iMessage For Windows 10 – How To Download And Install?


If you want to find how to install iMessage for Windows 10, your quest is over now. We bring you the detailed information and methods for installing and using iMessage for Windows 10. There are many instant messaging apps in the market, but no one can compete with the user-friendliness and efficiency of iMessage.

iMessage has many exciting and advanced features. It only supports iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. However, you can still use it on Windows PC by using some tactics. There are some indirect and direct ways to use iMessage on Windows PC. Continue to read this article, and know-how to download and install iMessage on Windows PC.

iMessage For Windows 10

#1 What Is iMessage?

iMessage is an instant multimedia messaging application for Apple devices. It is a very advanced and supreme competitor of Blackberry messenger. Unlike blackberry messenger, iMessage doesn’t have any character limit, and it also supports many other things and files other than text.

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You can send gif, Animoji’s, emojis, images, short videos, and audios using iMessage. It is popular due to the distinct bubble messages. There are three colors of text bubbles in the iMessage that signifies particular different meanings. iMessage works with an internet connection. So, you don’t need to buy a specific message plan.

You can send messages through iMessage to the other iPhone or iPad user, supporting the only iOS. iMessage has many security features that make this app safer to use. You need to have a contact number of recipients to send messages via iMessage.

#2 iMessage Features:

iMessage has developed with numerous essential and user-friendly features. These are some salient features of iMessage;

#1 Backup through iCloud:

It is effortless and straightforward to take the backup of iMessage through iCloud. It is imperative to take a backup of your conversation. iMessage has this crucial feature in which if you turn on the backup through iCloud, the messages from iMessage will be automatically stored on iCloud. You can restore them at any time.

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#2 Hide alerts, and block numbers from messaging:

If someone has your iMessage number, he can text you irrespective of your willingness. So, if you don’t want messages from other persons, you can block them on iMessage to not send you a message anymore. You can also hide the iMessage notifications and alerts through the settings menu. You can also mute and hide alerts from annoying group conversations.

#3 Send money in iMessage conversion:

You can pay to recipients in the iMessage conversion by using Apple pay. It is a straightforward process. You need to set up the Apple Pay cash and link your debit/credit card with your account. Now, you can use the Apple Pay app inside of the iMessage app to pay your bills or rents. It is a very convenient way to make payments.

#4 iMessage personality, emojis, and stickers:

You can make your own Animoji in the iMessage app. You can create and send your emojis and stickers to your friends. There are 11 different iMessage personality you can create. You can also add special sound effects like bubble and screen effects for particular messages.

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You can also drag and drop stickers from your iMessage sticker packs onto a photo or message. The built-in image or emojis search helps you find reply emoji to your friends, and you can also add different stickers by using apps from the App store.

#5 Memojis:

You can set your profile icons using the Memoji feature. You need to edit your Photo and contact name by opening iMessage, clicking on the three-dot icon in the right corner.

#6 Use read receipts:

It isn’t delightful when you are in the middle of work, and your text you frequently. You can disable the read receipts for everyone who messages you. You can also add an exemption to the list.

#7 Reactions:

Like the Facebook “Like” feature, you can send reactions to messages like love, like, angry, and many more. There are six different reactions to messages. You can send any of them.

#8 Bubble effects:

The bubble effect is a distinct feature of iMessage. There are different ways of selecting different bubble effects while sending text, images, or emojis through iMessage.

#9 Screen effects:

You can also add screen effects in iMessage. There are a few animations that you can put on the iMessage conversation as screen effects. It is very significant to express your emotions and mood.

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#10 Handwriting:

Whenever you feel boring to type messages, you can also write messages for your friends and colleagues. You can send messages in your handwriting, which is very impressive.

#11 Digital touch:

You can draw a picture or send all types of different effects to your friends through iMessage.

#3 Features Of iMessage For Windows 10:

iMessage has so much to offer, whether you use that app on iOS or Windows. For Windows 10, iMessage provides many useful and engaging features which are as follows;

• Using iMessage prevents you from downloading any other third-party applications for messaging.

• You can make easy and effective communication with iMessage as it provides delivery reports and other information.

• It has a superior interface with great graphics.

• You can react to your and others’ messages with images and emoticons.

• Communication with audios, videos, and photos is more effective than only text messaging.

• It is one of the fastest apps for Windows 10 for messaging.

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• It is straightforward to download and install iMessage for Windows 10.

• iMessage is one of the most useful applications for Windows for group chatting. It is effortless to create chat groups on iMessage.

• You can send unlimited texts, documents, voicemail, videos, or photos using only an internet connection.

• iMessage and supporting software are free of cost. So, better experience at free cost.

• It is a comfortable and faster way of messaging because of the more comprehensive screen.

#4 How To Download And Install iMessage For Windows 10?

It is a well-known fact that the iMessage app is only developed on iOS. So, you can directly use this app on iPhone or iPad. You can’t merely download iMessage on Windows or another platform.

However, for downloading and installing iMessage on Windows 10, you have two more comprehensive options. The first one uses the Chrome Remote desktop of Google Chrome, or the second one is by using emulators. Here are the methods to download and install iMessage for Windows 10.

#1 Method 1: iMessage Download Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome is a mutual supporting web browser on Windows, iOS, and macOS. So, you can use the Chrome Remote desktop feature Is access iMessage from Windows PC. For this method, you need to have a mac laptop, Windows PC, and a stable internet connection.

