for you. Below you’ll find the top reasons why savvy business owners are joining the shift to cloud PBX phone systems. Also below, an infographic detailing the main cloud phone system benefits. Not only this, but we have also included advantages, features, and names of TOP Known Cloud Service Provides. Let’s dive into it.

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#1 What Is Cloud Based Phone System?

Instead of the traditional communication method, a phone service delivered through the internet is known as a cloud-based phone system.

A third-party provider hosts a Virtual Phone System on the business platform. They offer advanced security and telephony features like auto attendance, extension dialing, and conference bridges.

Two terms know the phone system that utilizes an online connection to route the call in a business environment. They are VoIP-voice over internet protocol and IP phone systems.
A cloud-based phone system is purchased over the internet. Instead of maintaining the phone system on the software, you can purchase the cloud-based service and pay it according to your plan: no extra maintenance, no extra care.

#2 Why Should You Consider Cloud-Based Phone System?

Today, the majority of communication happens over texts, messages, and emails. However, no one beat the old and gold calling patterns. For the business world, it is precisely correct. No matter what size of the industry or business, a phone service that is reliable is necessary. Like other decisions of the company, choosing a Best Cloud-based Phone System is also held the same importance.

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In the old times, businesses were used PBX-Public Branch Exchange (PBX), an on-site telephone. It needs dedicated storage, bulky hardware, and significant investment with maintenance. Even after great care, sometimes it lacked security, flexibility, and affordability. On the other hand, the cloud-based system offers flexibility, security, and affordability. One can set up the network via mobile apps and connected to other team members or clients from any place.

All thanks to the advancements in networking and digital technology. A cloud phone system or IP powered phone systems are easier for businesses. It enhances communication and can be managed off-site.

However, if you are not sure the cloud-based phone system is right for you or not, we have a list of Cloud-based Phone System Pro & Cons to make the appropriate decision.

#1 Cost Savings

If we consider the cost of the calling for the small business, then shifting to the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) reduces the average cost of calls by 40%. Some small companies also report the up to 90% reduction in call cost.

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VoIP providers charge less compared to traditional service providers. Despite the number of calls or usage, the internet-based service provider charges you the same each month, whereas the landline service charges you according to the call and call duration. Ultimately it costs you less than a landline service for your business.

For the call centers, the unlimited package is best if they are receiving high traffic. Those who are sparing their limited time over call, limited packages are best. Even all those host platforms do not need hardware system installation or maintenance. It also saves your money. You have to pay your monthly amount, and the rest of the thing will take care of by the service provider.

#2 Geographic Flexibility

Virtual Phone System offers geographical flexibility. With this system, you can work anywhere hasslefree. You do not have to sit next to the desk and make calls from there. The cloud-based system converts any place into your work station. What it needs is a system and internet connection only. No need for bulky hardware and space, it’s easy as breathing. Set up with IP phone, plug into your laptop or pc system, and use it as a softphone on a smartphone to make calls. It will not reflect your number even though you are calling from your device.

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Business does not need to hire employees or places as with the software; employees can work remotely as a part-time or full-time employee.

Some service providers offer phone applications that allow you to work without any setup. You can use extension dial your team, call the PSTN, and allow you to use the phone when your co-workers are occupied on another call. No need to go to the office, all the things from your place.

According to me, the geographical flexibility connects all the officer at one place even though they are not under one roof. For multiple office locations, a cloud-based phone system can connect different teams and departments over the same phone service. And te best part is a single admin manages it from any location.

#3 Reliability

Cloud-based Phone System service providers mostly host their servers on multiple locations to avoid and minimize downtime. Some of the providers offer 99.99% uptime.

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It has less disruption, and less downtime as the system does not have an in-house setup. This kind of set up is known as ‘Geographic redundancy.’

For example, if a service provider hosts have a server in Colorado and New York, then either can use as a backup if any of the servers knock out. If there is any major malfunctioning in the server, then only this kind of scenario happens; otherwise, everything works smooth.

If you have made a min for a single name as your Cloud-based Phone System for Small Business, do not forget to ask the downtime and effect of such disruption on your service.

#4 Hosted Service

You have to choose a cloud service host that works on the Internet connection and working IP phones. It means no amount to be paid for the system, maintenance, extra hours of work, or mechanical for malfunctioning. Your service provider handles all these issues and its cost. You have to pay for your monthly amount for your service only.

#3 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Phone System

After going through the consideration topic, let’s move to the benefit or advantage of the Cloud Computing in simple terms.

