TOP 10 Best Free Duplicate File Finder For Window & Mac 2021


Best Free Duplicate File Finder For Window & Mac : When you have a pc, there are for sure some issues. To prevent all the issues, you have to keep your hardware in proper condition. Also, you have to update the hardware regularly. Even after all the preventive steps, your hard disk seems to be filled, and it is due to duplicate files. Ultimately it shows low disk space error. However, Best Free Duplicate File Finder can solve such an issue. And today, I am here with the same topic that is Best Duplicate File Finder.

#1 Why You Need Duplicate File Finder

Having duplicate files is an annoying and most common issue, and almost every pc is facing it. Over time, if you do not monitor the system, it keeps generating duplicate files and stores it all over your hard drive. Not only space, but it also uses many system resources to make the device super slow. I know duplicate files can work as data back up, but except it, it has more disadvantages. The major question is why someone needs Best Duplicate File Finder 2020. Can’t we do it manually? Below is the answer.

Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows & Mac

Here are several reasons why you need Duplicate File Finder for Windows or Mac:

  • It can accurately identify duplicate files. Even it can locate all the file formats, and after comparing the name, size, format, and other aspects, it removes the duplicate data from your system accurately.
  • It can find twin texts, audio, photos, and video files with user-friendly software
  • It can generate a backup of all the files it deletes. With this Windows 10 Duplicate File Finder, you do not have to think about to create a backup for the recovering.
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  • If you do not want to scan some of your folders, then some of the software has folders exclusion supported. Yes, using this feature, you can exclude a particular folder and make the scanning fast.
  • Possibly the folders or files you want to scan might not be stored on your system. The good part is, Bulk Image Resizer Software can scan your external hard drive and hard disk.
  • If you have too many files to be scanned, then it’s ok. Fast Duplicate File Finder will speedy and accurately scan the files irrespective of the volume or size of the files.
  • With the Best Duplicate File Finder, you can set the parameter for the file scanning to get a more detailed scanning result. You can find a scan search and scan history and adjust it for the best results.
  • It keeps your system well organized, update, faster, and super-smooth by free up space. It increases productivity by cleaning unwanted files.

#2 Features Of Duplicate File Finder

Best Free Duplicate File Finder is a powerful tool. It finds all the repeating files from folders or subfolders within a few times. It saves your lots of time consumed in manual finding. If you are looking for the features then, here are the features of the copy file finder.

  • Can find duplicate or similar files from entire network, pc, system, hard drive, folders, or subfolders
  • Binary comparison algorithm for quick process
  • Internal preview support videos, images, text, music, and binary files
  • Older or smaller files can mark for deletion
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  • Irrelevant files can be moved to recycle bin, deleted permanently, or custom folder
  • Support all removable media- USB drives, diskettes, pen drive, etc.
  • Rich documentation and intuitive interface
  • Application scan in the computer’s IDLE time via process priority settings
  • Native support for 32-bit and 64-bit OS
  • System files and folder protection to prevent damage to system files while removing unnecessary files
  • Delete duplicate files automatically from windows explorer
  • Open file with associated program
  • Quick check and uncheck dialogue
  • Powerful filter that is not included in auto-check options
  • Multi-language file system support
  • Lifetime License for free and paid software

#3 Best Free Duplicate File Finder for Window 2020

The most awaiting section is here. In this part, we have included 10 TOP PC Cleaner Software in 2020. Our team members personally test all the Best Duplicate File Finder we have included here. Let’s start.

#1 Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is free software that offers all the basic and advanced tools that are often chargeable by other software.

It scans your overall system or specific folders for duplicate files. The clean interface makes your work easier. It uses various search parameters to find duplicate files. Even use can define it according to their choices like file types, names, minimum/maximum file size, creation dates, etc.

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MD5 checksum check for similar files. It is fairly accurate for the real world. Note that it will not compare byte-to-byte information. Once it finds a similar find, you are the one who decides what to do with all such files. You can send it to a recycle bin, rescue center, or delete it forever.

With one click operation, you can do your work quickly. The interface is less friendly. If you are a windows user and do not want to spend money, then this option is best in the market. It can also provide paid options as well.

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#2 Duplicate Cleaner Pro

This Best Free Duplicate File Finder for the windows is a unique tool that can clean up all the duplicate files effectively. It is specially designed to find duplicate files with deep searching technology.

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Even to some extent, it can find resized, rotated, or edited images, compare them, and find the files. The audio files are compared with their content and tags. It can also find and delete zip files. You can filter the search by file type and group, too. Remember, all the features are available in the paid version only.

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#3 SearchMyFiles [ Portable ] | Windows

Searchmyfile is not a duplicated removal tool in actual as it can do many other tasks as well. It is a feature-rich tool for windows and can find duplicate files quickly.

It is available for free from Nirsoft, the developer of the tool. When it comes to searching for a duplicate file, it offers plenty of options. You can filter out duplicate files according to size, location, usual deal, and type filters. Color coding is also there. After a quick analysis, you can take a quick look at your system from summery.

