Linode Promo Codes, Coupons 20$, 50$, 100$ Reviews 2021


If you are looking for an affordable and right cloud hosting service provider, Linode is the answer. Linode is one of the most trusted and widely used VPS hosting services. Many people get confused about Digital ocean vs Linode. We bring you the detailed information of Linode with the Plans and pricing. Continue to read this article to find out Linode Promo Codes.

#1 About Linode

Linode is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider. Christopher Aker founded it in 2003. It has become a giant in the field of cloud hosting. The Linode cloud server is effortless to launch, which is the main reason for the popularity. It can be easily integrating with other systems.

Linode offers five types of cloud hosting services. These services are enough to reach the satisfaction of the user. From High memory requirement to dedicated CPU/GPU, Linode has become a successful service provider. Linode offers a money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Linode Promo Codes, Coupons 20$, 50$, 100$ Reviews

#2 Advantages of Linode Cloud Hosting

Linode VPS is one of the best Linux server providers in the market. The affordability and efficiency in the work, make Linode the best cloud hosting provider. The Linode Reviews are most of the time more than four stars. There are no hidden charges in this system, and the price list is straightforward and easy to understand.

There are many features available in the Linode server, depending on the selection of cloud hosting plans. The layout is straightforward, and the control panel helps to monitor the aspects of cloud hosting.

It provides advanced tools like advanced API platform and DNS management with scaling feature. Linode has Kubernetes and standard instances. The services like Dedicated CPU, GPU for massively complex systems, backups, and load balancers are also in the Linode domain. These features are the best options to have in cloud hosting.

#1 Advantages

• Offers advanced API platform, DNS management, and Scaling
• 13 data centers of Linode across the world
• Straightforward price list and no hidden charges
• Very affordable pricing
• Single click Backup feature in Linode
• Best suited for Linux (SSH and Root access)
• Use of Load balancers to spread traffic over different servers
• Provide 24/7 customer support to each user
• Offers 20$ Linode Coupons to the new user

#3 Linode Plans & Pricing

Unlike other cloud hosting services, Linode VPS has straightforward and easy to understand price list on the official website. It is very easeful to comprehend for a non-tech person. Also, there are no hidden charges in the system. So, you can use Linode without any worries.

The bifurcation of plans is done in four ways.

#1 Standard VPS Hosting Shared Plans:

There are ten variations of the Virtual Private Server Hosting Plan. The price starts with 5$ per month for the basic plan, including 1 GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 25GB SSD, and Network in-out speed 40 and 1000 Mbps.

The prices gradually increase with the other features. The highest-priced plan of 960$ per month includes 192 GB RAM, 32 Core CPU, 3840 GB SSD, and 40-12000 Gbps Network In-Out speed. It is a pretty awesome deal for VPS. The basic plan is value for money and worth it to spend only five bucks per month.

#2 Dedicated CPU Plans:

For the Dedicated CPU, there are ten different plans. The basic plan costs 30$ per month and provides features like 4 GB RAM, 2 Cores CPU, 80 GB SSD, and 40-4000 Mbps Network in-out speed. The most advanced plan includes 512 GB RAM, 64 Cores CPU, 7200 GB SSD, and 40-12000 Mbps Network in-out speed at 3840$ per month.

#3 High Memory Plans:

There are five high memory plans for Linode. The cheapest one is at 60$ per month and provides 24GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 20 GB SSD, and 40-5000 Mbps Network in-out speed. However, the most advanced plan is at 960$ per month with 300GB RAM, 16 Core CPU, 340 GB SSD, and 40-9000 Mbps Network in-out speed

#4 GPU Plans:

Linode offers 4 GPU plans with 32 GB, 64 Gb, 96 GB, and 128 Gb RAM priced at 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 $ per month. It provides a maximum of 2560 GB Storage and 4 GPU cards in the costliest plan.

#4 Linode Promo Codes, Coupons 20$, 50$, 100$ 2020

Linode provides many services and features at affordable prices. The basic plans very cheap compared to other cloud hosting providers. In addition to this, Linode offers promo codes and coupons for credits to encourage the new user. Quite impressive!

There are many 10$, 20$, and 100$ Linode Promotional Codes and Linode coupons available. We will list out the codes and coupons, but before that, you should know how to apply codes. It is straightforward to add promo codes or coupon codes in the Linode. It’s not rocket science. Just follow the mentioned steps.

Step 1:

• Open the Official website of Linode.

Step 2:

• Enter your valid Email id and click on Create account.

Step 3:

Fill the necessary details and move to the next page, and it shows two optional information.

1. Promotional Code
2. Referral Code

Step 4:

Now enter anyone Promotional Code in the first box and type Referral code in the second one, if you have.

That’s it. It is simple to enter any Linode Promotional Code from the mentioned list and get free 20$ Credit in your Linode account. Also, few promo codes offer more than 20$. Enjoy VPS.

#5 List of Linode Promo Codes:

No. Code Credit

Get 100$ Credit in Linode account for 60 days
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10$ Credit after sign up in Linode account
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It may not be possible that all codes and coupons are valid for you. You should try one by one and check which one works for you. There are also Digitalocean Promo Codes, which provide you Credit in the digital ocean account. You can easily find it online.

#6 Conclusion

It is all about Linode Promo Codes. Linode is considered as a king of Cloud hosting. IT offers excellent services with advanced features. The customer support of the Linode Virtual Service Provider is irreplaceable. That the reason is Linode is one of the widely used cloud hosting services.

There are 13 data centers of Linode across the globe. The data balancers are used to distribute traffic among all. Linode is the best Cloud Hosting you get at this price range. Comment below Linode code and coupon, which works for you.


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