#1 Fully-Integrated System for Communication:

According to the report from Gartner points research firm, integration of a company’s communication daily through an application increase the efficiency of business processes and workflow.

Cloud deployed business tools are easy to operate. The worker and employee can communicate all the places. Whether it is in the office or outside the office, connectivity is quite easy.

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In this way, the cloud provider plays a key role in establishing a consistent business with seamless access to customer relationship management tools, instant messaging, email, voice, and video conferencing.

#2 Communication modes and control over it

With a cloud-operated system, the business owner becomes the driver of the system. He can allow the features they want, what they want to access, whether to turn on or turn off the access, and others.

The major benefit is access. It gives worldwide access to the user via the mobile application, desktop, or softphone to all the users who have access. For critical business, it gives real-time access and updates.

#3 Unified Features for all scale business

Cheap Cloud Hosting in 2020 gives similar access to small businesses as one would find in more giant corporations. The network application is also identical. The features include Virtual Assistant, Never Miss a Call, Auto Attendant, or Call Center solutions.

#4 Flexibility

As your business grows, you have to hire new employees; the onboard customer base also increases. Also, you require a new office. With all the resources, you need a good communication system that can scale up.

Sometimes it also happens that customer reach increases for the specific time, other than that it overall decreases. At such time you have to scale down the communication system.
With a cloud-based phone system, all scale businesses can use many extensions to accommodate heightened call volume. With a simple call, they can also deactivate all such extensions, as well. The good thing is that businesses have to pay for those extra extensions until they need them.

#5 Mobility and Ease of Use

Mobile workplaces are increasing in more significant numbers. Small businesses are also operated from multiple locations. The majority of the IT operations are operated remotely. With a Cloud-based Phone System for Small Business, employees access certain features like login that allow them to enter into the system anywhere.

It is most useful when you are somewhere out, and any customer is facing any problem. In such circumstances, the employee gets great control and increase business productivity.

#6 Time Management and Efficiency

The business efficiency will increase with web-based customer portals in the IT staff. Starting from insight into the installation to call analytics, including trouble tickets, service configuration, billing, training, and call analytics, this tool gives complete access to the customer system. With the use of fewer resources, the account focus on more work on individual project management.

Free Cloud Phone system easily integrates with other cloud-based apps and offers mobile access with all functionality and features. Availability to all those functions provides the same efficiency as an office.

#7 Business Continuity

Irrespective of the environment, the Cloud-based Phone System allows the business to stay connected to the customer. Unlike the traditional system, the cloud-based system remains unaffected by outside factors like severe weather conditions, employee issues, and others. It does not need an employee at the workplace to operate it.

Businesses can maintain a continuous presence over a cloud-based system. Extra tool availability during the needed time, makes your operation smooth and without any glitch.

#8 Improved Customer Service

With auto-attendant features or virtual receptionist features, businesses can lead the call to the respective department. Not only this, but they can also create a unique greeting as per the department.

For example, the admin portal can set up a non-holiday greeting on working days and holiday greetings on weekends or festival days. It could also add a message like FAQ or promotions.

#9 Easily addition of new services

While festival season, businesses will add premium calling features. It needs more staff to increase call-taking efficiency. For example, call groups can set multiple extensions for incoming calls.

The dynamic waiting room for the call queue and callers allow customizing the business for the better call management system and hold on experience.

Premium calling feature and waiting room both reduce missed calls, busy signals, and voicemail and attend as many callers as possible.

#10 Cost Savings

Last but not least is the cost. The cost-saving feature of the cloud-based phone system holds a significant benefit. It can be less costly compared to the traditional method. These reduce costs ultimately increase profitability.

#4 Conclusion

In the era of technology, if you have to grow your business, you have to adopt the latest technology. Do not worry; technology is not as hard as it seems. You have just once to choose it, and after that, you will love it. After reading Cloud-based Phone System Review, you know that it offers vendor, customer, and other persons associated with the communication path a seamless way of communicating.

Companies that have poor communication channels and a high customer base need to improve their system. When a customer has to wait long for the call, it affects customer satisfaction. The voice quality, disconnected calls, etc. are other deciding factors for productivity. It inevitably affects the company’s profit as well as productivity. In such scenarios, a cloud-based phone system comes to rescue.

In the end, it is the best time to say goodbye to the traditional calling system. Go and find the one which can satisfy your needs and without delay, pick one according to your communication needs.


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