TOP 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac


Do you know how many videos are uploaded on YouTube each minute?

Every minute videos of around 300 hours are uploaded on youtube every minute. Now you can imagine if 300 in one minute then how much in 1 day!

There is a reason behind we are sharing with you these stats. All the videos which are added either on youtube or any other platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more are first edited. Most of the professional video editors use Mac for editing videos.

So, we are thought of sharing few video editing software which can help you also edit/share your videos with some nice effects/touches.

TOP 10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

#1 Features to Consider in Free Video Editing Software

Most of us just want Best Video Editing App for Mac to do the basic changes on your video. Here is the list of the basic functions which a good video editing software on mac must have:-

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  • Fast editing such addition of titles or animations, enhancing of video quality, adding music and special effects.
  • User-friendly and simple and easy controls
  • Easily convertible to other video file formats
  • Free Software

#2 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

In this article, we are going to list down the free video editing software for Mac:-

Let’s look at all these Free Mac Video Editing Software one by one. You can choose your best Video Editing App for Mac for you.

#1 iMovie

iMovie Video Editing Software
iMovie Video Editing Software

iMovie is the inbuilt video editor of iOS devices and macOS devices. It is designed by Apple. iMovie is available in all the iOS devices. This is software is completely free for iOS device users. iMovie is an amazing editing software for beginners. Moreover, this Free Mac Video Editing Software can also manage 4k video as well as green screen compositing. In iMovie, you can easily it is very easy to create and edit the movies. You just have to select the clips of the video and into that adding music, titles and some effects.

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#1 Features of iMovie

  • iMovie has various styles through which you can create unique titles for your videos. Also, here you can create animated titles.
  • You can give special effects to your videos. Moreover, you can split the screen and trim the videos.
  • You can have your videos sounds good using the iMovie built-in music, voice-over and amazing sound effects.
  • It has about 10 video filters which can give a cinematic touch to your videos. You can apply filters to every clip or complete video.
  • Input Format:– DV, AVCHD, Apple Intermediate Codec, iFrame, h.264, MOV, HDV, MP4 etc
  • Output Format:-MOV, MPEG-4, AVI, h.264 etc

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#2 Lightworks

Lightworks Video Editing Software
Lightworks Video Editing Software

From the last 25 years, Lightwork is one of the best Best Video Editing App for Mac. This Free Mac Video Editing Software has been used by various film editors. Some of the movies edited by this software are  -The King’s Speech, Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street etc. Light works have a free and paid version both. But for some of you, the free version will be more than sufficient. For the beginners, it includes video tutorials as well which makes it unique.

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#1 Features of Lightworks

  • Simple and perceptive user interface
  • Provides Multicam support
  • Real-time and also ready to use
  • It supports a wide range of file formats
  • You can export the videos to be used on YouTube, Vimeo etc
  • Lightworks only use 3GB RAM space
  • Input Format:- RED R3D, AVC, MPEG-2 etc.
  • Output Format:-MPEG4 and H.264

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#3 Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express Video Editing Software
Hitfilm Express Video Editing Software

Hitfilm is a very famous video editing software. It is one of the software which a beginner video editor can use. It is easy to operate this Free Mac Video Editing Software. This software is best for the youtube vloggers. Because it has a built-in feature for the youtube video uploading.

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#1 Features of Hitfilm Express

  • It has approximately 400 video presets and effects
  • You can add from simple letter on the screen to complex 3d animations
  • Various composing tools
  • It is easy for you to import the video, preview it, set in and set out
  • The video cutting tools are advanced
  • Input Format:- Quicktime, MTS, AVI, M2T, H.264 etc
  • Output Format:-Apple ProRes, AVI & H.264.

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#4 Openshot

Openshot is open-source software for editing video on Mac since 2008. Due to its way of dragging and dropping of interface it looks somewhat like iMovie. Openshot has more features than iMovie which includes audio mixing. When you create the transition between the video clips then openshot allows the real-time previews.

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#1 Features of Openshot

  • Openshot is a cross-platform video editing software which runs on Linux, Mac and Windows
  • New easy video cutting/trimming ideas
  • It has a sturdy animation framework. Through this framework, you can animate anything on your video
  • You can add numerous layers for music tracks, backgrounds, watermarks etc
  • It basically visualises the audio file in the form of waveforms. Moreover, it also outputs these waveforms as part of the video.
  • Because of templates, it becomes easy to create titles
  • You can render attractive 3d animated titles for your video
  • Input Format:- HEVC, Webm, AVCHD etc
  • Output Format:-MPEG, MP4.

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#5 Shotcut

Shotcut Video Editing Software
Shotcut Video Editing Software

Shotcut is basically an open-source, cross-platform is a Free Mac Video Editing Software. This video editor was originally created in the year 2004. It has a beautiful interface. This free video editing software supports various video formats as well as audio formats. Also, it includes tutorial videos which can be beneficial for the beginners.

#1 Features of Shotcut

  • Shotcut supports 4K resolutions
  • It has many dockable as well as undockable panels
  • It helps in dragging and dropping of assets from the file manager
  • User does not have to import the video i.e native editing, therefore, the time is saved
  • Has various video effects
  • Input format:- webcam, HDMI, SDI etc
  • Supports both audio and webcam capture
  • User can detach audio from the video clips
  • User can hide, lock and mute the track controls
  • Cut, copy and paste operations are very easy to use

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#6 Blender

Blender Video Editing Software
Blender Video Editing Software

Blender is basically an open-source Free Video Editing Softwares for Mac. It was initially designed and developed as a 3D animation suite but most of the time people use it as a video editor. User can perform actions like video splicing, video cuts, video masking, audio syncing and mixing, applying filters and layers and many more. Therefore, this editor is a very good choice for beginners and advanced users.

