TOP 10 Best Recovery Softwares for MAC in 2021


Best Recovery Softwares for MAC : Sometimes even after taking utmost care and precision, the data get lost sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances like human errors, virus infections and many more.

When the file is deleted which was not supposed to delete then the first question which comes to mind of most of us is “ Is it possible to recover deleted files on MAC?”. Most of the time this happens with unsaved documents.

Many of us consider that Recovering of the deleted files is a job of an expert and when it comes to MAC, a little more complicated. Recovering the deleted files on Mac is relatively easy.

Best Recovery Softwares for MAC

#1 How to Recover Deleted Files on MAC

If your file is deleted from the folder and even from the trash then also the file will not get deleted from the Hard disk of your MAC and it can be recovered.

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Even your recover unsaved word documents on Mac can also be recovered. Here we have mentioned the quick information about how to recover deleted files on Mac.

It is very essential to single out software according to the specific requirements.

#2 Best Recovery Softwares for MAC

Today we are going to show you top 10 Best Recovery Softwares for MAC in 2021.

#1 Disk Drill for Mac

Disk drill provides features for data protection at a very higher level on your device as well as on the other peripheral devices.

Disk Drill is also the hard drive data recovery software for Mac. We can recover the deleted files on IOS devices and Android devices also.

Disk drill knows around 300 file types, therefore, this recovery software is one of the most suitable software.

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To search the deleted files, audio, video software runs various algorithms which intensely searches the disk or other peripheral devices.

#1 Benefits of Disk Drill

  • The user interface is very spontaneous
  • The recovery rate is very high
  • The data protection rate is very high
  • It also includes free disk tools such as disk cleanup, duplicate finder and many more
  • Disk Drill has multilevel scans. Quick scan is for the recently deleted files and Deep scan is for the files which deleted sometime back.
  • It recovers the files which were deleted from your Mac and even it can recover files which were stored in any other devices that can be connected to a Mac.

Disk Drill offers 3 versions: Basic (with 500MB data recovery), Pro (for 3 MAC), Enterprise (All features in Pro + advanced features).

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#2 Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft is the freeware data recovery software for mac. Lazesoft is also considered as one of the most used data recovery software for mac. Lazesoft recovers a huge amount of data without charging any amount of money.

The lazesoft recovery software was designed only for recovering the files from the Mac OS. It can recover the files from various file systems like HFS/HFS+, FAT32, FAT, exFAT (new), NTFS and many more.

Lazeloft is also a hard drive data recovery software. It can retrieve the data from iPods, USB flash disk, external hard disk when they are connected to Mac.

This is a free utility, however, you do need to check it for compatibility. The last update on website is for Mac OS 10.5

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#3 Data Rescue 5 for Mac

Data Rescue 5 is all the data recovery software specially designed for Mac having a version 10.10 or later. Data rescue can recover the deleted data from the other peripherals like the external hard disks, CD drives etc.

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There are two types of services available in Data rescue Standard mode and Professional mode. The professional version includes:-

  • User can recover unlimited files
  • The recovery speed is fast
  • The cross-compatibility between Mac and PC
  • The user interface is intuitive

Data rescue can recover all the file types which can be found in HFS/NTFS catalogue. Besides this, it includes email notification and the recognition of the duplicate files to save the space.

The free version provides previewing of the data recovery only. The user has to buy the full version to use it.

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#4 Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

Wondershare recovery software has been designed for the Mac has a version 10.6 or later. It supports the latest Mac OS Mojave. It can also recover the deleted data from the external devices. Wondershare can be used for hard drive recovery, partition and file recovery.

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Wondershare is not free software. To experience its importance it provides a free trial.

#1 Features of Wondershare

  • It can recover the deleted data from hard drive which got format on Mac
  • It recovers the data from the misplaced, formatted or deleted the partition on Mac
  • It recovers the data from time machine
  • Recovers the data from the crashed Mac system and also from unbootable hard disk.
  • Recovers the data lost due to virus attack

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#5 Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac

Cisdem data recovery software recover deleted files on Mac. Cisdem can recover any file which has been deleted, formatted or damaged.

