How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac


Do you love listening to music uninterrupted?

Music!!!! Who doesn’t love music???. Listening to music makes us feel good and there is an experience of joy, happiness, relaxation and peace of mind. Music speaks about our mood. When we are sad we listen to slow songs, when are happy we listen to romantic songs and when we are in party mood we listen to loud party songs. To listen to songs we need to have a good set of headphones. Right????.

Nowadays Wireless headphones are trending because they do not have chords so no issue of they getting tangled or your phone hitting the ground when you get up, hands are free and you can be a multitasker while you are listening to music and many more and secondly they look COOL!!!!.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac

Some of you think that “Why is Bluetooth not available on Mac” when you are not able to connect Bluetooth headphones to your Mac.

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Pairing Bluetooth Headphones to Mac is a little different than how you connect your Bluetooth headphones on your iPhone or iPod.

Anyone switching from windows to Mac needs a little helping hand. There are a lot of useful hidden features in a simple interface of Mac. Techriyo provides you with useful Mac hacks so that you can take full advantage of your Mac.

#1 How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Mac


Here in this, we are going to share with you a step by step procedure on “ How to sync Bluetooth headphones to Mac”.

Here, using Bluetooth on Mac we are going to connect JBL Bluetooth headphones.

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#1 Go to system preferences.

System Preferences System-Preferences 1

#2 In system, preference look for Bluetooth.

Click on Bluetooth Mac

#3 Now click on the Bluetooth icon. A new window will open. On the left-hand side of the window, you can switch the Bluetooth on or off. On the right side of the window, you will get a list of all the devices.

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As soon as Bluetooth on Mac switched on Mac will start searching for the nearby devices whose Bluetooth is on. It can your ipod, iphone, headphones. Moreover, you can also use the same method for connecting Mac to Bluetooth speaker.

Turn on Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth

#4 Also, switch on your Bluetooth headphones so that Mac can discover them. Once the Bluetooth of Mac and headphones are on you will see the Bluetooth headphones will appear on the right-hand side of the window. In our case, “JBL450BT” will show up.New Bluetooth Device Discovered on Mac

#5 Now click on “Connect”. Your Bluetooth headphones will connect to your Mac.

Bluetooth Device Connected


Sometimes it happens that your Bluetooth headphones are well connected to Mac but you are not able to listen to the audio. Following things, you can try on your Mac to get the audio back on your headphones. It really worked for many of the users.

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#1 Go again to the system preference.System Preferences System-Preferences 1

#2 Now look for the Speaker icon which represents Sound.

Speaker icon on Mac

#3 Click on the sound. A new window will open. You will see there will be 2 options in sound output. One for your internal speakers of your Mac and one of the Bluetooth headphones which are connected to your Mac.

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If you will choose internal speakers then the audio will not come on your Bluetooth headphones. The audio will play on your Mac speakers.

If you will choose your Bluetooth speaker then the audio will come on your headphones.Choose your Bluetooth speaker on Mac

  1. Now click on the Bluetooth headphones option. In our case “ JBL 450BT”.Bluetooth Headphones Mac
  1. Now check your headphones. You will start getting audio on your headphones.

If you are not able to get the audio on your headphones then follow the below steps. You have to disconnect your Bluetooth headphones from your Mac.

#1 Go to Bluetooth in system preferences as you did before for adding your Bluetooth headphones. You will see that your headphones are connected to your Mac.Bluetooth System Preferences

Bluetooth System Preferences Mac

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#2 Now on the right-hand side under devices click on your Bluetooth headphones. You will see a cross(x).

Disconnect Bluetooth Headphones on Mac

#3 Click on that cross. A new window will pop-up asking you “ Are you sure you want?” Click on “Remove”

Remove Bluetooth Headphones

#4 Your headphones will disconnect from your Mac and then as mentioned above again connect your headphones to your Mac. After this, you will definitely be able to listen to audio on your Mac.


Now you can listen to your favourite songs, audible books on your Bluetooth headphones. You can follow the same step to connect sony Bluetooth headphones to Mac.

I hope you must now very clear on how to add Bluetooth headphones or any other Bluetooth devices on your Mac without any hassle. Use the above-mentioned steps to configure your Bluetooth device to your Mac. Also, we have given you the tip what if you are not able to listen to your favourite songs from your Bluetooth headphones.

Very soon techriyo will be coming up with the new article which is “Creating a Text File on Mac”. Stay Tuned!!!


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