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TOP 13 Best Free Note Taking Apps in 2021

TOP 13 Best Free Note Taking Apps in 2021

Best Free Note Taking Apps

Best Free Note Taking Apps : Notes are easy to take and simple. You can take it on paper with the help of paper and a pen. But with lots of advancement, multiple work roles, and busy life makes note-taking a bit complicated. Different typewriters and keyboard layouts are the reason for the complicated note-taking thing. And here comes the Best Note Taking App to help you to make your work easier.

We all are living our lives on the pc and phone, and it is essential to stay up to date with all these modern gadgets to reach the world. Of course, it makes your work easier and reachable to others. We can’t send our handwritten notes from the USA to Japan from one team member to another; we must have to use the modern way to solve the problem.

In 2021, we’re met with a dizzying collection of tools and apps for taking notes. How do you choose which one to use? And here comes the Free Note Taking App in the picture. Whether you want to use the app individually or share your ideas, thoughts, work, and other things with team members, you can do it all.

See, out of many applications, it seems complicated to choose the best one without experiencing it. To use each one, you need lots of time. And I think you are here because you don’t have enough time. Don’t worry; we have a list of top 10 Best Note Taking App in this list with a full guide. Just go through it, and I am sure, in the end, you will get one of your choices.

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#1 Features Of Look In Best Note Taking App

Best note-taking apps are easy to find. If you are looking for standard and necessary features, free apps are best, but if you need some extraordinary features, then go for paid apps. Basic features are there in all the applications, but apart from this, here are some other things you have to consider.

#1 Hybrid Markdown Support

You need to take notes fast, plus if you note down something important, it is important to highlight something or markdown it. Also, as a student or team member, you have to share it with others to tell them what is essential and what is not. That’s why to go for hybrid markdown support. With this feature, your text looks like formatted while typing. It can add all the essential things you want like bullet points, highlight text, insert files or mages, etc.

#2 An organization with Nested Hierarchies and tags

It would help if you had your notes in a separate and organized way to find out quickly all the time. A file browsing panel, labels, proper organizations of the notes, to-do-list, the checklist is required. Hierarchies mean folders within folders like main folders with subfolders.

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#3 Final Project

Best Note Taking App always offer you features to take a look back into your records. It is essential for those students that need to look to the references before going through the searches or only ones whose next decision is based on the previous one. The custom search feature makes it easy to access all the files in a single click and find it quickly in no time.

#4 Take Notes Your Way

There are a few Free Note Taking App in the market, and we will recommend the best. But at last, you have to choose it as per your preference. Some people are creative, and hence they need an artistic app. Whereas some need a neat and clean app without any high-five designs. So go for the app that offers complete customization according to your work and choice.

#2 Best Free Note Taking App 2021

The process of note down the information from the event or source is known as Notetaking. People are usually capturing from writing, journals, recordings, paraphrasing, labelings, outlining, and annotating. To help in this task, Best Note Taking App works best for the users. It can type, write, and draw on the user’s devices as people do it on the paper.

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All the applications available in the market have their features, sharing capabilities, organizations, supporting platforms, and pricing. That’s why it is up to the user to identify which one is the best Free Note Taking App according to their use. I know the task is tough and tedious, but we can help to ease your search with this list of Best Note Taking App.

#1 Evernote


No need to say that Evernote is the best example of the Best Note Taking App for Android, iOS, macOS, web, and Windows. This effortless application takes your work beyond the just to-do list with its exceptional features.

Once you are inside the app, you will find tons of features that are useful for your work, task, and goals. If you are the one who spends the whole day over the web as a content creator, the web clipping function allows you to put the content inside your notes from the internet.

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You can sync all your devices and access your pinned content wherever and whenever you want. The built-in templates make your work smoother like never before. Find a useful template, download it, and start your working game from scratch. You can change the templates according to your use from the library.

