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Best Quran Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

Best Quran Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

Having the Holy Quran at your fingertips is a great way to start reading it more. Often in our busy lives, we do not get the time to sit down and open the Holy Book and take the time to recite.

What if there was a way you could do it while you are taking your morning commute? Or when you are taking that afternoon walk? Well, the good news, there is a way you can do just that.

Your smartphone holds the key to access the Holy Quran at any time of the day, even when you are not home. Now, with mobile apps that have Quranic verses available, you can recite and learn the Holy Quran any time of the day.

Let us learn about which apps are some of the bests for android and iPhones in 2021:

Best Quran Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

#1 Muslim & Quran Pro: Azan Alarm app

This Muslim Pro app not only has an Azan alarm but now has Quranic verses so that you can recite the Holy Quran easily. The app is available for download on Google Play and is used on Android phones. This app will provide you with accurate Azan times depending upon where you are located. The app also provides visual and audio notifications to help you remember when it is prayer time.

It also has different azan voices depending upon whichever one you prefer. In addition to Azan time, this app will also provide you with fasting times for Zuhoor and Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan.

The app also provides audio recitations and translations for the Holy Quran. This also includes colored Tajweed. This will help you pronounce verses when you recite the Quran.

#1 Other features of the app include the following:

• Tasbih so you can count your prayers
• Halal restaurants and mosques near you
• Animated Qibla to show you directions to Mecca
• Complete Hijri calendar
• 99 names of Allah
• Wide range of different language options

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#2 Al-Quran for Android

This app was developed by Quran.com, and it is one of the more famous ones. This app currently has over 10 million downloads which indicates that it is used quite a bit.

This app will provide you with clear audio playback with clear images that are Madani compliant. It currently has over 15 recitations that are available for download. It currently supports 20 different languages making it an inclusive app.

#1 Other features of this app include:

• Prayer times according to location
• Fasting times for breaking and starting your fast
• Audio recitations of the Quran include phonetics
• All important holy dates, including Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adah
• A comprehensive collection of dua’s an important verse to recite
• A convenient night mode so you can see the verse easily in darkness
• Customizable audio repeat
• Ayah bookmarking and tagging make it convenient for you to find an ayah that you are reciting
• Android system of 4.1 required to download

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#3 Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word)

The Al Quran app was developed by Greentech Apps Foundation. This app is a great study tool to research Quranic verses and study them easily. The app provides you with tools to go into depth when learning Quranic verses. It is available to download for Android devices.

It has a verse by verse audio playback, including color-coded Tajweed. The app provides users with word-by-word translation and explanation. It also has many translations and tafsir’s in many different languages. This allows you to easily learn the Quran in whatever your native language is.

Another important feature of this app is that you can Index the Quran, take notes and create custom bookmarks. It also has a very powerful search engine, so you can easily find specific verses that you are looking for.

#1 Other features include:

• 70+ translations in over 30 different languages
• Verses are indexed by Tafsir Ibn Kathir and include embedded Arabic
• Taqiuddin Hilali commentary is provided in the app
• Bookmark feature where you can mark which verses you have read
• Audio mp3 full Quran recitation available
• English and Urdu translations in audio are available
• Auto-scroll feature
• You can copy and share verses
• Pinch and zoom feature available
• Night mode available to read the verse in dark
• Option to read Uthmani or IndoPak script style

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#4 Holy Quran

The Holy Quran App has been created by FanzeTech, and it provides you with the real feeling of reciting the Quran when you open the app. It gives you a genuine feeling of reading the Quran from a book rather than an app. It does this by giving you a real turn paging effect, so you feel like you are turning pages of a book. The font is smooth and easy on the eye. It has many customization features and is currently available to download for Android devices.

#1 Other features include:

• Brightness can be increased or decreased according to your requirements. This will not affect your phone’s setting.
• Toolbar to easily navigate the app and change settings quickly
• Font colors can be changed according to your preference
• Overlay to protect your eyesight
• The screen will remain bright while you are reading and not turn dim
• The phone will show notifications once you change a setting
• Sharing of verses easily through email, Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, etc.
• Multiple languages so you can easily understand translations in your native language

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#5 Quran with Urdu Translation

This app has been developed by Quran Reading and provides Urdu translation. It also provides transliteration in Urdu, making it easy for Urdu-speaking people to easily use the app. The app has an mp3 recitation of all surahs of the Holy Quran.

#1 Other features include:

• Urdu translation allows native Urdu speakers to learn the meaning of Quranic verses in Urdu
• Audio recitation so you can listen to the entire Quran in audio format
• Prayer timings, including Azan notifications
• In addition to Urdu, this app will also function in Chinese, Spanish, French, Persian, and Italian
• Search Bar so you can easily search different surah’s
• There is a go-to feature so you can jump from different Ayah’s of the Quran easily
• Sadjah’s are indicated in the app, so you know where you have to prostrate while reciting the Quran
• You can increase and decrease the font according to your preferences

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#1 Best Apps to Learn the Quran

These are just a few of the many apps available that you can download to learn Quranic verses. Now with the latest technology, it is not difficult to have the Holy Book at your fingertips. You can access any verse or surah to your liking even if you are not at home.


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