How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player?


How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player

The Flash-based content like videos and graphics require Flash Player. After you are done with Downloading Youtube Videos, any other videos or graphics, it is required to use the Flash Player to play such contents. It is possible to unblock Adobe Flash Player and enable it from the Settings menu available in browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

#1 What is Adobe Flash Player?

The Adobe Flash Player is labeled as Shockwave Flash in browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is widely famous as computer software for utilizing the content prepared on the Adobe Flash platform. Such content can be multimedia contents, rich Internet applications, and Online Streaming Video and audio.

The multimedia files can be executed in Shockwave Flash Format (SWF). The Flash Player can operate from a web browser in the form of a browser plug-in or on the supported mobile devices.

In simple terms, Adobe Flash Player is software that allows multimedia data viewing as well as streaming capabilities on the web browsers. It is a free cross-platform program that you can use to make, view, edit and manipulate with video files or game files.

Generally, people use it as an application on a PC or phone or a plug-in for websites. All the content is shown in stunning audio and video playback. The seamless functionality, full-screen support, HD quality streaming, and user-friendly operation are the specialties of Adobe Flash Player.

#2  How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome?

Follow the steps given in this section to Unblock Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome.

Step-1: First of all, click or double-click the Chrome app icon. This icon looks like a red, green, yellow, and blue sphere.

Double Click The Chrome App Icon

Step-2: Click ⋮ the icon located at the top-right corner of the window. After that, a drop-down menu will be shown up.

Top Right Corner of the Window

Step-3: Now Click on ‘Settings’. This option is seen in the drop-down menu. This will open up the Settings page in a new tab.

Click on Settings

Step-4: In this step, scroll down and click on ‘Advanced ▼’. At the bottom of the page, this option is available. Some extra options are shown below this point.

Click on Advanced

Step-5: Now scroll down and click on ‘Site Settings’. This option is available at the bottom of the “Privacy and security” list of options.

Site Settings Google Chrome

Step-6: In this step, click on ‘Flash’. You will find this option at the center of the page.

Click on Flash Google Chrome

Step-7: Now click the grey colored “Block sites from running Flash” switch. This switch is available in the upper-right part of the page. When you do this, the switch turns blue. This indicates that Flash content is now available on an ask-first basis.

Block Site From Running Flash

If the switch is previously blue then the Flash Player is already enabled in Chrome. It is not possible to enable automatic playing for the Flash content in your Chrome browser.

Step-8: This step allows you to unblock a particular site if needed. In case you wish to enable Flash Player for a site which you already blocked in the past, follow the below steps:

i. Search for a site on which you wish to use the Flash Player in the “Block” list.
ii. Click ⋮.
iii. Click ‘Remove’.

Step-9: This step allows you to watch Flash content in the Chrome browser. Because Chrome does not automatically play Flash content, you still have to click the ‘Click to enable Flash’ link on the window of the Flash content. Now click Allow when asked to play the Flash content.

This is the last step in Unblock Flash on Chrome. It removes confusion on How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome.

#3 How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player in Firefox?

If you are confused about How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Firefox, keep reading the below section:

Step-1: First of all open Firefox. Now click on the Firefox app icon. This icon looks like an orange-colored fox on a blue colored globe.

Open Firefox

Step-2: Visit the below link in the Firefox address bar to open the installation site of Adobe Flash Player.


Installation of Adobe Flash Player

Step-3: In this step, you have to uncheck any boxes shown in the ‘Optional offers’ column. Doing this makes sure the Adobe Flash Player does not install any unwanted programs on your PC.

Step-4: Now click on ‘Install now’. It is a yellow-colored button at the bottom.

Download Flash Player

Step-5: When the dialog box prompts up, click on ‘Save File’. By doing this, the Adobe Flash Player setup file begins downloading on your PC.

Save Flash Player File

Step-6: When the download gets complete, close the Firefox browser.

This is important because if you install Flash Player while the Firefox browser is still open then the Flash Player plugin will not get installed to the browser. Also, you will not be able to make use of any Flash content in your browser.

Step-7: For installation, double-click the downloaded setup file and after that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Once you are asked to click ‘Finish’, the Flash Player is successfully installed.

Double Click On File

Run Adobe Plash Player

Step-8: In this step, shut down the browser window and again open Firefox. You have to do this after the installation of Adobe Flash Player is finished.

Step-9: Now click on ☰. This icon is located at the top-right corner of your Firefox window. When you click this icon, a drop-down menu will pop up as shown above.

Click on Setting Firefox

Step-10: After the above step, click on ‘Add-ons’. You will find this option in the drop-down menu.

Click on Add Ons Firefox

Step-11: Now click the ‘Plugins’ tab which is located on the left part of the page.

Click On Plugins Firefox

Step-12: In this step, click on the ‘Ask to Activate’ drop-down box which is present under the “Shockwave Flash” heading. After that, click the ‘Always Activate’ option in the drop-down menu. This step will Enable Adobe Flash Player.

Ask to Activate Firefox

Step-13: If you have allowed automatic use for the Flash Player then when this page is opened, the content plays automatically. But if the Flash Player in your browser is set to “Ask to Activate” then you have to click the Flash content and after that, click ‘Allow’ when asked.

#3 FAQs

#1 How to Download Adobe Flash Player?

Follow the below steps to download Adobe Flash Player:

Step-1: Visit This link is the download site of the official Adobe Flash Player.

Step-2: Now review the download options and then click on ‘Download Now’ or ‘Install Now’. There may be some other apps in the list, if you don’t want them, remove the checkmarks besides their name.

Step-3: In this step, double-click on ‘Flash installer’ inside your Downloads folder. After the installer gets saved to your PC, it is present in the default Downloads folder.

Step-4: Provide the installer permission to run.

Step-5: Now follow the instructions shown on the screen to finish the installation. After installation is done, you can enable Flash in your web browser.

#2 Why is Adobe Flash Player Blocked?

The majority of the web-browsers have begun blocking Flash Player and it will be completed blocked by the end of 2020. The Adobe Flash is blocked because it is an out of date player and could not load plugins.

There are many plugins not supported in it. Also, it comes with an issue of a plug-in (Shockwave Flash) not responding.

#3 Why is My Adobe Flash Player not Working?

It happens that Flash Player is disabled in your PC, or it is disabled in your Chrome browser. Moreover, the current website which shows this problem blocks the Flash Player from executing. There might be a graphics card issue that prevents Adobe Flash Player from running.

Most sites will not tell you that you need JavaScript enabled. This holds for the vast majority of websites that use Flash. This is the key reason why Adobe Flash Player does not work.

#4 Conclusion

Following the methods described above lets you easily unblock Adobe Flash Player in your Firefox or Chrome browser. All the included steps are easy to follow and enable this Player without any hassles.


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