There are business plans and premium plans for the business teams. It comes with its distinctive set of features like third party application integration, shared space, etc. It means this app is not only useful to an individual one; it is best for teams also.

#1 Key Features

  • Native templates to start work within a short time
  • Can fill the form of to-dos or checklist when you are offline
  • For unified teamwork, allow multiple third party application integration
  • Note sharing, idea management, discussion, and highlight content features
  • Highlight content from web and web clipping attachment
  • 11 different language support for handwriting recognition
  • With passcode lock sync across devices
  • Passcode protection offers security and privacy

#2 Pricing

  •  Basic: Free forever (includes basic features only)
  • Premium: $7.99/ month (includes limited integration, 10GB/month upload limit, note-taking and sharing, AI-suggested content)
  • Business: $14.99/month per user (includes all the Premium features with multiple integration, team collaboration, administration, and AI-suggested content)

#3 Supporting Platform

  • Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows

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#2 Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

If you love design or doodles, this Best Note Taking App is for you. Appealing interface and freedom of drawing make it more ideal for creative people. Microsoft OneNote hits all your creative cords and makes your work fun.

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OneNote gives multiple options to organize your work and thoughts. Just create notes and divided them category wise or section wise and segregate all the work. You can also create to-do list tags and highlight the essential notes or points to keep them in your eyes all the time.

You can choose online videos and audio notes to give more thoughts to your idea. The sharing option makes it easy to collab and decision making by sharing with friends, colleagues, or family.

It is a Useful Note Taking App for Students as well. The sketches and handwritten notes give functionality to the app and users. Anyone fond of had written notes can use it, no need to be a student only to use this great application.

#1 Key Features

  • Sections and categories to differentiate notes according to type or subject
  • Able to convert from handwriting to text conversion
  • Easy notes compilation
  • Unique tags for identification and labeling
  • Can attach files with notes with drag and drop option
  • Support audio and video files within files and notes
  • Sketches and ink annotations
  • Can save content from the web with web clipper function
  • Easy sharing option available

#2 Pricing

  • Free. The first 5 GB storage space is also free on Microsoft OneDrive.

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#3 Supporting Platforms

  • iOS, Android, macOS, web, Windows

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#3 Boostnote


Boostnote, a free and open-source Note Taking App for Programmers and developers. Yes, it is best suitable for the developers, but all people can use it. When you create a new note, you have to choose either markdown note or text document or snippet note. It gives you a text editor for code. This app puts an extra panel on the right pane of the window while creating and editing notes. Simply, it will give you a preview for formatting your written notes.

You can write horrible mathematics formulas as it supports LaTeX blocks as well. Snippet note looks like a normal code editor with visual cues like color-coding of text, line numbering, etc. It can highlight the code syntax in more than 100 languages like Go, Swift, Python, Vue, and Javascript.

Text snippet tools are lines of the text that you are frequently using in the text. Other features include change font option, theme options, customizable hotkeys, etc.
File storage and syncing service (Cloud Storage Apps) is up to you. You can keep your notes either offline or saved locally with this app. If you put your files in the storage and sync, then you have access to it everywhere.

#1 Key features

  • The option of markdown notes
  • Semi live previews for editing
  • Various formatting options
  • Support 100 languages for code syntax
  • Easy sync your data across all devices
  • Open source program and hence backed up by a large community of programmers
  • Features for customization of the interface

#2 Pricing

  • It is a free application. However, you want to contribute; you can!

#3 Supporting Platforms

  • Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows

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#4 Google Keep

Google Keep

If you are looking simple Calendar Apps for iPhone fir the checklist management without any fancy features for note-taking, then Google Keep is for you. It is minimalist, but it is the thing that makes it place in the list of the best note-taking app.

The concept of the tool is sticky notes but in a digital way. You can put your creative skills in a colorful and intuitive interface. Now compile your ideas in the form of check list., to-do list, notes, or time-based reminders and do not miss even the smallest task.

