Top 10 Best Production Scheduling Software in 2022


Besides the challenges, it is hard to manage all the schedules and appointments you got several times in the business journey. Here I’ve brought some production schedule software reviews for you.

It’s hard to organize all the stuff and have an accurate position in developing your business with an excellent level of supervision on the production planning. So, making it less effortless, I’ve brought this production schedule software review. But first of all, let me clear the vital points so you not to confuse you.

If you’re in charge of production at your company, then you know how important it is to have good production scheduling software. Good software can make your job a lot easier and help you keep track of everything that’s going on. There is a lot of different production scheduling software out there, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 10 best production scheduling software in 2022. We’ve looked at a variety of factors, including features, price, and customer reviews, to come up with our list.

Best Production Scheduling Software Reviews

#1 What Production Scheduling Software Does?

Production scheduling software manages work to generate a comprehensive production schedule that collects accounts to keep all the records and departments requiring this scheduling software to conduct and optimize production planning.

Many industries use this scheduling software for better production planning and control of their business more effectively with the help of this manufacturing planner. Production schedule software reviews all the customer orders and modifies them into a manufacturing planner setup.

This system of schedule software works based on planning first; then it contains other steps; furthermore, they are routing, scheduling, dispatching, and the last execution. Thus, this production scheduling software proceeds in production planning and controls the whole scheduling for your business to help you grow! Let me shed more light on the details of the steps I talked about before.

• In production scheduling software, Planning contains the procedure to authorize when and what will be committed after some time.

• Routing helps to determine the way, route, and path that product must attend.

• The system specifies the date and time on which the specific task should be finished accurately in scheduling.

• Dispatching associated with selecting the order of jobs from the predetermined production procedure has been provided.

• This final step of the producer software, Execution, implements the execution of the schedule created already.

Following all these steps, this functions also look forward to the other elements reconsidering all the sufficient products reserved and also the product obtains order induced to complete the order. The method of procuring raw material must be done using appropriate lanes and precise amounts.

Aiming at resource usage, the Calculus of raw equipment’s condition, and the outcome must be fine to confirm that every client is getting their goods accurately on time. The plan for the critical resource is to take upon raw materials time and has to be constructed into goods. Industries also often rely on scheduling software for small businesses of theirs and big ones similarly.

There is also some free production software present that can be helpful for new start-up businesses as there is major availability of scheduling software for small businesses. There is a great need for this function in a modern-day era for customers to get goods deli-delivered time with a perfect and less rush to order.

So, let’s get started by collecting information from one of the best production schedule software reviews to bring you the most promising manufacturing planner, which is free and comes up with significant advantages.

#2 The Benefits of Production Scheduling Software

There are many benefits of using production scheduling software to manage your production process. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help you to save time. By automating various tasks related to the production schedule, you can free up valuable time that can be better spent on other aspects of running your business.

In addition to saving time, using production scheduling software can also help you to improve the overall efficiency of your operation. By having a clear and concise schedule to follow, you can avoid potential bottlenecks and ensure that each stage of the production process flows smoothly. This can lead to increased productivity and reduced costs.

Finally, another great benefit of using production scheduling software is that it can help you to keep better track of your inventory levels. By having a real-time view of your inventory levels, you can make sure that you always have the materials on hand that you need in order to meet customer demand. This can help you avoid stockouts and lost sales due to unavailable products.

#3 Best Production Scheduling Software 2022

#1 ERPNext

ERPNext Production Scheduling Software

This software comes up with excellent analytical skills and 1000+ functions to help you with its tremendous ability to schedule and plan the whole purpose. And help you to expand your business and its; free production software. It contains accounting, HR and payroll, Manufacturing, Sales and Purchase, CRM, Projects, Help desks, Asset Management, and Website.

Accounting Helps you to have supervision on your cash flow within this aspect encircles every module of bookkeeping. For example, HR and payroll Keep all the records of the staff’s life process, attendance, payroll, onboarding, expense claims, and assets to separation.

Manufacturing upholds all the surveillance of the ordinance and multilevel bills of elements, job cards, inventory, and production planning. Sales and purchase can manage your sales and purchase to sales and orders and helps to boost productivity and lower costs. CRM is a great supporter of gaining more clients by providing you with the feature of optimization. You can send quotes on the go, and track leads, and opportunities.

Projects features Determine issues, track tasks, and timesheets through this, and also submit both internal and external projects with the benefit of getting time, budget, and profitability. The helpdesk offers automatic problem-tracking aspects to find an effortless a better service experience for your customers. Asset Management upholds every detail and manages too. This software carries such advertisements also blogs, web pages, and forms.

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#2 Odoo

odoo Production Scheduling Software

Odoo is also API friendly for the users; the software integrates many apps like Amazon, watt SUPP, and at least 16000 other apps. It also comes up with the best management skills to decrease time using needs in inventory.

