TOP 5 Best Onboarding Softwares for New Employees in 2021


Best Onboarding Softwares for New Employees : Onboarding Software helps Human resource professionals, small business owners, and managers to complete the onboarding process of newly hired employee easily. A successful onboarding process makes the new employee relaxed and more comfortable at the new workplace. It also creates a long term relationship between employee and employer and prevents costly employee turnover. It also saves lots of time without affecting the quality of the onboarding process.

No matter what size of the organization or business is, the Free Onboarding Software help your small to large scale business by attracting and retaining the employees. Here we have listed the top 5 onboarding software for new employees with price and features.

Best Onboarding Softwares for New Employees

#1 Why You Need Employee Onboarding Softwares?

For a new employee, the first few weeks or first month of the job is crucial. It needs time to create a relationship between a new employee and an employer. Depends on it, the retention time of the employee decides.

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According to a survey, after the first week of the job, the new employee decided whether he/she wants to continue the job or leave it. An awesome onboarding experience leads to higher satisfaction and keeps a high productive level.

This software is packed with all the features that a new hire wants stating from establishing logistical employment standards to unspoken rules.

Picking up the right onboarding software reduces the risk of missing out crucial steps of the hiring process. The reason is it has some standardize program for each new hire. The programs are customized according to the job role, job title, and employment level. Why is it so? An executive hire is completely different for the intern or fresher. Both need different paperwork and introduction according to their job role. Segregate all these things is not easy, but thanks to HR Onboarding Software. Below are its some of its notable features, which clear your mind why you need employee onboarding software.

#1 Manage Paperwork Of New Hire

For a new hire, it seems like paperwork never ends. With this software, you can put all the papers and document in one place. You can carry all the information from the form to form and save lots of your time. It can also find an error of the document easily.

#2 Background Checks

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Background checks are important to keep the company environment safe and protected. That’s why it is necessary to handle this process carefully. With this software, you can sen the background check in one click. Your team will also be notified with all the updates after the new hire has approved the check, and the results are in.

#3 Compliance Of Employment Documentation

Employment compliance is tough. But onboarding software helps the employee to organize the latest forms and provide it through explanation and guidance while reading or filling out the form to the new employee. Onboarding software can help you from tax form to e-verified automation. It keeps your team informative and saves your time.

#4 Access To Employee Information

It includes everything from benefits enrollment to employee handbooks. Because the system is a tool for both the employee and employer, both have access to critical employment information through it.

#5 Automatic Workflows

Onboarding software organizes multiple automate workflow to set something up. Once you have done it, you do not have to worry about it.

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For the individual organization, the software defines a prefixed process for each role. It also includes the reminder, deadlines, and other settings with particular direction stepwise. When the responsible individual complete one step, an individual will be notified for the next step. It happens until the process completes.

#6 Progress Reporting

How do you know that your new hire is in the onboarding process or what will be tomorrow’s training topic? You can do it all such work with the software. It shows the transparency in the process and display all the upcoming task and completed process. It also helps to audit the onboarding team’s performance and get an idea of how to improve the whole process.

#2 Best Onboarding Softwares for New Employee 2021

Here is the most awaited section of this article. Under this title, we have provided Employee Onboarding Software Reviews with its features. Look at each and find which one fulfills your needs.

#1 BambooHR Onboarding Software

BambooHR is also one of the TOP Employee Scheduling Softwares. Easy to use a convenient from small to large organizations, it serves everything that a company needs. The tool includes some exceptional features like integrated applicant tracking, e-signatures, onboarding tools, performance management, and employee databases.

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With its webinar libraries and easy to understand the content, this tool stand out from the rest of the list. The company provide two packages; one is essential, and another one is Advantage. Both packages include different features.

The essential version includes employee self-service, HR management, and email support. Whereas advantage version provides more features like customized workflows, onboarding & offboarding features, advanced reporting, tracking, and phone support.

Even though this tool provides the best features, the price of the tool is quite reasonable. You can take 7-day free trial before spending money on it. The quote-based pricing model makes sure that individual company will pay according to their specific needs and set a budget.

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#2 iCIMS Onboarding Software

iCIMS is there whenever you want to hire a new employee. It is a cloud-based employee onboarding software for businesses. According to me, it is a combination of automation and innovation that empower the employees and reduce the hiring process costing.

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The tool welcomes new employee, keeps them on track, and provides a tool to the recruiter to maximize efficiency. With sophisticated features, it ensures the simplification of the user interface to provide everyone who takes part in the process of onboarding.

This tool is partnered with Google job to reach a wide group of candidates. You can also find good candidates profiles. It saves your time to find candidates on different portals.

The tabs are clear and categorized according to information. The customer support team is very supportive. Irrespective of your problem, they always help you all the time.

Some of the onboarding features include Document management, electronic forms, E-Verify/I-9 Forms, E-signature, Employee handbook, Orientation management, Job description management, Task management, Self-service portal, and Training management.

iCIMS do not provide pricing, but you can ask for live demo and quote.

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#3 TalentLMS Onboarding Software

If I have to describe TalentLMS in one word, then I can say it is outstanding. This award-winning training platform is ideal for all size business. The reason behind its success is its set of feature, easy to use, various version according to price and use.

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Introduce your new hire with this software, train them on it, share their responsibilities, give time to inspire from the company culture, and track their performance. Another thing I like about this tool is its supports to multiple file type and multimedia.

Online training, cloud-powered system, secured and encrypted channel for all type of communication, customization according to your needs,  e-learning course building, and comprehensive report preparation are some of its features.

It can work with compatible mobile devices as it has an app for android and iOS system. With fewer things to configure, it gives you more time to deliver great online training to newly hired person.

They have introduced five different versions, which are Free (Up to 5 users/ 10 courses), Starter, Basic, Plus, and Premium. You can pick the package according to the size of your business.

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#4 CakeHR Onboarding Software

CakeHR not only automates the onboarding, as well as the offboarding process by assigning a predefined task to a new hire. In one package, you will get a combination of reporting and full automation.

Employee, as well as an employer, can depend on the user-friendly navigation. The customizable dashboard automates tasks effortlessly, boost software adoption, minimize the excel sheet dependence, and reduce email repetition.

Android and iOS apps are also available to access all features from the mobile. Onboarding Features includes Document Management, Electronic Forms, Employee Handbook, Job Description, orientation Management, Self Service Portal, and Task & Training Management.

Within a few clicks, you can upload the employee database. It also keeps track of time off ad shift changes request. You can create data to reach company graphs and custom reports. Based on the rule, it can create tasks as well. To all newly joined employee, it can automatically assign tasks.

If you want to look at the status report of an individual employee’s onboarding process, you can do it too. The price depends on the module you choose and the number of employees you have.

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#5 Lessonly Onboarding Software

If you are looking for Payroll Software for Small Business or onboarding software, this tool provides you all the features that you are looking for.  Users can create an unlimited quiz, training course, flip cards to improve the skills and accelerate the productivity of new as well as the old employee.

Its real interaction feature allows all new hires to rehearse real-life interaction t teammates and managers. They can provide feedback on the delivery.

Using the grade book, the manager can measure the productivity and fulfillment of the new hire. Companies can customize their training material for their brands. It has four different subscription plans: Basic, Plus, Growth, and Enterprise that charges from $300 to $1,250 per month.

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#3 Conclusion

It is all about the top five Onboarding Software. We have tried to cover all the features and pricing in the description. In case if you want to know more about any specific software, you can ask us freely. Clearing your doubts are more important after all, it is directly related to your new employee.


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