You can share your notes with others using the tags. It is a practical and real-time solution for many small problems. The location-based reminders are best for people like me who always forget to pick the things in a hurry from one or more places.

#1 Key Features

  • Quick addition of lists, photos, audios, and notes
  • Avoid manual typing as it has voice command typing option
  • Set and change color codes and labels according to the work priority
  • Brush and color option for doodling
  • Easy to share notes with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Location-based reminders
  • Pinned features to keep all essential things on the top
  • Notes archiving option
  • Copy text from the uploaded images
  • Notes in grid and list view
  • Sync with multiple devices

#2 Pricing

  • Free

#3 Supporting Platform

  • Android, iOS, Chrome, Web Version

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#5 Bear


Now you are looking at Best Note Taking App for iPad Pro. This one is a comparatively new app on the list, but in a short time, it has makes its name between few known names. It can create notes on your iOS device and sync across your Apple devices with iCloud.

You can arrange your notes with hashtags as the interface is similar to Slack. Even it creates subfolders. The rich markdown editing allows you to insert links within a document without displaying full links. It is pretty easy to use, and you can find it as one of the accessible apps.

You can insert images into notes, and it makes it an overall perfect app as pictures are a significant part of any notes for a smooth workflow. All the features are free for iOS devices, but you have to pay for the pro themes and export options, and it does not cost you much.

#1 Key Features

  • 150 programming language support for the advanced markup editors
  • Lock with Face and Touch ID
  • In-line support for images
  • Cross note links and to-dos for the tasks
  • Multiple export and themes
  • Hashtags organize notes and make it easy to find
  • Private multi-device sync via iCloud

#2 Pricing

  • Free (limited support)
  • Pro: $1.49/month
    : $14.99/year

#3 Supporting Platform

  • iOS, macOS

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#6 Milanote


If you are always converting words into images, then Milanote is Free Note Taking App for you. With its various tools, you can express the real yourself. It is best for the creators and visual thinker but not for sketching. You can call it canvas with pasteboard or pinboard.

Here you can paste arrows, images, text blocks, checklist, and many more.
It has a review panel on the right side of the page, which shows you all the elements that you want to use but not placed yet. It means you can put them as a consideration before using it. The web clipper tool allows you to insert snap images online and add to the visual notes.

Milanote handles storage, syncing, and backup without any third-party apps. Yes, the free version has some limitations, like 100 links, images, or notes to upload. They can’t search for the content or boards. Pro members have unlimited storage and search bar for finding.

#1 Key Features

  • Write notes and to-do-list
  • Save text, images & links from the web
  • Upload images & files
  • Add notes & photos from your phone
  • Flexible drag and drop interface
  • Sharing with team
  • Edit together in real-time

#2 Pricing

  • Free (Limited features)
  • Pro: $119.88/year per person

#3 Supporting System

  • Web-version and one can use it on all the device

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#7 Ulysses


This name is also a new one, but it is a polished and Best Note Taking App for Mac or any other Apple devices. It is equipped with all the features and functions for long term writing. After writing notes, it stored in the app’s markdown style with an innovative and colorful heading. No boring stuff in this app.

You can embed images in the documents in the form of links instead of displaying them in text. Just double click on the link and get a preview of the picture. The sidebar shows you all mini notes, word count, and other important information in a glance.

It saves and syncs the notes and other documents in all your Apple devices. Even it can export it in different formats like HTML, e-books, Word, PDF, etc.

Downloading is free, but extra features come along with price tag on a monthly or yearly subscriptions.

#1 Key Features

  • Clean and distraction-free interface
  • Mark headlines, relevant passages or comment with this markup-based text editor
  • Multiple themes and handpicked color platters for a personalized touch
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Full suite with all needed organization tools
  • Single library for all your work
  • Hierarchic group organization
  • Images, pdf, notes, keywords and other attachment available
  • Filters to find out the content in no time
  • Auto save & automatic backup
  • Full iCloud sync
  • Easy sharing option
  • Publish content directly to WordPress and Medium

#2 Pricing

  • $4.99/Month
  • $39.99/Year

#3 Supporting Platform

  • macOS, iOS

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#8 Paper


Paper by we transfer is not a note-taking app, but yes you can use it as Best Note Taking App for iPhone if you are a visual thinker. The interface of the app is more like a sketch pad, and you can use paintbrushes, colors, shapes, and swirls for a creative approach.

