Top 10 Free Instagram Follower Tools in 2021


Are you searching for some Free Instagram Follower Tracker Tools? A few of the best tools for Instagram which help analyze present time data and estimate past performance—having so much rush in checking out all your post’s data? These Free Instagram Follower Tracker Tools are the most effective way to calculate your posts’ vital information.

Instagram doesn’t contain any analytic dashboard of its own for brands and its users to calculate the engagement and influence of their posts. Here are some of the best Instagram tracker tools, which are free and helpful to enhance your strategies.

These Follow Tracker for Instagram allow you to monitor your follows and unfollows and post-performance, most commented posts to like your photos or videos and most liked posts. Even if you’re clueless about these tools and how they work, let’s get the information about why you need these “Free Instagram Follower Tracker Tools.”

Free Instagram Follower Tools Reviews

#1 Why You Need Instagram Follower Tracker Tools?

These Free Instagram Follower Tracker tools can track all your followers gained and lost. But its primary intention is to give you an easier way to get you all the count of your followers gets to know who had unfollowed you, view the who don’t follow you back you followed. And get this Follow Tracker For Instagram lets you track all its changing patterns in this process all over time.

The main app of Instagram Insights provides information about your followers. Still, it’s unable to provide the most crucial information users like you needed the most, and it’s called you follow and not follow who the followers who don’t follow you and who does are.

The essential information is still lacking somewhere in this native app Instagram. And for marketing purposes, it’s needed to keep all the tabs of how your posts are landing and view as you lose any follower, track the good or bad comments through the details as you gain from it, track how much more likes you’re getting and how many likes aren’t you’re gaining.

By all these functions, you can be more capable of learning about your content’s performance; all the reasons may get clear to you about your content’s presence in front of your audience for example:- Which post had made a bad impact on your audience that you got so many negative comments on your particular post or maybe which post has made a significant influence on your audience that you got so many likes on it.

As I mentioned before, all this Follow Tracker for Instagram main aim is to give the target for easiness in the calculation of all essential information about your post and follows and unfollows and many more. Especially business selling products and services to an influencer or a beginner, this Free Instagram Follower Tracker Tools is a convenient and most accessible way to have all the records of all your followers, likes, and comments in all count.

#2 Free Instagram Follower Tracker Tools

#1 Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (WowMaking)

Followers & Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (WowMaking)

Supported platform: Android

This app is the easiest to use it’s Instagram Activity Tracker helps you keep track of all the follows and unfollows on your Instagram account. You can also get to know about the inactive followers in your account.

It is an excellent app to provide this Instagram Activity Tracker for free and make it easy to figure out a range of analytics. Get to know which of your post is more influenced towards your audience. Track the real active accounts and safe from the bots in your Instagram accounts.

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#2 Follower Analyzer (Instagram)

Follower Analyzer (Instagram)

Supported platform: Android

This app provides you to analyze the accounts that you follow to view their stats for example:- The one who most liked your posts by its Instagram Like Tracker the one who liked your posts, the one who comments a lot on your posts, and the accounts that tagged in their post more often, Find out who had never liked by it’s Instagram Like Tracker or Figure out who never commented on any of your posts.

Get to know about your most viewed video, view your top liked and top commented posts, and let you know who has downloaded your Instagram video through Instagram Video Downloader. All these features obtained help you analyze all this quickly and give you a great idea about your content that the native Instagram app can’t.

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#3 Followers Tools for Instagram (CC Soft)

Followers Tools for Instagram (CC Soft)

Supported platform: Android

This app is one of the greatest because it lets you follow/unfollow/block/unblock/ without any limitation. And lets you do the tracking of new follows and unfollows lost followers and unfollowers who you follow.

It also shows who had blocked you, and you won the block list also. You can easily create a white list and manage your account through this app. Through this Instagram Follower Count Tracker app, you could reach real people for your business accounts, and many features are free and better than others.

