TOP 5 Best SSL Certificate Providers in 2021


Best SSL Certificate Providers : Internet connectivity has changed the way we perceive and project daily affairs. In the modern era, especially in 2020 and beyond, going online isn’t just a compulsion but a well-defined necessity. Be it making payments, interacting with others, purchasing products, or filling up forms for examinations and tax filing— the internet is the all-encompassing solution that is indispensable.

However, with the immense popularity comes a few lingering threats, involving the proliferation of malicious parties. These activities are mostly initiated to siphon off confidential user data and put the same to unscrupulous usage. Therefore, in order to secure user data to a considerable extent, websites must set up the best SSL certificates onto the domains. This process makes sure that the information pathway between the user and the concerned web server is encrypted and secured.

Best SSL Certificates Providers

#1 More about SSL and SSL Certificates

Un-abbreviated as the Secured Sockets Layer, SSL is a standard that every website dealing with sensitive user information must follow. To put things simply, if you have a website, that in one way or the other requires personal details of the visitors, including credit card details, address, or anything private— a secured sockets layer becomes compulsory.

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If the concerned website connects with a credible certificate provider, the concerned SSL gets authenticated and certified, which can then be determined by online SSL checkers. Once the domain avails the SSL certificate, it is equipped enough to encrypt each data set that travels across the online realm. The interception of confidential data becomes impossible. Therefore, every client visiting your website will look for SSL certification in order to judge the credibility of the domain.

#2 Why are SSL Certificates Important?

An SSL certificate can do a lot of good for the website. Mostly, it is imperative for websites offering ecommerce and online retailing services to get hold of the best SSL certifications. Needless to say, the encryption provided by each certificate provider is the same, but the level of authentication varies accordingly. Besides securing sensitive information, here are some of the other reasons why SSL certificates are such vital cogs in an online wheel:

Affirms Organizational Identity

If you are looking to establish a brand name for yourself, creating a website is an excellent way to go. However, a website that asks for details is deemed credible without SSL certificates. Once you get hold of the SSL certificate, the same gets evaluated by the CA, which eventually validates and identifies your firm.

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Improves Client Trust Levels

Any SSL checker would reveal the status of the SSL certificate for the concerned website. Therefore, if you have an SSL certificate in place, you can expect customers to visit and interact with your website, sans worries. This aspect takes care of the trust levels and even helps you with traffic generation.

Improves Rankings

If you have already tried everything to improve search engine visibility of your website from search engine optimization point-of-view, it’s time to give SSL certificates a try. Based on Google’s six-year-old algorithm, HTTPS-tagged or enabled websites fare better, regarding online presence. Therefore, instead of focusing on more demanding search engine marketing options, try and get an SSL certificate, immediately.

Satisfies DSS and PCI Requirements

If the website involves receiving online payments, it must have PCI compliance in play. While getting the PCI compliance in place is tough, the SSL certificate is one of the 12 steps involved in the process.

If these factors weren’t convincing enough, you must also know that Google, in 2018, made SSL certificate a mandatory website inclusion. A website that doesn’t have SSL gets flagged as ‘Not Secure’ by some of the leading web browsers. Therefore, if you are looking to keep the brand image intact and keep visitors interested in your domain, it is necessary to get an SSL certificate immediately.

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#3 Where to get an SSL Certificate from?

It is essential to consider credible SSL certificate providers to add an extra layer of security to the domain. However, while paying up might be a concern for some small businesses and individual website owners, there are a handful of free SSL certificates providers that make sure that domain verified SSL safety net is available for usage. That said, the free certificates come with limited validity, and if you want the best SSL certificates, you should maintain care while choosing the right cloud hosting provider.

#4 Best SSL Certificates Providers

The best SSL certificate providers are the ones that offer domain SSL and even Extended SSL certification after rigorous evaluations. In most cases, the extended SSL certificate provides the green bar feature to the websites, but they aren’t available in case of free services. The best providers offer extended warranties as well.

In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about the best SSL certificate providers, who generally offer effective, credible, yet cheap SSL certificates for diverse websites.

#1 NameCheap SSL Certificates

NameCheap SSL Certificates
NameCheap SSL Certificates

If you are interested in a cheap yet validated SSL certificates provider, NameCheap is the company to consider. The best thing about this service provider is that that it procures certificates in bulk, which makes it possible to offer the lowest possible rates on the services, as compared to the original price point set by the Certification Authority.

The company offers the highest possible level of security, followed by extreme levels of customer service and satisfaction. Most importantly, the nature of the certificates is diversified with NameCheap offering organizational, domain, and extended validation choices to the companies. The reputation of these certificates is unquestionable as they come directly from trusted authorities like Symantec, Thawte, and more.

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The best set of features on offer includes extensive browser compatibility that extends beyond the usual. Apart from that, NameCheap is associated with the best and most legitimate Certification Authorities in the market. Moreover, every SSL certificate boasts of robust security. The customer support system on offer is exemplary as well.

Lastly, as mentioned, NameCheap offers some of the best SSL products which cater to diverse industry verticals. It goes without saying that every business, regardless of its financial standing, can avail SSL certificates from NameCheap, at highly affordable rates.