The notebook feature allows you to organize the notes, groups, drawing in different categories. Create a work map or cartoon for the reminder. You can capture your ideas quickly in the form of drawing. The paper store has collection journals that have drawing tutorials, creative prompts, and exercises.

It allows you to take notes and organizations with empowering the users to overcome the fear of white blank pages. It is a great app to start their way with creative heads. In my opinion, this app gives a new vision for the work in creative ways and ideas across people of all industries. Endless possibilities and perfect start!

#1 Key Features

  • Easy to navigate
  • User can create journals, notes, and notes withdrawing
  • Tool tray for the best outcome
  • Create group notes along with drawing
  • Journal sync option for back up the data from journals to iCloud and all Apple device
  • Collage tool to import multiple photos.
  • Journal customization for pages and cover
  • Easy picture import option with cut and slice option
  • Different size of brushes
  • Copy-paste inks, multiple page selection, and export/delete various pages at same time
  • Unlimited color swatches

#2 Pricing

  • Free

#3 Supporting Platform

  • Mac, iOS

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#9 Quip


Quip is not only Windows Surface Note Taking App as it can do much more than this. Its cross-platform compatibility adds a plus point in the app. if you are looking for the app that is thoughtfully built for note-taking and can handle individual or giant teams, go for this.

Quip docs, chats, and sheets work well with large teams. The app has a special section where teams can create vital documents that are accessible to all other members.

It is a perfect combo of documents, chat, task list, and spreadsheets. You can create notes, a task list, or reports and share it among the groups. Even the collab option is also there. No need to exchange emails as it has a live chat option for the team.

As I’ve already said, whether you are working on the Windows desktop, iPhone, or Android device, you can access all the things with the support of 400 functions and features!!! All your work can sync across all devices, and you can pick it up from everywhere. The best part is you can import your work on Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, and export it is MS office file or PDF.

Not only this, but it also lets you import your address book from Google, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google. The latest version allows you to attach the videos inside the message and share all the notification for documents and conversations in groups.

Now takes notes, create documents, share the spreadsheet with ease with this Best Note Taking App for Windows.

#1 Key Features

  • Collaboration features with complete transparency
  • Group chat option
  • Integration for work sync and address book
  • Folders and subfolders creation with ease and perfect management of work
  • Secure folders for personal notes
  • Efficient storage option
  • Create spreadsheets, slides, and documents

#2 Pricing

  • Free (limited features)
  • Pro: $30/moth for five users, extra $10 for each additional member

#3 Supporting Platform

  • Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows

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#10 Simplenote


The name resembles with its work, SimplenOte is one of the Free Note Taking App available in this list. It is the most straightforward note-taking app. Its main aim is to list down the ideals quickly and sorted down according to need. It can sort the list according to tags so that you can do pretty much things in one shot. No more delays in finding. Apart from this, cross-platform support is another advantage that syncs all your devices all the time.

Whether you want to create a checklist, set reminders, or to-do-list, you have everything in this app. It means you will find all the missing parts that you are looking for a note-taking or Mobile Scanning App.

#1 Key Features

  • Search bar function to find notes instantly
  • Sort down written notes according to tags
  • Markdown editing and web publication
  • Sync the data across all devices
  • Cross-platform support
  • Automatic data backup
  • Sharing options to share it with others

#2 Pricing

  • Free

#3 Supporting Platform

  • Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, web, Windows

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#11 Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper powered by Dropbox, and it is a simple and Best Note Taking App for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You can narrate day to day works with simplicity.