The user can easily use this tool. It starts with a fundamental set. Then, even the user can add things according to them in it. On the other hand, Odoo software required an installation to elaborate on the setup process. Moreover, this software can manage all your necessities in one solution easily and helps you to customize and automate all your business strategies and processes.

It is specially designed to adapt to changing patterns and conditions of an everyday growing business. This software’s leading modules are CRM, Accounting, e-commerce, MRP, POS, Project Management, timesheets, Reporting, and Inventory management.

These features are the main modules of this software that may help you examine companies’ conditions, and schedules through invoice-creating software—accounting which may get you every detail of your money flow, etc.

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#3 Openpro

OpenPro Production Scheduling Software

Open software contains all the GAAP and international compliant resources. It is available in 9 languages and multi-currency. It has (POS) system, a solution to complete retail point of sale, and the distributors can get the advantage from the supply chain management software.

Payroll and HRMs systems are combined with accounting manufacturing software and CRM to specify the goal expectations and convert them into clients. All these maintenances are available in this software for a growing manufacturing planner.

To serve the best to your organization gives you a great deal of broad selection and options for excellent scheduling software for small businesses. It also comes up with invoice-creating software to run your business operations with more decent technology.

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#4 HUB Planner

HUB Planner Production Scheduling Software

Hub Planner is another name on the list. It is a cloud-based project management solution. Irrespective of your business size, it is suitable for all.

This producer software also comes up with timesheets, scheduling planners, resource management, project management, and vacation management and keeps all the records of manufacturing an easy-to-use, intuitive system that makes schedule software planning simple. Have supervision on your resource management.

Interactive drag and drop scheduler. It has an opportunity to view resources and utilize and plan the schedule of your staff’s projects. It also offers features to check team members’ availability, overbooking, vacation days, and sick days information.

The heat map feature allows users to view team capacity by providing gaps in the production schedule. In addition, there is a group feature that allows users to group team members according to department, skills, and others. Even users can filter them based on skill sets or location.

The timesheets module provides real-time spending on the project compared to the original time booked on the project. It offers integration with iCal. This tool has a subscription option for paid plans. Users will get support globally via screen-sharing tutorial sessions and email.

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#5 Celoxis

Celoxis Production Scheduling Software

This software provides a complete project management solution that obtains you the complete tracking of your profits, project planning that contains automatic scheduling, inter-project dependencies, and multiple resources per task. It is ideal for mid-sized to large businesses.

Project tracking includes RAG health trackers, critical path analysis, baselines, resource management, revenue forecasting, budgeting, time and expense tracking, reporting, team collaboration, and EVA. Project accounting contains profit and margin tracking, Revenue forecasting, and Custom financial KPIs. Portfolio Management gives you all over information with dashboards that are customized.

Some advanced features include advanced scheduling in which you will find resource time off, part-time resources, multi-time zone, working weekends, etc., into one schedule. In addition, users can send the report as an attachment via email.

The interactive Gantt chart is its best feature. It can handle 10,000 tasks linked to different projects. In addition, there is an option for choosing cloud-based or on-premise deployment. The tool is fully customizable and offers seamless integration for the user, including Outlook, Excel,, and more.

This tool offers paid subscription. The On-premises version is billed for a lifetime, whereas the cloud-based version needs to be billed monthly or yearly.

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#6 Mrpeasy

MRPeasy Production Scheduling Software

This software attains all-in-one manufacturing modules investments, finances, clients, stock, seamless, and team production management. However, you can get a real-time record to overview with exact on-time delivery. This tool is ideal for small manufacturers.

Manufacturers get detailed production planning which stays organized. No stock-outs get you all the leads through quoting, and fewer inventory categories. BOM, CRM, Dashboard, Cost analysis, Gantt charts, Customer database, bills material, Barcode support, and many more features to help you grow!

The suite comprises procurement, production planning, CRM, procurement, supply chain management, and inventory control modules. In addition, the drag-and-drop scheduler helps the project manager in allocating resources for different jobs.

It combines lean manufacturing, production control capabilities, and serial number tracking with order administration and billing tools. CRM features allow users to access all customer information, including purchases, history, and others. It provides regular reports on the market, ales, and sales details.

Apart from this, there is shop floor reporting, workforce usage, and monitors equipment load feature mainly defined for the aerospace and defense industry. The aim behind these functions is to provide alignment between material bills and manufacturing routing. It also offers integration with QuickBooks and Xero. There is the availability of integration with third-party applications for third-party APIs. You can go for a free trial to check this tool.