#2 Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo SSL Certificates
Comodo SSL Certificates

Looking for SSL certificates that are affordable and reliable at the same time! If yes, then Comodo is the perfect option to consider. To begin with, Comodo offers CA support amounting to a 2048-bit signature in addition to one year PCI support. Most importantly, there is a free tool available that offers complete website scanning. It goes without saying that Comodo issues SSL certificates quicker than most.

Here is a reliable SSL provider, recognized by almost every web browser in the market. In addition to that, the pricing is entirely flexible. The money-back-guarantee for Comodo is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Comodo is one of the few brands to bring different kinds of certifications into the mix. These include DV SSL, EV SSL, and OV SSL, with each coming at a pretty affordable rate.

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When it comes to the feature sets on display, this provider secures every domain that is under the radar. Moreover, the Site Seal on display is dynamic, and there are no restrictive limitations on the re-issuing attempts. The warranty cover offered by Comodo is extensive in nature. Last but not least, the company also brings a 90 day trial period into the scheme of things for helping businesses get a feel of the services and features.

#3 BigRock SSL Certificates

BigRock SSL Certificates
BigRock SSL Certificate Coupon

If BigRock is your hosting service provider, you can connect with the same for getting credible SSL certificates into the mix. The process starts while issuing the domain, and you can select the preferred mode of certification, depending on your budget and organizational size. BigRock enables free SSL certification, depending on the nature and validity of the domain. However, it only works if via the cPanel if you have the domain registered with BigRock.

Furthermore, Big Rock adds in the third-party Comodo as the go-to SSL provider with different schemes and packages up for grabs. You can either select the cheapest Positive SSL or move onto the premium Positive SSL Wildcard and the Comodo SSL.

Most of these plans offer extended domain validation followed by access to one or even unlimited sub-domains in case of the premium plan. BigRock issues certificates within two days of subscribing.

When it comes to the services and features, the 256-bit encryption works like a charm and protects visitor data in the best possible way. Apart from that, BigRock SSL certificates come with a robust customer support forum and the customer reassurance team.

Needless to say, the certificate also helps you increase the Google ranking, and the existing Comodo seal is just an additional form of validation. Lastly, you also get a money-back guarantee on each plan.

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#4 GoDaddy SSL Certificates

GoDaddy SSL Certificates
GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Besides dealing with hosting and domain-related services, GoDaddy is also a credible name regarding getting the best SSL certificates. The 2028-bit signature for CA authorization is something the company persists with. Apart from that, domain SSL is available with minimal issuance time. Website security and even code signing are possible with the GoDaddy SSL certification into the mix.

Apart from that, these certificates are also handy when it comes to protecting every kind of sensitive and confidential information besides handling customer transactions and protecting user credentials with ease. Moreover, there are many positive GoDaddy reviews online which talk about the intuitiveness the company brings to the SSL certification arena.

When it comes to the services, there are several SSL encryption packages offered by the company. These include standard DV SSL, deluxe OV SSL, Premium Extended SSL, Wildcard SSL, and more. The lowest time for issuance is a few minutes, while the maximum timeframe for getting an SSL certificate is only five days.

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Furthermore, GoDaddy’s customer support is prompt and addresses issues with a sense of urgency. Clients get access to several products, uninhibited SSL knowledge, and easy SSL installation guide.

#5 HostGator SSL Certificates

HostGator SSL Certificates
HostGator SSL Certificates

To begin with, HostGator comes across as one Free SSL certificate provider, with services valid on shared hosting plans. Free SSL comes included with every domain and that too for a specific time frame. However, if you are looking to get paid services, HostGator offers SSL certificates via Comodo.

The subscription plans vary according to the timeline, size of the organization, and the preferred security aspects. You can choose between the Comodo seal, SSL Wildcard, and Positive SSL based on your requirements.

Every plan comes with domain validation, minimum support for at least one domain, free server licenses, quickest possible issuance, and money-back warranty.

#5 Role of Cloud Hosting in getting an SSL Certificate

At present, the majority of online businesses are busy choosing the right cloud hosting service provider. This process makes it easier to get hold of free SSL and even paid ones if the service provider offers the same with the existing plan. DigitalOcean is one such provider that offers cheapest hosting services on the cloud, with an option to pair any leading SSL certification plan. For businesses that are looking for more affordable rates to host and get additional layers of security, Digitalocean free credits or Linode Coupons do come in as handy resources.

#6 Bottom-Line

If you are looking for the service providers offering the best SSL certificates in 2020, it is necessary to research and review extensively. You must start by looking at the price point and authentication services on offer, followed by the encryption standard on offer. Most importantly, it is also necessary to zero-in on the type of SSL certificate, depending on the nature of the business.

It goes without saying that an SSL certificate is a must when it comes to registering a specific domain. Moreover, with Google making SSL mandatory since 2018, companies must concentrate on getting the same, at the earliest. If the website doesn’t have SSL certification, it will only feature the ‘Not Secure’ HTTP tag, which might make the visitors wary of the website’s credibility and data security standards.


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