How to “Select All’ on Mac?


You must be thinking why an article on “ How to “select All” MAC?”.  The reason behind this is the functioning of the keypad in your MAC. Nowadays people use Windows Laptop. The keypad of the windows laptop and also its functioning is very different. Windows laptop keypad has a different section for number keypad, has ALT key, windows key, Backspace keys and many more. The windows keypad looks like the below-mentioned image.

And the keypad of MAC looks like the below-mentioned Image.

How to Select All on Mac

If you compare the keypad functioning of the windows laptop with the MAC’s laptop you will find many differences. Do you know even the trackpad functioning is very different??

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Now let’s look at how to select all on MAC in a given window. The command is the same for selecting all the text, images, folders in a given window. The same command applies for selecting the text on the webpage also.


STEP 1:- Go to the Folder.

How to Select All on Mac

I have used command for taking a screenshot. We will share the article on “ How to take a screenshot on MAC” as well.

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STEP 2:- Go to the Menu Bar of the folder you have opened

Go to the Menu Mac

STEP 3:- Now click on the Edit option on the Menu Bar

Mac Menubar

STEP 4:- Now, Click on the Select All option in the Edit menu.

Select All in Mac

STEP 5:- After clicking on the Select All, all the documents, images, video in the folder will be selected.

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Select Folders on Mac

After completing the above step you can perform the actions further like deleting, sharing, movie, exporting etc.

In the above tutorial, I have also used command for saving an image on MAC. We will soon publish the article on How to save an image on MAC”.


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STEP 1:- Go to the Folder. (( SAME AS THE FIRST METHOD))

Select Folder on Mac iOS

STEP 2:- PRESS COMMAND+A. As soon as you will click on these keys together, all the content inside the folder will be selected.

Very soon we will also be sharing you in our article about “ How to Select Multiple files on mac”

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With the same command COMMAND+A, you can select the text, images on a webpage.

Select All Mac Techriyo

Besides, knowing the hacks, commands inside the MAC, it is also essential to know how to clean your MAC from outside. We will shortly share with you an article on “Cleaning mac screen”.

  “ Select All” command is mostly required when you want to move all the data of the folder into the trash. Also, when you want to move the data to some other folder. Moreover, after reading this article you are now clear on how to “Select All” on our MAC.

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We hope we have covered each and every step so that it is easy for you to understand “how to select all on MAC”. We at techriyo would be happy to hear from you if this article was of any help to you.


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