The most popular online casino games

The most popular online casino games

When you start playing at the online casino, you will quickly see that there is a very wide range of games available to you. Of all these casino games, there are some that stand out above the rest in popularity.

The most popular online casino games

Casino games that you might encounter in an online casino, for example, are slots, various table games, live casino games, bingo, etc. We have made a selection for you of the most popular games.

The top three most popular casino games

The range of games can sometimes be a bit overwhelming because it is so extensive. Maybe you don't know where to look or which game you like the most. Therefore, below we tell you which games are most played in the online casino.


The most popular card game played is blackjack. The name blackjack comes from the French game "Vingt-et-un", meaning "twenty-one". The object of blackjack is to score 21 points, or as close to 21 points as possible.

Blackjack has a simple basic strategy that is important to apply. This is how you limit your losses and have the best chance of winning at blackjack. To master the strategy, you can start practicing. You'll then play with virtual credit.

Blackjack has many variants. There are many that you play against a computer. But there are also many variants that you can play in a live casino. Think for example of Lightning Blackjack.


In second place is poker. As with blackjack, there are many poker games available. The rules of online poker are the same as those in land casinos.

Nowadays, you can also participate in tournaments at Dutch online casinos. Holland Casino Online, for example, sometimes organizes poker tournaments. The most influential thing about poker is that you know what the odds are in a given hand.

The best-known variant of poker is undoubtedly Texas Hold'em. But apart from that, you can also choose video poker or poker games in the live casino. Think for example of Caribbean Stud Poker. And if poker does not interest you, you can try a new popular game, first person Dream Catcher.

Poker in online casinos


On a nice third place comes baccarat. The name baccarat comes from the Italian word 'baccara'. This means "zero". Many people enjoy playing this game in online casinos. It's notable that it's mainly popular with high rollers.

Perhaps this is because baccarat does not have a strategy, and it is perhaps the game with the highest risk of losing. It's literally gambling and hoping you guessed right. Poker and blackjack do allow you to apply a strategy.

Baccarat can be played against a computer with virtual credit. This is useful for getting to know the game. Once you understand the game, you can play for real money. You then have the choice of playing against a computer or against a live dealer. A fun new variant of live baccarat is Peek Baccarat.