Dani Alves in Sao Paulo: From Hero to Worst Signing in History


Dani Alves in Sao Paulo: From Hero to Worst Signing in History

Dani Alves put the medal on top of his head and stuck out his tongue – the usual behavior of a 38-year-old football player who is still a teenager at heart. He achieved his goal: Brazil beat Spain in the Olympic final in Yokohama, and Alves added another trophy to his collection.

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While he was celebrating, Alves still understood that he would soon return to Brazil, where journalists would no longer ask about the Japanese triumph. Here, something else is on the agenda.

On television and in newspapers, there were heated discussions about what was happening with Alves and “São Paulo”. Many were offended by the fact that he went to Japan and left his team, which played important matches. When he first returned, it was a beautiful reunion story for a fan who has always loved his club. Now, two years later, his relationship with the “tricolors” has finally deteriorated.

“Sao Paulo” let me down many times, – said Alves with a medal around his neck. “And I never.”

This is how he looks at things. And he’s partly right. He signed the contract in August 2020, and now, due to financial difficulties, his agreement is being violated by not paying salaries. They let him down. But this does not mean that the footballer himself is “white and fluffy”.

Leaving the team in the middle of the season only to indulge his own self-esteem, Alves angered his fans. He calls himself a fan, he himself promised to “fight” for the team … but how did he do it in Japan? And why should we discuss money here again?

On Instagram, the biggest fan club, torcida organizada, accused Alves of leaving the club. The fans even demanded that the contract with the veteran be terminated.

It remains only to understand how it happened.

Two years ago, signing Alves was considered a real triumph. After leaving his homeland in 2002, the defender became a world star and legend of one of the strongest teams on the planet. In 2020, he was named player of the Copa America tournament, and it seemed that the return was triumphant.

How not to love him: Alves openly expressed his love for the club and promised to return him to its former greatness. At the presentation, Kaka and Luis Fabiano handed him a T-shirt with the tenth number, and 45 thousand spectators chanted his name.

Much was expected of him, but skeptics were already sounding the alarm: they knew how incompetent people at the top of the football hierarchy in Brazil were. Sao Paulo have not won anything since 2012, and during this time the club has amassed huge amounts of debt. Where did they get the resources to pay Alves 1.5 million Brazilian reais a month? This is an inhuman salary.


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