How to rent a Facebook account?

The main requirement for Facebook users is that only one account can be created for one person, who must register in his real name. This rule limits the ability of advertisers. In order to get around it, today accounts are rented. You can buy verified accounts without any problems.

What was the Facebook renting designed for?

An advertising profile is part of a personal page. Such a system is designed to link all financial statements to a specific individual. There are active pages for sale on the site, but they are expensive, as they require a certain amount of time and resources for registration. There are about two billion people on the site, but only a small part is engaged in advertising.

Most often, if advertising of a product is required, for which the site administration can block, accounts are rented, fearing their personal data and account blocking. You can buy old Facebook accounts with both a formed audience and fresh pages.

Reviews about renting a Facebook account

As in any other industry, there are a number of pros and cons of this way of earning. On the one hand, a person receives money without doing anything, on the other - there are unscrupulous advertisers. Negative reviews can be found on the following resources:

  • YouTube.

Positive reviews can be viewed in Google, by thematic request.

Important: today this area is underdeveloped, so often rental offers are fraudulent. As a result, the person's account is used, but it does not receive money. It is also possible to block the page, taking into account the detection of suspicious activity.

The safest way to rent

You can place an ad that your personal Facebook profile is renting on verified exchanges. Usually, the user's activity is clearly monitored on them and a kind of contract is concluded. In this case, a conscientious advertiser will have to fulfill the conditions and buy a Facebook account honestly.

This way of getting money is simple and does not take a lot of time, but there are risks. Opinions about this type of income are divided. Some users have a negative attitude, as the protection of personal data is violated and there are a number of risks. The rest see great benefits, as there is an opportunity to learn how to use an advertising profile and earn money sitting at home on the couch.