TOP 5 Best Free Logo Makers Sites in 2021


Best Free Logo Makers Sites : A logo much like a political party symbol is a key instrument in determining the success of the associated company’s brand. Though as easy as it seems, getting those creative juices to flow is not a tad bit easy task.

That’s why we put together some of the best free logo makers sites for you to get your logo made as you like it to be. Though they are free, they lack in no way as compared to their paid competitors.

  • DesignEvo
  • Canva
  • Graphic Springs
  • DesignHill
  • TrailorBrands

They aren’t sorted in any particular order and each has their particular features and specifications.

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Best Logo Maker Sites

#1 Best Free Logo Makers Sites

#1 DesignEvo

First thing first, although DesignEvo is a free logo design maker which gives access to various tools and a lot of templates to create the logo, it charges a minimal fee to download them in high resolution along with the fonts used in them.

It comes with three options, free i.e. 300 x 300 with visible credits to DesignEvo, $24.99 in which resolution is 5000 x 5000 and you get a transparent version of your logo and can edit it anytime later in the future.

However, it’s the $49.99 version that comes within the requirements of many, it gives you many scaling options to highly increase from the 5000 x 5000, you can further download and access the font files used in logo and you get complete ownership of your logo which means you can register it for trademark purposes.

Working is fairly simple especially for those with no experience in graphic designing and can just pick up elements to work with. For professionals, it’s quite a bit of dismay due to its lack of sophistication and high-end options like adding shadow to an image.

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#2 Canva

Anyone who has ventured into graphic designing or sort out options regarding logo making etc has come across Canva. So widely used and popular it is. Firstly coming at pricing, canva is a free logo maker site with a paid option of $12.95 for more premium options.

A drawback in the free version is the lack of images and that you need to spend $1 for each image you want to use from within its stock. Unless you decide to do so, logo designing is absolutely free with canva if you can use your own images or don’t need any.

It has a drag and drop interface that is simple and easy to use yet contains features that professionals desire. You can use pre-existing templates or design from scratch. The features otherwise not found in free logo maker sites are frames, badges, speech/thought bubbles, transparency etc.

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#3 Designhill

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Unlike prev free logo maker sites that we covered, designhill is kind of similar but with a twist. On this platform that features more than 40,000 designers, you get to choose between hiring a designer of your choice, getting a premade logo or running a design contest.

Whilst the price varies for hiring a designer, you can get a logo for as low as $49 on this site with copyright in your name. Apart from this, Designhill works primarily as a contest running site in which you can start a contest and then choose between the many responses.

As compared to the other sites that contain a larger number of logo designers onboard, Designhill competes with them in its feature offering.

  • Free Design Consultation to get you to understand better what you looking for
  • Real-time interactive chat with designers and a 24×7 available customer support
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee unless waived earlier
  • To get what hits with the mass, a polling technology that can get review on the logo design from your friends, clients and/or customers.

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#4 Tailor Brands

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Tailor Brands goes beyond the needs of a free logo maker site, it targets to be the full solution centre for all your branding requirements. That covering social media, email verified signatures and more.

There is value when retargeting, thus tailor brands offer reasonable pricing in all its products and you can get a logo for $24. The free option contains a watermark in it. There are no support guys nor consultation with a designer.

Apart from per logo price, there are two subscription plans. Both of which are discounted if you opt for annual. Important thing is that the logo plan works best for those with logo needs only but in the long term it’s the premium plans that pay as it wears all hats in branding.

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#5 Graphic Springs

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With an easy to use unique interface, this free logo maker site provides a lot of options to start with. The free option to download the logo isn’t included thus you have to purchase the symbol before getting to download it.

However it gets you the ownership of the symbol not just the design. Meaning, that once you buy something, none other can buy same logo design or symbol. All at a starting price of $20 for .jpg format but without future edit privileges.

There are other plans, $40 in which .pdf and .png format are included with editing permissions in the future and custom resizing available. The advantage here is that in the .png format, there are transparent areas where you use white i.e. the other colours will show through instead whenever you print them on something like t-shirts or other similar things.

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There are options that include digital files for matching business card, facebook/twitter cover graphics with a price of $100. Throw in an extra $100 and you get logo in .eps, .ai, psd with a branded presentation template in a pptx file. For those who don’t know, eps is flexible vector logo format, ai is for adobe illustrator and and psd for watermarking purposes and photoshop.

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#2 Verdict

The list above can be used by new business starters or seasoned professionals, depending on what they decide to go with. There are free logo maker sites that has more features or give free for use logo but they come with cons of their own. You can either use the above or let us know if you got a better alternative that you use and can suggest it others.


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