TOP 7 Best Employee Scheduling Softwares in 2021


Best Employee Scheduling Software : Cloud Based Employee Scheduling Software makes it possible to schedule the employee based on real-time from a remote location and according to work demand. It further improves staff productivity irrespective of the location of your team.

Staff Scheduling Software technology also ease the task of work assignment, management, and find the availability of the staff during some events or for projects. By using it, you diminish the confusion among the staff members and improve work efficiency.

Similarly, this software can empower the employees as they can easily plot their work schedule. According to a study, scheduling optimization reinforces work and life balance, and as a result, it also increases the retention rate of the employee.

By this way, employee scheduling software works and emerge a small to large scale industries as a profitable one with high employee retention rate.

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If you are looking for such Best Free Employee Scheduling Software, then the good news is, we have collected some of the best names here in this post with its details. It works as a reference that gives direction for your final product. Do not worry as we have picked the name after trying all of them personally. So let’s start.

Best Employee Scheduling Software

#1 Why Should You Get Employee Scheduling Software?

All of the capabilities described above of employee scheduling software increased efficiency and productivity of your business. Our all benefits, the major are:

#1 Spend Less Time in Scheduling

Scheduling is one the time taking and tough task. As a small business owner, it takes away you from your core responsibilities. But with the Open Source Employee Scheduling Software, it can automate most of the process and gives you more time to focus on other tasks that helps you to grow your business.

#2 Stay obedient

Most Employee Scheduling Software designed after knowing and understand the labor laws. So when you practice the scheduling, it also makes sure that you are not violating all such laws. By this way, it saves you from various fines and protects the employees from taking advantage of such a situation.

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#3 Avoid human error

The human controlled process has higher chances of mistake. But when software does it, the probability of errors is decreased to a significant number. It is true for scheduling software as well. The staff can access the platform, so if there is any mistake, they will request you for change and edit.  With this collaborative approach, everyone keeps informed and make sure that the errors are kept to a least.

#4 Invest in Your Employees

An investment in such software is nothing less than investment on the employee. Employees like to manage their schedule for higher transparency and efficiency without no confusion. This tool does the same thing as a worker can access their work schedule before starting any work, and hence, they become more pleased and satisfied and less likely to leave the job.

#2 Features To Expect In Employee Scheduling Software:

#1 Employee Database:

It records the employee information like availability, role in the organization according to organizational hierarchy, and location.

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#2 Calendar Management:

Calander management function works on the employee schedule and updates in real time to show the changes in schedule.

#3 Shift Swapping:

Based on employee availability, it swaps the shift, and even some system also provides a portal that submits the request for shift swapping.

#4 Time Clock:

It records the check-in and checks out the time of the individual employee. And based on it, the software calculates wages as per total working hours and OT.

#5 Leave Tracking:

As per the employee leave request, it also finds the total leave of the individual employee.

#6 Real-time communication:

With mobile technology, the software combines the capability of real-time communication with the employee via mail, text, or app for 24*7. It makes sure that with each change, announcements, or updates, the affected person(s) gets on time notification each time.

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#3 Employee Scheduling Software Reviews | Best Free Employee Scheduling Software

#1 FindmyShift

Findmyshift can create staff records and manage shift schedules in a single platform. It ensures the minimum error and coordination of employee in sync. It reduces the schedule conflicts or miscommunication of staff and admin.

Key features include real-time reporting, employee noticeboard, and templates. Built-in time clock integrates the real-time reporting. So it shows the actual working hour with in-time and out-time.  A payroll calculator utilized this data considering pay scale, overtime policy, timesheet, and schedule and calculate the payable amount.

The drag-and-drop tool organized the visually appealing schedule.  Likewise, using the filters, you can sort out the data that match your specific matrix — for example, the working hour of a worker on a specific date. Also, the payroll can calculate in different ways like daily, weekly, or monthly.

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#2 Homebase

Homebase Employee Shift Scheduling Software makes sure that it covers all the employee schedule within a single platform, and none of the employees paid less and directly proportional to working hours.

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With employee scheduling, this software can provide real-time tracking, which is ideal for retail stores, bars, and restaurant. Furthermore, it also notes down in-time and out-time, and from it, the software calculates the total working hours, under time and over time. From the overall calculation, it calculates wages to pay without error. Due to the single platform optimization, it eliminates the need for separate system and software.

The key feature of the schedule includes custom schedule templates, labor/sales/weather forecast, shift management, and pin-based entry.

Another thing which makes it accessible everywhere is the application version with a web version. Yes, it has Android and iOS apps for the mobile or table. The employee gets a notification via an app on their device, so each time you do not have to look the email for notification.

Conversely, managers create schedule easily, quickly, and in real time, and notify the staff for additional information or any changes. The free trial is there with all the features. Go for it, if you consider this software worth buying.

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#3 CakeHR

CakeHR, Employee Computer Monitoring Software that enables the employer to create and edit the shifts. With a single click, you can notify the employees about any changes. It also has a web as well as mobile apps so the owner or employee both can get information via web and app.