Cisdem recovery software works on the three-step process:-Select, Scan and Recover. In this user can choose the scenario in which file got deleted, scan and also review the files which are recoverable and can undergo the process of file recovery.

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The free version of this software lets the user only preview the files that are recoverable. Cisdem provides 30 days money back guarantee.

#1 Features of Cisdem

  • Data on external storage devices which has been formatted is recoverable
  • The file which got deleted from trash on Mac is recoverable.
  • Manage the data recovery efficiency by prohibiting the needless files such as configuration files while performing a search
  • Recovers files even when the user does not enter the data loss scenario.

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#6 TestDisk for Mac

Test disk is a free data recovery software which has been majorly designed to make the disk bootable and also to recover the partitions that have been lost.

This tool can recover the data only when this problem is caused either due to human error or due to the viruses in Mac.

Test disk can be used even by the users of Mac who are not expert in recovering deleted files from Mac.

#1 Features of Test Disk

  • It recovers the deleted partition and fixes the partition table
  • It rebuilds and recovers the NTFS boot sector
  • It recovers the deleted files from FAT, NTFS, exFAT and ext2

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#7 iSkysoft Data Recovery

This company is experienced (from what the website says) and has good reviews.

The four modes of recovery in iskysoft includes all the scenarios of data loss like formatting, deletion, erroneous operations etc.

  • Wizard Mode Recovery
  • Lost Data Recovery
  • Partition Recovery
  • Resume Recovery

They do have a free option but mostly they offer different paid versions based on your need.

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#8 M3 Mac Data Recovery

M3 Mac is a free data recovery software for mac. It works on the Mac having an aversion from 10.7 to High Sierra.

M3 mac recovers the deleted data from your Mac hard drive and also from external devices which can be connected to Mac. M3 Mac is majorly used in recovering files. The performance of M3 in recovering video and images is not good.

M3 Mac can recover the data from:-

  • Empty Mac trash
  • Unreadable drive
  • External Hard drive
  • Deleted or lost APFS partitions

The free edition of M3 Mac can recover around 1GB of data. The user can use this M3 Mac data recovery software only if your Mac satisfies the following two conditions:-

  • The storage device must be in a working condition. It must not be physically damaged. The storage device must be recognised by disk utility.
  • The deleted data must not be overwritten otherwise the data will not be lost.

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#9 Minitool Power Data Recovery

Minitool power data recovery software which works on Mac having a version 10.5 and later. This Mac data recovery software works on the latest Mac OS Mojave also. It almost recovers data from the hard drive and different other storage devices.

The minitool consists of some powerful functional modules which in looking out for the scenarios of data loss. As a result, it becomes easy to find important deleted files.

In the free version of Minitool user can recover only 1 MB of data. The performance of Minitool is good in only recovering the files but not the videos and images.

Minitool supports FAT12/16/32,HFS/HFS+,VFAT,NTFS file types. Minitool need minimum of 18.1 MB space for installing Minitool power data recovery software

Minitool is a paid software but it gives 30 days money back guarantee.

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#10 Easeus Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

Easeus data recovery wizard works on Mac having a version 10.6 to 10.14. One of the most important features of Easeus is that it can recover the deleted data from the backup drive of a time machine.

Easeus is a Mac file recovery software supports more than 200 file types which increases the chances of recovery data.

Besides finding out the deleted data from Mac’s hard drive and Trash, it can also retrieve data from the storage devices which can connect to Mac. Some of them are SSD, iPod, Memory card, Digital camera etc.

In the free version of Easeus user can recover 2GB of deleted data and the rest of the features in free and paid version is the same.

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#2 Conclusion

Choosing of the data recovery software also majorly depends on the Mac OS you are using because not all data recovery software run on all versions of Mac OS.

So, before spending money on the data recovery software it is better that you take their trial version and work on it.

Importantly, train yourself in recovering data yourself way before, so that when the problem arises you do not have to worry about which software to choose and what actions have to be performed.


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