How to Disable/Delete/Restore iMessages on Mac


Are you looking out for ways to disable iMessages  Notifications on Mac?

Since you have opened this article,  it means that you are interested in knowing about disabling of the iMessages on your Mac!!!

In Mac, Apple has provided so many facilities that once we start working on mac we really don’t need to look back to our phones every time. Especially for iMessages and reminders. Some of the features which people mostly use are:-

How to Disable/Delete/Restore iMessages on Mac

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  • You can make calls or receive calls on Mac if your iPhone and your Mac are connected to the same wifi connection
  • You can sync your iMessages on Mac if your iPhone and your Mac are signed in with the same Apple ID.
  • Text replacements- If shortcuts are done on iPhone then we can use same keywords on mac as well.
  • Reminders
  • Calendars
  • Safari- you can link your safari tabs in iPhone with your Mac in no time if having same apple ID.

In this article, we are going to answer some of the challenging scenarios related to the iMessages on Mac.

We get a lot of messages in a day. In your iPhone, you have the option to ignore them by putting your phone on vibration mode. Another option is to go to the message notifications in settings. So, there you can either disable the iMessage notifications or you can change the banner style, sounds, previews. In this way, you can be in PEACE!!!!

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In Mac, while working when messages pop-up it becomes a little irritating. Furthermore, it becomes a little embarrassing when the messages pop-up when we are in a meeting, or giving presentations!!

What is your reaction when you are completely focused and suddenly message pop-up on the screen?

Are you also experiencing that your Mac is running slow?

Here is the second reason to disable iMessages from Mac. When so many iMessages are saved on mac then the Mac sometimes become slow. So, to make your mac run faster it is important that you frequently delete the iMessages from your Mac. Another option as mentioned before is that you disable the iMessages from Mac. So you can just access the iMessages from your iPad or iPhone or iWatch.

#1 Disable iMessage Notifications on Mac


If you have multiple Apple IDs and now you have to disable one apple ID. Here you can disable iMessage Notifications on Mac by disabling Apple ID.

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STEP 1:- Open Messages on your Mac

Open Messages on your Mac

STEP 2:-Now, On the left-hand side top corner, go to Messages > Preferences.

Disable iMessages on Mac

STEP 3:- Go to iMessage tab and look out for the Apple ID and uncheck them.

Go to iMessage tab

In this way, you can also Temporary Disable iMessages on Mac. And when you want the imessage then you can check them again.


You can use this method when you do not want to receive iMessages ever on your Mac. This method will completely make you log out from your Apple ID and you will not be going to receive the messages on imessage


STEP 3:- click on the “Sign Out” button in front of your Apple ID

Sign Out your Apple ID

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STEP 4:- A window will pop-up asking a question “Do you want to sign out of iMessage?” Click “ Sign Out”

sign out of iMessage

After clicking “ Sign Out” you will lot out from the Imessage.


You don’t want to sign out of imessage. You just want messages to stop popping up on the screen.

Step 1:- Go to the System Preference App and look for the notifications icon.

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STEP 2:- Now, Click on the Notifications, then on the left-hand side Scroll down and look for “Messages”. On the right-hand side under message alert style choose “None”



After choosing the None option you will not get any notifications on your Mac but if you would like to look for the messages then you have to go to iMessages.


#2 Delete All iMessages on Mac

The way in which you can delete your iMessages depends upon your Mac OS version. In some of the versions, the hotkeys work and in some, they don’t. In the latest MacBook air having Mojave OS, there is no option to delete all the iMessages at once. You have to manually delete each and every message.


First, try this method to delete all iMessages on Mac which most of the people do but if you are not able to do it then use method 2

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STEP1:- Select one conversation from the left-hand side of your messages window

STEP2:- Hold the command key and then press the delete key. The pop-up window will come on the screen with a question “ Would you like to delete this conversation”


STEP3:-Instead of clicking on the delete button on the pop-up window, press Option+command+delete and the message will delete

If you keep on pressing the Option+command+delete keys, it will keep on removing the conversations in your imessage app.


As mentioned before, in the latest Mojave OS you cannot delete all messages together. You have to delete the messages one by one. Here we have mentioned the fastest way to delete the messages.

STEP1:- Select one conversation from the left-hand side of your messages window

STEP2:- Hold the command key and then press the delete key. The pop-up window will come on the screen with a question “ Would you like to delete this conversation”

STEP3:- Press the d key and the message will delete. To delete multiple messages keep pressing the command key and then alternately press delete and d keys.

#2 Recover Deleted iMessages

Accidently, many a time it happens that we delete the important messages while we are deleting other messages on our Mac.

Have you ever deleted important iMessages accidentally on Mac and now you want the deleted iMessages back in your inbox?

#1 Method 1

If you have other apple devices which are connected with the same Apple ID which you are using in your Mac then there is a possibility that you will recover deleted iMessages.

When you accidentally delete iMessages then the message is deleted only from the device and not from the cloud, therefore, you can recover deleted iMessages on any other devices like Mac, iPhone, Ipad, Iwatch.

Here is the screenshot of the iMessages deleted on Mac.

Recover Deleted iMessages

Here is a screenshot of the same messages still present on iPhone.

Recover Deleted iMessages


#2 Method 2

If you do not have another apple device or other device is not synced with the same apple id.

There are still chances that you can recover deleted iMessages. To recover the iMessages you should know where they are stored on your Mac. iMessages are stored in ~/Library/Messages on your Mac. In this location, there are folders like Archive and Attachments. These folders include audio files, images, videos or any other files which were received on your Mac through iMessages. Beside this there are files -chat.db,chat.db-wal & chat.db-shm. These files store the history of your iMessages.

Press command and space key to open spotlight search and type ~/Library/Messages.

Recover Deleted iMessages

After locating these files, now you can use recovery software for Mac to recover the deleted iMessages from your Mac.

#3 Method 3:You can find deleted iMessages from Time machine

If you regularly take back up of your iMessages in Time Machine then there are high chances that you will recover your iMessages. Time Machine is the built-in application in Mac. Since time machine never stores the individual messages but a complete database, therefore, it is important that you back up the latest messages which are in your imessage app at present to prevent overwriting of the data.

Step 1:- First of all, Sign out of the iMessage app and close any imessage window is open

Step 2:-Open the Time Machine app on Mac

Step 3:- Open the Finder and pull down the “Go” menu

Step 4:- Go to Library > Messages. Here the history of iMessages is saved on your Mac.

Step 5:- Now in this folder find the file “chat.db” which has been created just before the deletion of your imessage

Step 6:- Select “chat.db” and then click “ Restore”

After completing all the steps open the iMessage app and sign in. You will get all the deleted iMessages back in your inbox.

Once the imessage is deleted you cannot undelete it but Apple has made enough provisions for you so that you can recover the deleted iMessages if you are able to find chat.db,chat.db-wal & chat.db-shm files in your Mac.

After reading this article now it will be a cakewalk for you to disable the iMessages on Mac from either of the 3 methods mentioned above. Besides this, we have also given you ways to delete your iMessages from your Mac. Furthermore, how to recover the deleted iMessages on Mac.

We have mentioned everything you need to know about iMessages on Mac. We hope you will now have no problems in dealing with the challenging scenarios related to iMessages on Mac.


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