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Step 1: First, you have to download the Chrome web browser on Windows PC and Mac both.

Step 2: Now open the Chrome store from the Chrome browser, and from the extensions, click on Chrome remote desktop extension.

Step 3: You have to install the Chrome Remote Desktop on both windows and mac devices.

Step 4: Now select the “Add to Chrome” option to add this Chrome browser extension on Windows PC. Wait for few seconds for downloading and then install it.

Add to Chrome

Step 5: Now for mac, under the search app section, click on the launch app.

Step 6: Now download Chrome Remote desktop host installer on your mac laptop.

Step 7: After downloading, click on it and install it on your mac device.

install it on your mac device

Step 8: Open the remote chrome desktop extension and click on Enable Remote connections.

Step 9: Set the security pin or password from the mac device to access other screens on Windows 10 PC.

Step 10: On the Windows PC, find the remote Mac desktop from the chrome remote desktop app. When you find it, click on the same, and it will start the screen sharing on Windows.

screen sharing on Windows

Step 11: You have now successfully added remote access to your mac desktop by Windows PC. So, now you can use iMessage on Windows.

iMessage on Windows

In case if you don’t have Mac Laptop, follow the other methods which involve emulators.

#2Method 2: iMessage Download using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is widely used to play android games on Windows PC. Only a few people know that you can also use the iOS app Windows PC by using a Bluestacks emulator. Follow these steps to download and install iMessage for Windows 10 by using Bluestacks emulator.

Step 1: You need to download the Bluestacks emulator on your Windows 10 device. Open the official website of Bluestacks on click on download for Windows.

Step 2: Wait for few seconds to complete downloading and tap on the downloaded file to install and follow the instructions.

downloaded file to install

Step 3: Now launch the Bluestacks emulator from the shortcut on the desktop or search the Bluestacks from the start button.

the Bluestacks emulator

Step 4: You will see a search box and type iMessage in it and press enter. It will redirect you to the App store.

search box and type iMessage
Step 5: Click on the app and download the setup of iMessage.

Step 6: After downloading iMessage, click on the app to set up your iMessage account. You must need an active mobile number to set up an iMessage account.

You can send unlimited multimedia messages on iMessage by using Bluestacks.

#3 Method 3: iMessage Download Using iPadian

iPadian is another popular emulator, which helps you use android and iOS apps on the Windows platform. It is also free software to use. Follow these instructions to download and install iMessage for Windows by using an iPadian emulator.

Step 1: Download the iPadian emulator from its official website.

iPadian emulator Step 2: Click on the iPadian’s setup file (.exe file) to install in your windows PC.

Step 3: Launch the iPadian emulator from shortcuts or search it on the start button.

Step 4: In the dialog box, click to accept the terms and conditions of software and proceed to the next box.

conditions of software Step 5: You will see a search box on the top of Windows. Type iMessage app.

Step 6: Now click on the iMessage search result and download iMessage for Windows.
Now, you can send unlimited multimedia messages to your friends and colleagues on iMessage from Windows 10.

#4 Method 4: iMessage Download Using Cydia

You can also download iMessage for Windows 10 using the Cydia application. For this, you need a jailbreak iOS device.

Step 1: Download the Cydia app on Windows PC.

Cydia appStep 2: Open the Cydia app and search Remote messages in the search bar.

search Remote messages Step 3: Now, install the Cydia app and wait till the installation finishes.

Step 4: Now click on settings and find the remote message option.

Step 5: Download Cydia from the App Store for iOS devices.

Step 6: Click on the remote message, and in the new windows, click on Use authentication option. Press it to enable it.

Step 7: It would help if you created a username and password. While doing this, make sure your Windows PC and iOS device connected with the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 8: Open a Web browser on your Windows PC and enter the enable tab and press enter the IP address.

enter the enable tabStep 9: In the new window, enter the username and password, and fill the required information. Now, you can use iMessage on Windows 10.

While using iMessage, make sure your Windows PC and iOS devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, the method will not work. It will reflect an error in connection.

#5 FAQ:

#1 Can I get iMessage on Windows 10?

Ideally, iMessage is developed for iOS platforms only. However, you can use Google Chrome remote desktop extension and emulators like Bluestacks, iPadian to use iMessage application on Windows 10.

#2 How do I link my iPhone messages to Windows 10?

To link your iPhone messages to Windows 10, you should download the Cydia application. Or you can also use other methods. You can also connect your iPhone with Windows 10 by using Windows settings >> Phone >> Add Phone.

#3 How do I sync my iPhone to my Windows?

To sync your iPhone to Windows PC, you need to download the iTunes app on your Windows device. Log in to iTunes by using an apple id password, and now you can sync your iPhone with Windows. You can enable Wi-Fi syncing option to make it easy.

Similarly, you can also sync your iPhone to Windows device by using iCloud software. For this, your need to download the iCloud app on the Windows device.

#6 Conclusion:

You can use iMessage from Windows 10 PC. You need to follow these straightforward methods and enjoy endless multimedia messaging. The most preferred way of using iMessage on Windows 10 is by using emulators. Hopefully, this article helps you with iMessage for Windows 10. Comment below if you have any questions.


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