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#7 Frepple

Frepple Production Scheduling Software

With the skills of forecast management dexterity towards smooth production, this software benefits new start businesses with unique features. Some of them are inventory management, timesheets, automatic scheduling, keep all track of manufacturing. It provides each detail as well as the real-time data of delivery in production planning.

FrePPLe is a supply chain planning and scheduling solution integrated with ERP systems like Odoo, SAP, Sage, JobBoss, etc. With this tool, users can schedule the production on Gantt charts by drag and drop, adjust sales forecast, optimize inventory stock levels, evaluate the impact of rush orders and review the impact of machine breakdowns in the factory.

It is suitable for industries and business-like metal machining, retail, spare, aerospace, molding, and injection. There are three different plans; basic, standard, and custom. You can pick anyone according to your choice.

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#8 runn

runn Production Scheduling Software

Runn is a cloud-based production scheduling software. It provides you resource and capacity planning software that provides you with a comprehensive view of your people, projects, and profits. Runn’s features include resource scheduling, financial forecasting, project tracking, timesheeting, and reporting.

It can schedule projects and align people based on utility rates, range of charts, workload, and availability in real time. Team leaders can identify the full project schedule, resource allocation, resources, employee availability, and other parameters accordingly.

There is a feature where stakeholders can compare team capacity and utilization on a specific, timely basis like weekly, monthly, and quarterly based on present data. Users can also consider the business and financial side of the project with this tool. You can see how your backend work contributes to the project budget, profit, and revenue. And in this way, you can predict if the project is crossing the budget constraint or not.

Runn also shows all tentative or nonconfirmed projects that affect your planning. Some timesheets can track scheduled hours against actual hours. It is editable, which means one can adjust the schedule. Runn is integrated with Clockify, Harvest, and WorkflowMax to import and sync people, projects, clients, and time-tracking data.

There is an API to build, integrate and send data between your supporting tools. The monthly subscription is there if you want to go for it. Also, support is available over live chat, email, and documentation.

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#9 Katana

KATANA Production Scheduling Software

Katana is a modern manufacturing & inventory management software. It is best for small and scaling businesses. Manufacturers or users can quickly get a complete overview of the business from its visual interface and smart real-time master planning with one centralized point of truth.

Users can see the availability of raw materials, and finished goods and prioritize orders in real-time. There is surety of end-to-end traceability of all materials from raw materials to finished goods.

With automatic stock movements, it maintains optimal inventory levels across production and warehouse. The barcode scanning identifies products and materials. It keeps track of materials, and with batch numbers, you can track all receiving and consuming materials. It is makes counting goods easy.

Besides the additional features of the manufacturing planner, this software has raw materials tracking and a bill of materials; the system will automatically tell you when to order more, how much, and what you are missing. Smart priority and based production planning; by this, you can get all the updates of your inventory movement.

Make-to-order will calculate operations costs, and assign raw inventory. Its multi-national and multi-locations also manufacture floor-level control and outsource manufacturing. Built-in BOMs are another plus point of this tool. Katana integrates popular eCommerce and accounting service providers such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Xero, QuickBooks, etc. In addition, Katana has an open API should the user want to build their integrations.

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#10 SDC System synamic corporations

SDC System Synamics Corporation Production Scheduling Software

SDC system dynamic corporation provides you with various services. Some of the prime services are listed here.

Database administration and tuning, Contract Programming, Firewall Installation & Configuration, Free ERP Software Analysis, Contract Programming, Systems Analysis, Systems Review, and Audit, Hot Site Disaster Recovery, ASP (Application Service Provider), IT Systems Security Review, Migration Assistance to Latest Oracle Tools, Network Setup & Connecting to the Internet, Firewall Installation & Configuration, Mixed Applications interfaces, Unix / Linux Script Writing.

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#4 FAQ’s

What is production scheduling software?

Production scheduling software is a tool that helps manufacturers plan and track the production of their products. It can be used to create production schedules, track progress, and monitor resources.

Why is production scheduling important?

Production scheduling is important because it helps manufacturers ensure that their products are produced on time and within budget. It also helps them avoid bottlenecks in the production process and keep track of inventory levels.

What are some features of production scheduling software?

Some features of production scheduling software include the ability to create and manage production schedules, track progress, monitor resources, and generate reports. Other features may include forecasting tools, capacity planning tools, and integration with other business systems.

How much does production scheduling software cost?

The cost of production scheduling software varies depending on the features and complexity of the software. Basic software packages may start at around $500, while more complex packages can cost upwards of $5,000 or more.

#5 Conclusion

These were some of the best production schedule Software Reviews. Hopefully, you will find it helpful. In case of any doubt, use the comment section below.

There you have it, the top 10 best production scheduling software of 2022. All of these options are great for helping businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity. So, if you’re looking for a tool to help streamline your production process, be sure to check out one of these options.


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