When it comes to task completion, it is the easiest one. It offers a collaborative note-taking workspace for individuals and teams both. Put your ideas, to-do-list, due date, manage team meetings, and many more. Use footnotes and add text in part of the image. You can insert emojis to make things a little interesting.

You can connect the calendar with paper and sync all your work and meeting with it. It is easy to find the documents associated with your work in advance. If you are not in session kind of things (btw it is excellent), you can use an inbuilt smart template to design and prepare the base of your work.

If your work is revolving around the presentation, this app has the same thing for you too. One-click and your documents are converted into a professional-looking presentation.

#1 Key Features

  • Image annotations and emoji support
  • Inside the document, you can attach the links from the web
  • Task assignment and team member mentions for easy team management
  • Meet your meeting agenda from the native meeting templates and circulate among all the participants
  • Sync calendar and keep all your deadlines up to the time
  • Third-party integration for workflow management
  • Make instant changes with smart text formatting tools
  • One-click conversation for professional presentations

#2 Pricing

  • Free

#3 Supporting Platform

  • Windows, iOS, Android

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#12 Squid

Most of the apps in this list have some kind of mode of input like handwriting or other. In squid, you will find inking in the center and front. Even this app is a premium app for the first stylus-enabled Chromebooks. Some features, like text input, are available for free, but if you want some premium and exceptional features, you have to pay for it. It’s a one-time payment for the tool, so do not worry. It is not working as cloud Backup Software for Windows, which is one downside of this app.

It combines the pen and paper to some modernization to improve your note-taking experience. Use your fingers as you use it on the paper. It shows all your recent notes in a card-like interface and gets quick and easy access.

With each note, you will get the toolbar to customize your ink, resize the text, zoom in or zoom out, duplicate all the written, highlight text, insert new pages, or insert the pdf files as markup. So many features to describe.

#1 Key Features

  • Use fingers like handwriting notes
  • Easy PDF markups, inset, and export PDF files
  • Write or erase all the notes with fingers
  • Vector graphics engine
  • Multiple paper types and sizes
  • Rich note-taking and markup tools
  • Easy sharing options
  • Backup, restore and export notes

#2 Pricing

  • Free
  • Premium: $10/year

#3 Supporting Platform

  • Android, Chromebooks

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#13 Zoho Notebook

The last name in this list is Zoho Notebook. If you are going to get it, I am sure it won’t disappoint you. Coming from the industry’s leading names, thus, the app allows you to note down all of your ideas using different notecards. No matter whether it is audio, video, images, documents, checklists, audios, videos, documents, or sketches, it can save everything for you.

Compared to some competitive apps like Evernote or other, you will face some disappointment due to a lack of robust task management features. If you need some essential digital notebook, you can go for this name.

The interface is beautiful; no clutters and tons of features that confused you. For those who need a clean workspace, it is treated for eyes. I like its handcrafted notebook cover at the most. On the web clipping functionality, it works entirely differently. It saves the content from the web and sorts it down correctly. Thanks to its smart card feature.

#1 Key Features

  • To-do list and checklist management via drag and drop interface
  • Tags and color codes to organize the notes and cards
  • Photo card to capture moments and scanning the documents
  • Record the meetings, conversations, and lectures with audio card
  • Attach content from the web from Web clipping
  • Sketches and handwritten notes on the sketch card
  • Grid and landscape style view
  • Added security with password and touch IDs
  • Support of attachment of PDF, Word, and spreadsheet within notes

#2 Pricing

  • Free

#3 Supporting Platforms

  • Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows

Visit Here

#3 Conclusion

It’s all about the Best Note Taking App and Free Note Taking App review guide. These apps are life-saving to manage your work. Your choice is based on the features that you are looking for and price, of course. Whether it is regular home stuff or business meeting, you can use it for multipurpose ways. So which one are you going to choose? Share your answers in the comment section below. You can also share Free Email Service Provides or Disk Cloning Software that you are using as we think to cover.


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