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#4 Followers for Instagram! (Component Studios)

Followers for Instagram! (Component Studios)

Supported platform: Android

This app also has the same feature if analyzing followers to track who follows you and unfollows you with Followers Track for Instagram. You can quickly get to know who unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, and who you are not following that follows you and more and is also available for android users.

This app provides this all without any premium version; all its functions are yours without using money!

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#5 Followers Insights for Instagram (MonoMosaic)

Followers Insights for Instagram (MonoMosaic)

Supported platform: Android

This app provides you with the features of media-related analytics to shed light on the type of content to post. And with other features, check effective publishing time for your audience, Followers, Following, Likes, Comments, Growth, Trends.

You can also switch your accounts to keep track of all your Instagram accounts. And learn about engagement patterns. This app has got all these fantastic features. Insight into your Instagram Analytics with this totally free and also easy to use app! Whether it’s about Scheduling Posts on Instagram. The knowledge gained to post relatable content for your audience or get helpful Insight into your Instagram Analytics.

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#6 Unfollow for Instagram – Unfollowers & Fans (Unfollow App)

Unfollow for Instagram - Unfollowers & Fans (Unfollow App)

Supported platform: Android

This app is an easy Manager tool that lets you know who had not followed you on Instagram. You can unfollow a single user or unfollow multiple users at a time, including keeping track of unfollowers too. This app can be handy for Instagram growth as it’s a growth manager tool for Instagram. You can Instafollow other Instagram users.

This tool also provides you with the information of those you don’t follow but whom you follow. It has a simple UI track on non-followers. This app is a highly easy-to-use and handy media management tool for your Instagram account.

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#7 FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps)

FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps)

Supported platform: Android and iOS

This app is also an Insights tracker and provides the analytics of Instagram. You can access deep insights into your account of Instagram through this app. You can also manage your account effectively and keep track of the followers/following while monitoring the growth all over time and making you more aware of your content on Instagram.

It’s easy to use and makes easier ways for you to keep all of the records of your essential information. It is available on both Android, and iOS users can use this app and have a more effective way to measure their following history.

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#8 Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram (Mobile X)

Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram (Mobile X)

Supported platform: Android

This app also obtained all the other functions and optimized and allowed Scheduling Posts on Instagram. It provides you with the accurate followers analytics tool for Instagram. You can also engage with your fans. Find out who your best Instagram friends are. Know the gain and loss in your following. And it also authorizes you to track all the recent or old post performances.

There also lies the opportunity to know or track all the engagements you got in your particular business account. Also, who of your friends had liked your post the most. And which of your friend doesn’t follow you while you’re here following them.

And for the additional insights for your account, there is another availability to upgrade to its report premium feature. You can have great Instagram account analytics through this app.

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#9 Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers (Quadro Tools)

Tracker for Instagram Followers & Unfollowers (Quadro Tools)

Supported platform: Android

This app is also another version of Tracker for Instagram Followers and Unfollowers, which is provided by (Quadro Tools). You can quickly get this app to use in your no money required and free to use, and most important, it’s straightforward to operate for users.

This app is available for android users. And it contains the features of analytics for Instagram. There are also insta stats, Instagram analytics, and mainly the information about who follows and unfollowed in these apps. It also has information about likes, hashtags for Instagram and lets you know about your following and many more.

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#10 Tracker for Instagram (Appyfurious LLC)

Tracker for Instagram (Appyfurious LLC)

Supported platform: Android

Here is another excellent app for the same feature of tracking all the Followers and Unfollows, which is provided by this app also. Just like other apps, it also has an effective way to authorize you for an easier way of tracking all this.

Although it gave a great opportunity to you to discover the most active users, you can use analytics to optimize your posts. Track About the lose and gain followers. Track all your post’s performance, let it make you know about the most liked and most commented posts from your account. Posts.

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#3 Conclusion

Here are all these apps had been recommended, which provide all of these great features and can help you step up for your significant growth with followers and great popularity and most of the essential. It makes it less complicated to track all the information you wanted at a time. I hope you got excellent help with all the important knowledge you were looking for your Instagram account.


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