How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC?


Many think that Xbox Controller only works with Xbox, but they are Wrong. Connection Xbox One Controller to PC is the best task you do for the world-class gaming experience. No doubt, you can play PC games with keyboard and mouse; however, if you want the best gaming and controlling experience and feasibility, you should read this article.

You can use some methods to connect Xbox One wireless or Xbox one wired Controller with a Personal computer. Before connecting Xbox One Controller to PC, it is advisable to look for system requirements and compatibility. Follow this article to know how to connect Xbox One Controller to PC.

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC

#1 How ToConnect Xbox One Controller To PC?

There are various ways of making a connection between Xbox One Controller and PC. It depends on the type of Xbox One Controller. Some controller doesn’t offer wireless connection. Choosing the right Controller for your PC is very important as it decides your gaming experience level.

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For playing Xbox games on PC, you need to use the Xbox One emulator for PC. It will upgrade your PC gaming experience. You can make a connection by using a USB cable, Bluetooth, and wireless USB adapter. Read further for more details.

#1 Method 1:Connect Xbox One Controller via USB Cable

The USB cable is the simplest and easiest method for connecting Xbox One Controller to PC. This way works with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One Elite controllers. All Xbox One Controllers have a micro USB connector on the body, so you can easily connect I with PC using a Micro USB-to-USB type A cable.

When you connect Xbox One Controller with PC, you don’t need to do anything as Windows will since Xbox One Controller. You can connect Xbox One Power Cord with PC.

Follow these steps to connect via USB cable:

Step 1: Connect USB cable with the Windows computer. Make sure your computer is powered on.

Step 2: Connect the other end of Micro USB with Xbox One Controller.

Step 3: Now click on the Xbox logo to turn on Controller.

Enjoy endless gaming on your PC with Xbox one Controller.

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However, there are a few system-specific limitations. In Windows 10, you can connect 8 controllers at once. You can connect 4 chat headsets, and if you want to connect the stereo headset, only two connections are possible. In Windows 7 and 8, you can only connect four controllers. The headset is not supported.

#2 Method 2: Connect Xbox One Controller via Bluetooth

For this method, first, you need to make sure your Xbox One Controller has compatibility with Bluetooth. The Xbox One controllers do not have an inbuilt Bluetooth option; however, Xbox One S has this.

To determine whether your Xbox has Bluetooth or not, you need to look at the plastic surrounding the Guide button. If the plastic is the same as the Controller’s face without any seams, it means it is a Bluetooth controller. If there is a seam between the guide button and Controller’s face, it means it is a non-Bluetooth gamepad.

Connect Xbox One Controller via Bluetooth

Follow these steps for connecting Xbox One Controller to PC via Bluetooth.

Step 1: You need to power on the Xbox One Controller by pressing the Xbox logo.

Step 2: Now, turn on the Bluetooth option from your Computer. You can either turn on Bluetooth from settings or Action center. For opening the Bluetooth menu from settings follows this path. Settings > Devices > Bluetooth.

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Turn on the Bluetooth Option

Step 3: For Bluetooth pairing, click on the “Bluetooth & other devices” menu.

Step 4:Now press and hold the Connect Button from Xbox for a few seconds. The button is near the USB port.

Step 5: The Xbox One Controller will appear in the Bluetooth search results when you press the Xbox One controller’s Connect button. Click on the Xbox and click on the pair. If this option doesn’t come, try the next step.

Step 6: Tap on “Add Bluetooth or other devices” options from Bluetooth & other devices menu.

Add Bluetooth or Other Devices

Step 7: Click on “Add a device” and click on the Xbox Wireless controller from the list.

Add a device

That’s it. Now you can play computer games with Xbox One Controller. You can also purchase Minecraft for Xbox 360.

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#3 Method 3: Connect Xbox One Controller via Wireless

There is an Xbox Wireless Adapter, which helps you to connect Xbox one and Xbox 360 Controllerto PC wirelessly. The related driver will automatically install in your device when you connect wirelessly. You can buy an adapter from any online or local electric shop at $25.

Follow these steps to connect Xbox One Controller to PC wirelessly:

Step 1: You need to connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter with your PC and allow drivers to install automatically. With the help of the line of sight option, you can check the connectivity.

Step 2: Turn on the Xbox One by pressing the Xbox Logo from Controller.

Step 3: Find and press the Connect button from your Xbox One Controller.

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Step 4: Now, check the Xbox logo. If it is blinking means, it is successfully connected. When the Xbox logo and LEC on USB adapter both go solid, it means the connection is complete.

#4 Method 4: Using the Xbox Accessories app

Using the Xbox Accessories App

Before indulging yourself into Gaming, you should check the Xbox Accessories App. You can easily download this application from Microsoft Store. The button customization to thumbsticks, every customizable option, is available on this app. From Resetting Xbox One Controller to managing your profile, you can all of these work in a single app.

If you have any firmware updates, make sure you connect your Xbox controller via USB to your device. When you update Controller, the bugs and error are eliminated, and you can enhance your gaming experience.

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#2 Conclusion:

For Connecting Xbox One Controller to PC, you can try any of these methods. If you don’t mind the wired connection, you should use the Micro USB cable to connect Xbox One and Pc. It is the easiest method.

If you like wireless connection, you can choose the connection via Bluetooth or wireless USB adaption. In these methods, you can move the Controller as you want. You can also use Xbox One Emulator for PC for Playing Xbox One Games on PC. The comment section is all yours in case of any questions or doubts.


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