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This software helps the HR of small to mid-sized organization. It can store attendance, managing time-offs, leaves, etc. All together makes the task hassle-free for HR.

It is cloud-based employee scheduling software and hence allow remote access. The customizable dashboard, user-friendly navigation, and automate task eliminates the need for spreadsheets. According to information, it let the user decide the communication medium.

CakeHR’s notable features include automated scheduling, reporting/analytics, employee database, scheduling, schedule distribution, time clock, shift swapping, and vacation/leave tracking.

Due to its remote access, you can manage all locations of the company with a single software. Even you can split the company into different area, groups or location and assign a manager for each. An employee can log in to the software to find their daily work and schedule and make the work swiftly.

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#4 Zoho People

Zoho People is highly recommended for the small business owner to manage the staff and their schedule both. It is an HR employee database that has custom forms and onboard hires for scheduling, real-time tracking, leave tracking, and timekeeping options. It can calculate the working hours and from that salary of the individual.

To all those companies which have less than five employees, Zoho offers free service for them. But to get attendance software and timing feature, you have to pay $3 per employee per month.

With the paid version, it provides additional reports and shift scheduling. The software is designed as HR software; it includes some classic features like creating custom electronic forms for employees like reorder supplies, tip management, and expense reporting. With the premium version, you can set up work goals for your employees with all the above features.

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#5 Ai Field Management

Ai Field Management leverages deep machine learning through its Employee Shift Scheduling Software and produces optimal results. This software tracks the customer’s needs of service and automatically assign the worker in real time.

With the advance job management, it completely integrated invoicing, and payments to minimize the chances of errors. And it will automatically sync the data via desktop or online. With cock in the/out calculator, it can calculate OT, monthly, or weekly wages. You can access the app via pc, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

Easily calculate hourly, weekly, monthly, and OT rates with our simple to use the clock in/out a feature that you can access via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The employee can get notified via app or email or text message in case of any change in schedule. The real-time communication via this software improves the execution and minimize the miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Ai Field Management is flexible and scalable that can meet each client’s specific needs and provides all features on a single platform from reporting to inventory management.

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#6 TimeClockWizard

The TimeClock Wizard is another name in the list of Employee Shift Scheduling Software. It provides the staff for an easy way to sign in even from home. To all those who work remotely, this software allows managing the working hours for such employees as well. Even the employee put the notes in case they need any help or anything else. From the GPS, the employer finds their location. The customer service is also fantastic when you come through the problem.

Overall this software helps make the business more efficient due to its tracking system, whether it is time tracking or activity or payment, it is master in all and saves your time.

From the time sheet, it can prepare an invoice. Even using the mobile app, the tracking is easy. It can track both billable and non-billable time.

Notable features of Time Clock Wizard includes employee scheduling, employee time tracking, payroll reporting, expense reimbursements, PTO reports, and photo capture.

It has four different versions according to the number of user or employees which are Free (up to 3 users), value (unlimited users for time tracking), Pro (up to 50 users), and Enterprise (unlimited users).

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#7 Humanity

Humanity is the last name in our list of Best Free Employee Scheduling Software. It is specialized in drag-and-drop bulk scheduling that can replace the need for a spreadsheet.

The fully featured schedule, employee profile, and automated calculation of time, making it one of the ideal software.

It is also provided attendance management, time clock, leave management, and basic HR functions that are needed and suitable for all sized business from small to a large one.

It is particularly well known for its 24*7 support. Yes, with in-time customer support, you can connect with their agents anytime and ask for help without paying any extra fees.

Due to its ease of use, both manager and employees find it easy to use. The system is set up within no time, and it does not require any professional training. To ease the task, the developer also provides exportable payroll reports, easy partial leave requests, mobile scheduling, and end-to-end staff monitoring.

With drag-and-drop scheduling feature, you can create a company-wide schedule in a maximum of 10 minutes. It can also organize and publish shift, and in case of any changes, it reschedules as well.

According to predefined rules, bulk scheduling can instantly schedule thousands of shifts. And how can we miss leave management, attendance management, and live support?

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#8 Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking software that offers not only employee scheduling but also a wide range of productivity monitoring features for teams of all sizes.

The app uses its time tracking feature to generate online timesheets for your team members. These timesheets are accurate down to the second. As a result, the possibility of issues like time theft is greatly reduced. You’ll be able to see just how much time your team spent on different tasks. The app can also track the apps and websites that your team accessed while they were tracking time.

Hubstaff’s attendance scheduling feature makes creating shifts for your team easy. You can create recurring or one-time shifts and set a minimum number of required hours. You will receive notifications if anyone is late to or misses their shift.

Hubstaff has four pricing plans: Free, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. You can try out all of its features with its 14-day free trial.

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So it is all about free employee schedule software. We hope you like the details we shared here. For more details, you can visit the official website or ask us.


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