How to Post Photos on Instagram from Mac


How to Post Photos on Instagram from Mac : Instagram growth was based on the fact that most teenagers were using it at the time and it began to start a trend. But, even now when it has spiked an interest in a professional capacity, Instagram fails to change its ways to accommodate the latest needs of its users.

One of such limitations is the inability to post/upload to Instagram from mac. You can browse through the site via browser but you cannot create a new post or upload any image/video. Also, you can’t message anyone via a browser. Sadly, these many limitations have been around for quite some time and Instagram shows no sign of improving upon them.

Now, one of the traditional methods to overcome such obstacles was to install an iOS emulator for mac on your system and use Instagram via the app from it only. But, going through so much trouble for one simple task is hardly worthy at all. So, here we have covered several other ways for you to be able to upload an image/video on Instagram from mac.

How to Post Photos on Instagram from Mac

#1 Can you Post on Instagram from Mac via a Browser

Yes, but with some limitations.

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Instagram’s desktop web version may not allow you to upload images via mac but you can switch to Instagram mobile version via some simple tweaks. Although, the mobile version has its cons namely with filters and other editing features being restricted.

Still, its better than nothing but if you need to overcome these limitations then you may refer to the end of this post where we have mentioned a special browser which claims to provide Instagram functionality completely within its environment.

#1 Upload to Instagram from Mac via Google Chrome

It’s one of the most widely used web browsers across the globe. And as much as Safari is popular, chrome users never hesitate to prefer their favourite browser while switching from windows to a mac.

By following the below steps, you would be able to use the Instagram mobile version on desktop and upload and post images/videos.

  • The first step is to navigate to the ‘Developer tools’ option. Those of you who don’t know, you need to select view option at the top and then take your mouse onto ‘developer’ to reveal it.
  • Either that or alternatively you can access ‘developer tools’ by pressing Command + Option + 1.
  • There, in the developer tools window that opens, scan carefully amongst the top categories to locate a toggle device button.
  • You can use this option to change between desktop, tablet & mobile viewing. See, what works best for you.
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Post to Instagram from Mac via Safari browser

#2 Post to Instagram from Mac via Safari browser

Unlike chrome, enabling mobile version on safari browser is a bit lengthy process albeit a simple one. Follow the steps mentioned below and you can access Instagram on your desktop safari while uploading images and videos to share with your friends.

  • Click on the ‘Safari’ option in the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • From the dropdown menu, select Preferences > Advanced and then check the tickbox against ‘Show Develop Menu in menu bar’.
  • Now, file option in the toolbar and select the option ‘New Private Window’.
  • Again from the toolbar select the option ‘Develop’.
  • Move your cursor to the option ‘User Agents’ which will show a new menu.
  • From it, select Safari >iOS 10 > iPhone.

As a major drawback of doing this is all of the sites will be opening in the mobile view so either you are gonna have to toggle settings you need to upload/post an image or a video on Instagram or you can use any of these below apps for the same purpose and more.

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#3 Vivaldi

This is a browser with a custom inbuilt feature named ‘Web panels’. They allow you to create a split screen within the browser and view any of the web panels that you’ve added earlier in the sidebar.


In the Web panels, the default option is the mobile view. However, you can change at just one right click on the particular web panel icon to toggle between mobile and desktop view.

With it, there is the added benefit or rather lack of disadvantage of having to view all other websites too in mobile version unless you change with its settings each and every time.

Also, you can add other websites into it as well and Vivaldi claims that you get all features of Instagram with its browser save for the messaging feature.

Note: For those with other browsers, you can find specific settings pertaining to each of your browsers by doing a simple search on the internet to ‘view sites in mobile view’.

#2 Various Tools for Uploading to Instagram via Mac

Unlike some of the users who might prefer to do uploading via the options above, there are many others who like to use the functionality of Instagram as available on its app.

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For those, we have covered some of the third-party apps including browser extensions, programs and more providing the same.

#1 Gramblr

It’s a simple desktop application, but one of the most popular ones. With it, there are several basic and minimal features available.


  • Schedule future post uploads but only one at a time can be done.
  • Your mac needs to be switched on while the scheduled time for uploading.
  • Provides some inbuilt filter, a few frames and red-eye removal along with auto crop feature.
  • Doesn’t has each editing feature available on the Instagram app.

#2 Later

A bit advanced tool, it comes with limited feature free edition. Unlike gramblr, it has bulk uploading enabled and also can support facebook, Pinterest and Twitter alike.

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Although, there is a limit of 30 uploads a month in the free version and you can’t schedule videos too.

You can get all that in the premium version which comes at somewhat steep pricing of $9 a month.

#3 Iconosquare

This a tool for professionals though with no advanced filters or editing options comes with it.


For those willing to pay for it, it provides analytics, visual scheduling calendar, insights and more at a price of $9 a month.

#4 Sked Social

This is a better tool suited for professionals. Despite its pricing at $20 a month, it offers value. At first, you can avail the 7-day trial and then see if you can choose to subscribe to the purchase options available.

Sked Social

You can manage multiple Instagram accounts with it from a single device and has apps available on Android as well as iOS platform too. Various tools and features are given including several editing features like filters, frames and more.

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Note: Those who’re looking far ahead to spend more money and get features the scale of a professional level may want to try Aigrow. At a price of starting price of $49, this tool is built for marketers & influencers alike.

#3 How to DM on Instagram on Mac

While those of the above alternatives might resolve the purpose of uploading and sharing images/videos across the Instagram Platform, users still can’t use them for messaging with their friends or followers.

For that, we have covered a few different solutions solely for that only.

#1 Direct Message Reader for Instagram

This is good for those who only selectively reply to people and thus don’t need to send a message as much as read them.  This free browser extension provides you with the ability to read your messages along with viewing media and following the links sent in the message.

Also, whenever you get a new message, it shows a pop-up which is a single click destination to your message. However, as of now, you cannot send messages via it but as far the developer is concerned, this feature is soon bound to be released.

#2 IGdm

This is what personally has come to the aid whenever it felt too impetuous to reinstall Instagram for checking the replies to past conversations.


Based on a simple interface, it requires you to login into your Instagram account and then shows messaging window interface including sending files and whatnot.

#3 Flume

This is the next best thing to free. Coming at a fixed price of $10 onetime, this is an all-in-one desktop client for the instagram.


This is the one that we highly recommend due to its multiple inbuilt features like, bulk upload, easy repost, browse, direct message, editing, multiple accounts and more.

#4 Final Verdict

There are several other options suited for those who find the above-given options not fit for their needs. Regardless, it is only a matter of time before Instagram goes fully web functional itself. With WhatsApp web and facebook being launched primarily as the web version, the same company that’s behind Instagram too is working on the same of the media-sharing platform.


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