#1 Features of Blender

  • There are up to 32 slots for adding images, effects, video and audio.
  • User can see a real-time preview of his/her 3d scenes and tracked footages
  • User can create his own add-ons and tools
  • It has an amazing quality of rigging and animation tools, therefore, it has been used for many short films, TV series etc.
  • Customisable Input
  • Waveform visualisation is possible in Blender
  • Input Format:- ABC, FBX, STL etc
  • Output Format:- ABC, FBX, DAE etc

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#7 Avidemux

Avidemux Video Editing Software
Avidemux Video Editing Software

Avidemux is an open-source and among the Best Video Editing Softwares for Mac for the beginners. This video editor is used to perform basic video editing tasks. Some of the basic video editing tasks like video cutting, audio filters, video filters, transcoding. Besides macOS Avidemux also supports Linux and Microsoft Windows. This video editor is also in List of TOP Free Video Editing Software for Windows. It supports various input as well as output formats.

#1 Features of Avidemux

  • The user interface is very simple, the user does not have to read the technical documents
  • There is no built-in purchase
  • A simple video and audio editing and cutting
  • Input Format:-FLV, MPG, OGM, MPEG, MP4, AVI etc
  • Output Format:- MPEG, OGM, MP4, FLV, AVI etc

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#8 Kdenlive

Kdenlive Video Editing Software
Kdenlive Video Editing Software

Kdenlive stands for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor. Initially, it was designed and developed to work on GNU/LINUX platform but now it also works well on macOS and BSD. It is basically used for small, video editing projects. Moreover, kdenlive video editor integrates various plugin effects for sound processing, sound creation and video processing.

#1 Features of Kdenlive

  • Kdenlive is an open-source software
  • User can arrange as well as use many video and audio tracks. Here each track can be muted or locked as per the user’s convenience.
  • It can accept any video and audio formats.
  • User does not have to convert their clips or re-encode their clips
  • User can create 2D titles which include rotating, zoom, colour, letter-spacing, line-spacing etc.
  • User can use various effects like colour correction, audio adjustments etc.
  • It can create a low-resolution copy for your original video clip so that you can do editing on any computer.
  • Kdenlive automatically backup the work every few minutes
  • Input Format:-FFmpeg, AVI, MP4 etc
  • Output Format:- Quicktime, MPEG, AVI etc

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#9 Jahshaka

Jahshaka Video Editing Software
Jahshaka Video Editing Software

Jahshaka is an open-source video editor. It was Jah shaka. Jashshaka is based on Qt toolkit. This video editor works on macOS, Linux and Microsoft windows. This video editor is used by many people for editing video on Mac. It has several filters which user can use to give various special effects. These filters are versatile in nature because of the “ position keys” which allow variation.

#1 Features of Jahshaka

  • With the use of paint, mode user can paint the individual frames of the video
  • It is a video editor
  • It can add different effects like blur, Polar wrap, Emboss etc. User can also vary the intensity of the effect with the help of keyframes.
  • User can add matte, layers, particles as well as importable 3D objects that can also be managed with keyframes to give the movement in animation
  • Provides completely professional-level video editing and audio editing

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#10 VideoLan Movie Creator

VideoLan Movie Creator Video Editing Software
VideoLan Movie Creator Video Editing Software

VideoLan Movie Creator is basically a non-linear video editing software. It can run on Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows. This is one of the Free Video Editing Softwares for Mac. What makes VLMC unique from other free video editing software is that VLMC is a part of Google Summer of code. Therefore it is the best video editing tool for the students.

#1 Features of VideoLan Movie Creator

  • It is a cross-platform video editor
  • Based on VLC framework
  • Simple and powerful video editor
  • Completely free with the benefits of no spyware, no ads and most importantly no tracking of the user
  • It can read anything which is imported on this editor and exports in most of the formats.

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#11 HyperEngine-AV

HyperEngine AV Video Editing Software
HyperEngine AV Video Editing Software

Hyper engine-AV is among the Best Video Editing Softwares for Mac which is absolutely free. Moreover, it is an award-winning software.

#1 Features of  Hyperengine AV

  • User can capture the video and audio, arrange it, edit and process it
  • User can also text in a trackless document to create slide shows and movies.

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#12 DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Software
DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Software

Davinci Resolve is the most advanced video editor among all other video editors in the list. Besides having advanced video editing features its interface is very much perceptive. It is the world’s only video editor which combines advanced colour correction, visual effects, 8k editing all in one software. User can move between effects, colour, editing, audio in just a single click.

#1 Features of  DaVinci Resolve

  • Advanced video trimming
  • Colour Correction
  • Provides the new trim interface where you can edit and trim the video in a single frame so that you can create the absolutely perfect cut
  • It is also a Photo Editing Softwares
  • High-quality image processing
  • Input Format:- AVI, MTS, MP4, MOV etc
  • Output Format:- AVI, R3D, MFX etc

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#3 Conclusion

I hope now you must clear which kind of video editor you need for editing your videos. The video editors mentioned above are the most used editors for editing video on Mac. Now you do not have to take help from someone else to edit your videos. If you know anymore Free Video Editing Softwares for Mac besides what we have mentioned then do let us know.

We have also written an article on Mac Recovery Softwares and also on Uninstalling Software on Mac. Do check and comment on how did you like the article.


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