TOP 10 Best Free Email Service Providers in 2021


Best Free Email Service Providers : Your mail id is the most important prospect for your business or any kind of official work. Whether you are a student, an employee, or have just started your own business, having an email id is a must. While there are many free email service providers in the market, it is important to select a good email service provider who is reliable and has all the features.

So here, we bring you a list of free email service providers, each with a unique feature so that you can select the best email service provider for your business or other related works.

Best Free Email Service Providers

#1 Features to look for in Best Email Service Providers

While there are many email service providers, it is essential to know which email service will be perfect or suitable for your work. There are top email service providers for business, email service providers for students, office usage and many more. To make it simple for you, below are the features which you must keep in mind before going for any email service provider.

Tracking: If your email service provider does not have the feature of tracking your mails, then it is of no use. The website builder available in market can also be contacted through your mail-id. While most of the time, the mail gets saved in the draft or outbox due to slow internet speed, it is important for the user to know the status of the mail. Make sure that the email service provider has the feature of tracking your mail.

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Automation: While tracking of mail is important, so is the “automation” feature. The automation feature means that the email service provider will automatically send the mail when the required internet speed is there so that you don’t have to do the hard work. Tracking and automation go hand in hand, and it is necessary that the email service provider has these two features.

Security: Yes, security is important. The Antivirus software you need in PC should be of good quality. We don’t want that our mail inbox should be full of spam mails, or our important emails are viewed by third parties.

Before selecting any email service provider, make sure that it is safe to use. How will you know that? A secure email service provides license and security guarantee to the user which you can check before finalizing an email service provider.

Type of Service: There are different types of services that an email service provider has. Some of the providers have mass services; some have individual services while most have services regarding business managing and related works.

A mass email service provides facility for providing several mail ids for all the employees in a company so that it will be easy to communicate with the employees. A business email service provides specific services that will help you in your business related works.

Mobility: Mobility here means the ability to use your email in any device. It means that you can sign-in with your email id from any device without any difficulty. You need to make sure that the email service provider you are going for has this “mobility” feature in it, or else you might face difficulty in future.

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#2 Best free email providers in 2021


#1 Gmail

From the house of Google, Gmail is one of the most preferred email services by people due to its certain remarkable features. This particular email service provider is suitable for students, for employees, and even for normal people. It has features such as automation and tracking which lets you know whether your mail has been sent or not.

You do not have to worry if the internet speed is slow as you can even open Gmail without the internet and can even form drafts, which will be sent automatically when there is internet speed. Digital ocean coupon codes can also be used for attractive offers and discounts.

Gmail even has the feature of creating group mail, which is very much essential or college going students as it helps them in getting the required documents or notes, and prevents them from being dependent on a particular person for sending the notes.

Not only that, Gmail even has the feature to make custom email ids for your company. This feature helps the manager in connecting with the employees faster, and it prevents the person from remembering the email ids of a particular person.

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Gmail even comes with hangouts, which helps the user in connecting with people through text messages, without giving off their contact number. Hangouts even have the feature of making group video calls and normal calls.

Apart from that, Gmail works in every device, it has a simple migration process, and you can even sign-in with your Gmail id from any device without any difficulty. Hosting a website on cloud server means that you have access to an extensive storage unit.

#1 Pros

  • You can operate Gmail without any internet speed.
  • The automation feature makes it easier to send the mail automatically when the desired internet speed is available so that you don’t have to send the mail manually
  • You can sign-in with your Gmail id from any device
  • Gmail allows you to have multiple accounts
  • The Gmail service provider is suitable for all kind of interface

#2 Cons

  • For creating custom email ids, you need to pay for the service
  • Though the service is free for normal use, to avail maximum feature, one needs to have a premium account.

#2 Outlook

Next in the list is Outlook, the redesigned Hotmail by Microsoft. Though Outlook provides tons of features, some of the best features you can only avail if you are a premium account user. If you have a premium features then you will get ultimate protection by same tools and devices that protect Microsoft Office, you will get data encryption in your inbox after you have sent an email, the email service provider will automatically deactivate any spam or unsafe links or virus probability links so that your inbox and your device is protected. Furthermore, a premium account user will have the benefit of getting ransomware detection and recovery of all data files without any difficulty.

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Though there are also some features that even the free account users can avail, the email service provider from Microsoft will automatically remind you if you are sending an email without an attachment, if you have the words “attachment” written on the email.

