How to Create Subdomain in Godaddy?


Create Subdomain in Godaddy : In today’s fast-paced modern world, everyone aims online market and customers. For which a website is a must and for the website we need a domain. But is it that simple to excel online market? Let us first understand the whole concept of a domain, a subdomain and how to create subdomain in Godaddy.

There are two components, which any domain contains. First is TDL (top-level domain) and the second one is SDL (second-level domain). TDL is considered as what comes after (.) dot, e.g. .com, .edu, .org, .net and so on. SDL is what comes before the (.) dot, which also makes the whole domain name unique and which is also one of the most deciding points for any domain.



Top-level domain name: com

Second-level domain name:

Hostname: OR

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A combination of both can be said as a domain and to buy a domain, Godaddy web hosting is a perfect platform for all sorts of the domain and hosting needs.

#1 What is a subdomain?

What is Subdomain

After you have web hosting, the next step is to make your website reach to your target audience you need to decide your subdomain. And also while understanding the concept of the domain, let’s clear the definition of subdomain as well, subdomain is the part before your main domain name (.) dot come or in a lame language we can say “subdomain is a subset or a smaller part of a larger domain”. It can be anything that you want.

The subdomain is not only a temporary need, but it can also turn out to be a great benefit in your favour. There are tons of people who are looking for a particular product you want to offer, so with the subdomain, you will be able to reach them easier, faster, and more efficiently.

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To simplify, it is a small part or can be considered a large part of your domain through which you convey your new or upgraded website page.

#2 Why should you create a subdomain?

Many times, when you launch a new product or a new service for your customers, you want them to know right away, but due to not having an exact place for them to go, the sales decline. To resolve such, having a subdomain will amplify the chances for your better fortune.

To make your content reach the final destination, you need to choose your subdomain very keenly. It also helps to send users an exact web address so that they can use it accordingly.

With the help of a subdomain, you can also check the results of your campaign and improve your product or service accordingly. As people will start interacting with your directed web address, you will gain a lot of traffic and sales.

#3 Benefits Of Using Subdomain

• Subdomains are free. If your host allows you can create as many as free subdomains you want for free.

• Subdomains are easy to setup. Scroll down to read how to setup subdomain easily.

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• Subdomains are easy to use. You can use subdomain for whatever reasons you want.

• For a search engine like Google, Bing a subdomain is viewed as a totally different website. It will get indexed in its own right and work independently.

• In case if you’re worried about your website performance. Your main site will not be slowed down by adding resource-heavy applications or plugins if you install them on a subdomain instead.

• Subdomain can be helpful to establish brand awareness and to create popularity.

• To target a particular language, reader group, market segment or country.

• To use for a different topic/ niche or to highlight a major topic from your main site.

• For coaching, mentoring and support example and many other professionals and personal purposes.

Let us have a deeper understanding of how to create a subdomain in Godaddy.

#4 How to create a subdomain in Godaddy?

With sorted methods available by Godaddy the process has been simplified and with us, you will find it even simpler because with guided steps, you will also find attached images to match your computer screen.

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Before going forward to creating your subdomain, do check if your Godaddy domain is working perfectly without which nothing will be possible, and if it is not working properly, then do contact their customer helpline for further clarification.

As we have understood how important it is to create a subdomain for yourself let us simplify the process of creating a subdomain in Godaddy with Hosting, by the following steps:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to log into your Godaddy account with your username and password.

Login to Godaddy

Step 2: In your Godaddy account, you have to select my products. It will give you detailed information about what hosting plans you have chosen. Once the page opens, click on ‘Manage’. As shown in the screenshot.

These screenshots may way by the updated versions, but most of the time they are fairly similar according to the website.

Manage Godaddy Account

Step 3: Once you’ve entered in ‘Manage’ select cPanel of your hosting.

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Step 4: Now that you’ve entered the domain’s section, scrolling down, you will find multiple options in which ‘subdomain’ will be there which you have to select.

Add Subdomain in Godaddy

Step 5: You will see a complete subdomain page opened up. The page will seem like a form to fill, where the domain’s name will already be there. And you have to fill the details about the subdomain name you want.

At the end of the form, after you finish, you can click on create.

Step 6: Using the file manager, you can add any file you want in your subdomain folder. And done, your subdomain will be created.

So, wasn’t that easy to add a subdomain in Godaddy? With help by taking a screenshot, your efforts will be saved.

Create a Subdomain in Godaddy

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But what if you want to create a subdomain without hosting? Follow the below steps for the same:

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Step 1: The first step would be to log in to your Godaddy account.

Step 2: Select the ‘DNS Management’ page of your Domain.

Step 3: Get down to the ‘Records list’ and select the Add button. You have to select A from your ‘Type drop-down menu’.

Step 4:  There will be empty fields to fill as per your needs.

Host- Here you have to put the subdomain name.

Point to- Enter the IP address your subdomain is going to lead to.

TTL- Put ‘10800 seconds’ in this field.

Now all you have to do is click save and your work is done.

With this, you will have your subdomain created and it will work according to your desire. Apart from Web hosting, you should also Choose Cloud Hosting for better results.

From the above-given screenshots, you will be able to learn the process not only theoretically, but also visually.

# Conclusion

With the above-guided steps not only on Godaddy but it will turn out similar to Godaddy Alternatives as well. In case if you’re looking for Godaddy alternatives then you can give a try to DigitalOcean or Linode. You can find DigitalOcean Hosting Promo Codes and Linode Coupons Codes on our website by which you can get a discount on your purchase.

There are tons of websites where you can buy host and domain altogether but with Godaddy you will know that prices are right for both of them. On Godaddy, the process of adding a subdomain is much easier than adding on others, so if you consider doing one, log into Godaddy today and start selling and promoting right away!


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