How to Uninstall Firefox on Mac?


Many of you must be having a question “ how to uninstall apps on mac?”. Here in this article, we are going to share with you “how to uninstall firefox app on Mac?”. Likewise, you can uninstall other programs or apps from your Mac. If you are searching for a specific guide then you can refer other similar articles on our website. If you are not able to find the article please comment below.

It is not a tough job to uninstall programs on mac. So, you can uninstall Mozilla Firefox by removing the application file. But, by just dragging the Mozilla Firefox from the application files does not completely uninstall apps on Mac. Some of the library files still remain on your Mac.

How to Uninstall Firefox on Mac?

So, let’s look at how you can completely uninstall Firefox on Mac.

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#1 How to Uninstall Firefox on Mac

#1 METHOD 1:- Uninstalling the app from MAC manually

STEP1:- Open Applications folder by going into the finder. Now, once the application folder opens select the Firefox Icon.

Uninstalling the app from MAC manually

STEP2:- Right click on the Firefox icon in the application folder and choose “ Move to Trash”. Furthermore, click on the “ Move to Trash” option. You will now notice that Firefox app will move to Trash.

Move to Trash Mac

Tip:-Be sure to close the Firefox application before you attempt to move to trash. Otherwise, you will get the following message:-

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Move to Firefox to Trash Mac

The app remains in the Trash for 30 days and then it is automatically deleted.
Deletion of the library files

As mentioned above, even after uninstalling the Mozilla firefox app some files related to the applications remains in Mac’s hard drive. So, it is your choice whether you want t delete the files or not. But if you are looking to completely uninstall the app then follow the below steps.

STEP 1:- Open the spotlight search by pressing command and spacebar key and type the terminal command ~/Library/. This folder will have all the files saved on Mac’s hard drive.

Deletion of the library files

STEP 2:- Go into the Library folder and then click on the Application support folder. After opening the application support folder you will find the two folders Mozilla and Firefox.

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Deletion of the library files

Deletion of the library files

STEP 3:- Now remove all the folders from the application support folder and then remove these folders from Trash also.

Deletion of the library files


#2 METHOD 2:- Uninstalling the firefox app using 3rd party uninstaller application

There are many 3rd party uninstallers, which can do the job of removing the Firefox from your mac. As you observed in earlier steps, we have to manually delete extra files from the library in Mac hard drive. Using the 3rd party app mostly removes this extra step.

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Editor note: There are just too many applications when you search “uninstaller” on the Mac app store. So, we have not specified any one installer. Instead, the steps given here are common for most of the apps.

Go to your Mac app store and search for “uninstaller”.

Uninstalling the firefox

Select the app, based on your preferences. Please note and read carefully about the price of the app, by clicking on the app details. You can tweak your preferences by using “filters”.

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Run the uninstaller app. It will ask you for applications you want to remove. Select “Firefox” or search for it from the search options (if any) given by the app. It will usually remove all the files. If not able to do so, a good app will at least give you information, which files it was able to remove and which it was not.

Please note, due to sandboxing, some of the files prevented by Apple to be accessed by 3rd party app.

You must, however, do your research when you install any 3rd party application on your Mac. Maybe, it will be spyware or even a hard to detect a keylogger on Mac. So, for those who don’t know about keyloggers, we will soo right the sperate article on Keyloggers.

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We hope that we have covered all the basics you need to know about how to uninstall the firefox on Mac. We at techriyo would love to hear from you if this article was of help. If you have any other methods or apps of your choice to uninstall Firefox on Mac then please comment below.


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