Likewise, if you have any reservations for hotel rooms or flights or trains, then Outlook will save the date to the device’s calendar and will remind you a day before so that you don’t miss any flight.

The Outlook calendar, which is synced with the Outlook mail service provider marks every important date and reminds you about it through notifications. The Outlook mail service provider is compatible with all devices and will help you in not missing any important emails or dates.

#1 Pros

• Outlook syncs the mail service provider with the calendar
• It saves all the reservations in the calendar and reminds you about the same so that you don’t miss out any important dates
• The mail service provider reminds you when you are sending an email without any attachment, thus saving you from the consequences
• You can switch to the premium user account and have extra features in Outlook
• The premium account has the feature which excludes harmful files or emails from entering your account.

#2 Cons

• The Outlook mail service provider has the feature of ignoring messages from group emails and automatically sends them to the delete folder, which might even delete some important information without the user’s prior notice.

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#3 iCloud

The ultimate mail service provider for Apple users, iCloud, is the most secure storage option for Mac, iPhones, iPods, and other iOS devices. If you are an iOS or Mac user, then you will know the benefits that the iCloud mail service provider has in-stored for its users.

The iCloud email service provider is free for anyone who has an Apple ID. Interestingly, this particular email service by Apple not only supports iOS devices but is even suitable for Windows devices or desktops. Another bonus is that you can even use this email service from your Apple TV without any difficulty.

What are the remarkable features that Apple includes in the iCloud email service provider? Firstly, the email service provider has a filter in it which filters out any unwanted or harmful emails so that you do not open them by mistake, and neither will they have the capability of harming your device.

Secondly, the archive folder of the iCloud mail service helps you in recovering the mails without deleting any content form the mail. Thirdly, you can open your iCloud mail with the help of any browser without facing any interruptions, which is possible due to the integration of most secure VPN for Mac and other devices.

The iCloud mail service even has the feature of giving 5GB of online storage to the user to store any important data like documents, images, videos or any other file.

#1 Pros

• The iCloud mail service is free of advertisements, which means you will not get any advertisements even if you are not a premium account holder
• The mail service provider from Apple provides 5GB of online storage to its users
• The users can easily access their iCloud accounts from any browser
• The spam filter saves you from any harmful spams or mails
• The archive folder helps in recovering any important mail without any difficulty

#2 Cons

• The iCloud mail service provider is not compatible with Android devices
• The mail service provider does not have the search tab

#4 Yahoo

Yahoo is probably one of the oldest and trusted email service provider, which is still working and has millions of users. This particular email service provider has features such as easy access, free online storage, disposable email addresses, and many more.

The Yahoo users have the benefit of getting 1TB of online storage, which means that you can easily store any documents in your Yahoo mail account without worrying about storage space problems.

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Moreover, the disposable mail addresses help you in marking useless mail addresses so that you won’t receive any emails from that particular mail address. There are up to 200 filters in Yahoo, mail service provider, which ensures that your mail inbox is safe from any phishing emails, spams, viruses, and any harmful document.

Not only that, you can even block any specific email address from your Yahoo mail account. In addition to that, Yahoo is easily accessible from any browser, with the help of POP and also through IMAP so that one can use it from any device. Yahoo even allows forwarding mail addresses to other mail accounts, which no other email service provider has till now.

#1 Pros

• Yahoo offers 1TB of online storage to its users
• The disposable addresses help in excluding emails from any specific mail address
• You can even block certain email address and contacts through your Yahoo mail account
• It is accessible from any device and browser
• It has over 200 filters to make sure that your inbox is safe from any harmful mails

#2 Cons

• Yahoo does not have the feature of setting up any labels for messages and smart folders

#5 AOL

One of the best free email service providers, AOL, is suitable for specific kinds of works only. This email service provider has certain limits in its service, which one needs to know before signing up for this particular email service provider. The AOL, email service provider, offers a limit of 25MB for email attachment, which is quite great as compared to that of Gmail, which only provides a 20MB limit for attachment.

Next, AOL has the limit of 250GB messages, if all the mails have 25MB size attachment, which means that the service offers 1000 new messages, 4000 old and 4000 old messages limit per user.

This also means that once the limit has been crossed, AOL might delete older messages or sent messages. You can easily link your AOL mail account with other mail service providers like Gmail and Yahoo without any difficulty.

Though AOL is not a known name, this particular mail service provider has all the decent features that are required, like protection from viruses, protection from spam mails, and even has spell checking so that the drafted message is free of any grammatical mistakes.