The positive side is that it can compare byte-to-byte and find duplicate files. Due to this, the search is very accurate and precise. It is portable, and hence you do not need to install it on your system.

If we look it reversely, many features work negatively as well. Like you can file the duplicate files, but you can’t remove that files from the software. You have to go to each file manually and need to remove it. Technically it is a duplicate file finder that can’t delete the files.

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#4 CCleaner

This tool is an old one and known in the market, not because of its Best Duplicate File Finder feature, but others. Before some time, it is a must-have tool for windows pc. Some report says it has some bugs that steal some of your information. This tool is a pc cleaning tool, and duplicate file finder is it’s one of the features.

The duplicate file finder tool can search your pc and find files that have the same size. After scanning, it shows the list. Preview it and select the files that you wish to remove. You can find all these features for free. Pro version has some advanced features apart from this.

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#5 AllDup

The next name on this TechRiyo list is AllDup. It is free software and can quickly scan and detect all the duplicate files on your pc or laptop’s hard drive.

It can scan video, images, music, files, text, etc. with its fast search algorithm and detect all the same files within few minutes.

All searches are based on the file dates, file name, file extension, and other file attributes. It will scan all the files and folders and scan all the hard links throughout and find out all the duplicate files.

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After scanning, it provides detailed logs of the actions that it has undertaken. It provides flexibility and speed. Even if your system has a large volume and numbers of files, it can show you accurate results within a minute. If you want to try any simple tool with great function, try AllDup.

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#6 VisiPics

VisiPics is the next name in the list of Best Free Duplicate File Finder. From the name, you can get the idea that it can only find duplicate images from your pc.

When we copy the image from a mobile device or somewhere else, we forget that some of the images already have in our pc. These duplicate images eat up too much space on a hard drive. But this problem is no more occur with VisiPics. It will effectively scan your folder of the image and shows the result quickly.

It compares the images against five attributes such as name, file size, resolution, etc. The result shows a similarity percentage, as well. After the preview, you can delete the files with this free software.

It can do much more than finding duplicate files. It detects all the similar-looking image accurately as it compares each image with five different comparison parameter. The tool is a multifunctional one. It saves your time by discarding the whole manual step. The software is easy to use and does not have to add too many things that make it complicated for a novice.

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#4 Best Free Duplicate File Finder for Mac 2020

#7 Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is the first name as a Mac Duplicate File Finder in the list of Best Duplicate File Finder. It is the fastest duplicate file founder for the Mac with a smart scan search and deletes all unnecessary files that cope up space on your hard disk.

You do not have to bother about losing the files as it deep dive into your Mac system and finds similar files, images, videos, etc. only. The positive point of the tool is its UI. It can be operated easily by all the people with different levels of expertise.

It shows you preview before the final process. You can select or deselect the files according to your choice. Highly trusted and award-winning Duplicate File Finder for Mac is here for you.

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#8 Disk Drill

Disk Drill is Best Free Duplicate File Finder for Mac. It is a well-known and respected copy file founder software. The powerful data recovery tool is available for free with many amazing features.

With this app, you can search internal as well as external files on your Mac. Not only text files, but can find other files such as videos, songs, images, documents, and others.

It is one of the best Best Free Duplicate File Finder, especially for Mac. It needs less space on the disk, but it supports Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later. You do not need any specific skills as interface and functions; both are easy. Get the app, install it, and click on find duplicate. Your work is done!

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#9 Tidy Up 5

If you want specifically Mac Recovery Software Download, then Tidy Up 5 is another name for you. It scans your system and quickly shows the result. Set up is quick and easy, as the user interface. You have to hit the scan button, and it will do the rest of the work on your behalf. It shows you two options to scan the Mac system; slowest and fastest.

If you have a bigger file, then choose the simple mode. And if you want to scan in deep, then go for the advanced mode. According to me, it is one of the Best Duplicate File Finder.

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#10 Duplicate Detective

A duplicate detective works exactly as per its name. No need for an introduction. Even it is the best duplicate file finder with the lowest price! The proprietary algorithm search for duplicate files in your mac and gives you an accurate result in almost a few seconds.

You can scan the system, and it will show you all duplicate files. Either you can remove all the files, or you can remove each one manually; it completely depends upon you!

It compares the files based on the file size and name with the deep search. Even with its supporting tools, you can clean your Mac, too.

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#11 MacClean

The last name on the list is MacClean. It is another Best Free Duplicate File Finder. The tool can effectively find and remove all duplicate photos, songs, applications, documents, videos, and others.

Even it supports various languages like English, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese. The simple and easy built-in drag and drop feature allow you to put the folders in the software for scanning. Once you choose the folder, it will preview, compare, and remove all the duplicate files. You can apply the filters such as songs, text files, pictures, etc. to narrow the search and improve accuracy.

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#5 Conclusion

It is all about Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows and Mac. You can also consider Macintosh Duplicate File Finder. Yes, we do not have included this name on the list, but it worth try. By the way, which function makes this tool more attractive for you? What are your views? Share it in the comment box below.


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