#1 Pros

• It is a free email service provider
• It has virus protection installed in it
• The AOL mail service protects your inbox from the spam folder
• It provides a limit of 25MB for attachments
• You can even link with other mail service providers from your AOL account

#2 Cons

• The AOL, mail service provider, is not advertisement free

#6 Yandex

If you are looking for a mail service provider for your business related works, then Yandex is the most suitable choice for you. Firstly, this email service is free, and you do not have to pay any fees for availing some extra features.

Secondly, Yandex users get unlimited online storage, which is pretty awesome. Lastly, this email service provider is best for business related works and has all the features which are required for this work.

The Yandex, email service provider, gives 10GB online storage at first, which further increases with time and requirement. You can remain assured that your account is not viewed by any other as the email service provider gives you a table of activity which shows you the time and date of any activity that has been done from your email id.

Apart from that, Yandex even reminds you to reply to any important mail which you might have forgotten and even secures your inbox from unwanted emails.

#1 Pros

• This mail service provider is free
• It provides unlimited online storage to its users
• It reminds you to reply to important mails
• The mail service provider has an in-built translator
• The logging activity tab gives you the information of all the activities that have been done from your mail account

#2 Cons

• The mails service providers do have some nominal charges for customization for business purposes

#7 ProtonMail

The ProtonMail service provider has some interesting features, which makes it suitable for all kinds of users. This service provider has different variants for different kinds of usage. The ProtonMail free does not charge any fees and has some nice features like you can send 50 messages per hour, you get 500MB of online storage and even has twenty labels limit.

Though if you need some extra features, then you need to pay some charges, which will give you access to more features like more online storage, unlimited message sending limit, two custom domains, and many more.

#1 Pros

• The ProtonMail free allows you to send 50 messages per hour
• You can access your ProtonMail account from any browser
• You get twenty labels to use
• By paying extra charges, you can get more online storage space and many more features
• ProtonMail has different variants for a different kind of work

#2 Cons

• ProtonMail is not ad-free, and you will be interrupted by advertisements regularly

#8 Zoho Mail

Zoho, the mail service provider, is a new mail service provider and is still on the verge of growing. Though it is new, this mail service provider has some nice features for its users. It has group mail folders, which lets you view all the messages and attachments from the group mails. Along with that, the Zoho mail lets you send quick texts, thus sparing you from writing a full email for even minute information.

Furthermore, the Zoho mail service provider gives you a reader view so that you can read the email without any interruption, such as new email or advertisements. Zoho mail even has some built-in tools with which you can sync your mail-id. These tools include calendar, contacts list, tasks, and many more.

#1 Pros

• The Zoho mail allows you to have layout customization for free
• You can send quick texts instead of full emails
• The reader view excludes any distraction while you are reading the email
• The group folders save all the messages and attachments from group mails
• The Zoho mail is synced with built in tools like calendar and tasks

#2 Cons

• As it is a new mail service provider, it still needs to grow

#9 Mail.Com

Mail.Com is one of the most decent mail service providers in the market. Though it is not known much, it is quite suitable for students. This mail service provider is highly secured, which means that your data and credentials are safe, and no third party users will be able to view them.

It is even free to use and has some good features. Though the premium variant has better features, you can even work with the free variant. It is compatible with all kinds of devices, has user friendly features, and even comes with a spam filter. You can even send documents of large size through Mail.Com without any difficulty.

#1 Pros

• It has unlimited attachments size
• It is highly secured
• The email apps of this mail service provider are compatible with all devices
• The mail service provider is simple to use

#2 Cons

• The premium variant of this mail service provider has better features

#10 Lycos

The last in the list is the Lycos mail service provider. This mail service provider is free to use and provides 3GB online storage per account. The spam filter assures that your inbox does not contain any virus mails or harmful emails.

An interesting feature that Lycos mail service provider gives is that you can create an alias account so that important credentials cannot be viewed by anyone. Having an alias makes your original account safer from third party users.

#1 Pros

• You can use this mail service provider for free
• It lets you keep alias so that your account is safe
• It gives 3GB online storage

#2 Cons

• You cannot access Lycos mail service from all devices

#3 Conclusion

So, these were some of the best email service providers which you can look before selecting a mail service provider for your work. Each mail service provider has unique features and is suitable for all kind of works. While most of the mail service providers are free to use, some have the premium variant for which you need to pay a nominal charge.


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