TOP 10 Best Cloud Hosting Providers in 2021


The technological world makes it easy to reach the business around the globe without interruption of physical boundaries. Individuals and companies can own their website and increase their reach and customer traffic using digital marketing solutions and tools. The privately-owned website has few limitations, but they can accomplish their goals and mindset with Best Cloud Hosting Providers. Hosting service plays an essential role in any website.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers allow users to post their websites on the web. For a website, hosting is a must thing to make it live on the internet. It is a server for the site. Hosting provider selection is the second option after choosing a domain name.

Choosing one is a critical thing as there are so many names in the market. And to make your choice easy and time-saving, I am here with Cloud Hosting Providers Review with the top 10 picks from our side. Have a look first and then think further.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

#1 Things To Consider Before Buying Best Cloud Hosting

Cheap Cloud Hosting is at the next level for web hosting products. The cutting edge cloud technology with numerous alternatives, it is essential to know about the few things related to hosting, such as Difference Between Shared Hosting & Cloud Hosting or Difference between Linux Hosting & Window Hosting.

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When you choose any hosting, it must be reliable as all your data is stored on the server. All we know that data is the most significant property in this technology era.SO if you are thinking of choosing one of the Best Cloud Hosting Providers, here are few factors you need to consider before making the last decision.

#1 Reliability

Cloud hosting is still in the evolution phase, and hence you need expert web hosting who has years of experience in managing web hosting for individuals and businesses. Either you can read reviews or testimonials of people.

#2 Ease Of Control Panel

Full with functions and the user-friendly control panel is essential for any hosting provider. Irrespective of Plesk, cPanel, or any other control panel, it must be easy to use and understandable control panel. If it is not, it consumes your time to understand it. Along with that, you need the help of the technical team.

#3 Scalable Environment

You need more cloud space with the growth of the business. Make sure you choose the right plan with offered services and storage capacity. Do not forget to ask for the amount according to the plan and its benefits.

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#4 Server Location

Page loading speed is the time taken by a website to load it properly. Google guide says that speed is one of the factors for the ranking. According to research and survey, a 1-second delay in page loading affects 7% of conversion rates. If it does not load in 3 seconds, 40% of visitors bounce to other sites. And if there is trouble in the online shopping website, 79% of users won’t return to the same site.

#5 Features For Application Hosting

One-click installs are quite essential to save you time. Thus, go to a web hoster that offers one-click installs for WordPress blogs, Open scripts, Wiki Hosting and Joomla & Drupal CMS solutions.

#6 Cron Jobs And Auto Script Installers

Some web hosting providers do not provide some basic features for easy updates and web installation. Some of the excluded features are Cron for a day in/day out operations for security purposes (.htaccess) page redirect, auto script installers, SSI (Server Side Include), and FTP access. Go with a provider that offers all these features.

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#7 Website Security

Website security is a primary concern because your company’s critical data is stored over the cloud. Unfortunately, all hosting providers are on a different level when it comes to safety. Choose the hosting provider that offers multiple levels of protection with constant updates. Look for the firewalls, data encryption, anti-virus detection, routine security audits, and multi-factor user authentication.

#8 Uptime Guarantee

What if customers visit your site, and it is not working due to server issues? It leaves a negative impact on the visitor. To avoid these circumstances, choose a hosting provider that offers maximum uptime and stable network connections. Cut out the names that can’t provide a minimum 99.5% uptime guarantee. Higher the uptime, better the performance.

#9 Pricing

Choosing web hosting requires information about your business needs and your budget. Choose the ideal price and basic plan according to your use. There is no need to choose a higher plan if you do not have that much requirement. Aware of two terms related to pricing. One is upfront pricing that makes sure you pay a fixed amount, and another one is postpaid billing that is all your unaware expenses until the end of the billing cycle.

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#10 Refund Policy

Before investing your money in Cheap Web Hosting, know the refund policy of your hosting provider. Also aware of the trial period and cancellation charges. It is essential to know all these things as you are investing your money and your money worth something for sure. The majority of the hosting providers offer a 30 to 45-day guarantee.

#2 Best Cloud Hosting Providers Reviews 2021

Without wasting your too much f time, let’s start with the Cloud Hosting Providers Review. Here we have covered ten names that are known as Best Cloud Hosting Providers of industry.

#1 Google Cloud Hosting

Google is the name that everyone knows. Google Cloud Hosting is a big name for small businesses to set up their web hosting on their cloud servers. The customer service is awful. Only in two cases, you can handle it either if you are hosted sites based on machine learning or G’s data, or if you need high-performance data center on all the known continent.

Apart from this, you can handle google cloud hosting due to its customer support. According to my opinion, there are many platforms that servers far better than google cloud platform. Go for them. You can consider AWS for the high-performance computing power with the same performance and excellent support. The process starts at $45/month, and the response time 300 microsecond. they assure 99.99% uptime. Look at other names and decide at last.

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#2 Amazon Cloud Hosting

We all know Amazon as an e-commerce company, but it is one of the Best Cloud Hosting Providers. Even they are first to enter in to cloud hosting business. They offer their service in four categories: Compute, Content Delivery, Storage, and Databases, and networking. And you can control all of them with a web server. You need to sign up with AWS, and you can securely monitor your site.

The option given by AWS is the highest in the industry. According to my opinion, you will find everything that needs WordPress Hosting. There is no fixed pricing for the service. The charges are based on the services you pick. There is a calculator for the users to find estimate costs for the services they choose.

The significant part is amazon offers a 1-year free service for the new users. I want to say that plans are costly but worth it according to the service they provide. You can get customer support via live chat, 24*7 phone, or email. Even amazon shares videos and tutorials to solve out queries with wasting time. The expert support will always ready to help you. No one can come in comparison with the AWS when it comes to service.

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#3 Digitalocean

In this new year, Digitalocean offers one of the best cloud hosting service providers. Within a short time, they become the most popular name in the hosting industry. The reason behind its popularity is its simple cloud server. Along with simplicity, low prices and reliable infrastructure are two other reasons for its popularity. Even you can get extra price benefits using Digitalocean Promo Codes.

It has more than 550000 users who trust this platform. With the DigitalOcean account, you can create, manage, and automate the cloud server and its infrastructure. Some exceptional features include Tier-1, floating IP addresses, bandwidth, team accounts, SSD hard drive, and shared private networking.

The basic package starts with $5, and there are many options as well for pricing. The significant part is SSD is standard for all plans. At present, they have eight working centers across the globe, including the U.S., India, Canada, U.K, Singapore, Netherlands, and Germany.

From the multiple plans, you will surely find the one according to your usage. Each package has additional features according to price. The price strategy is based on your usage. It means no extra money to be paid without usage. In case if you find you are using excessive features and service, use monthly caps. Now, no worries of spending excessive resources irrespective of a number of droplets (server).

Customer review also says the same. Customer support is of pro-level if you are looking for hosting service at an affordable rate, this option worth considering.

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#4 Linode

Linode is another famous name in the field of Best Cloud Hosting Providers. It offers great competition to Digitalocean and Vultr. The plans are similar to Digital Ocean. For example, the basic plan starts at $5/ month with 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 1 TB transfer, and 25GB SSD.

In the option of a $5/mohth plan, you can choose $0.0075/hour with the same facility. You can get up to 192 GB of RAM under the standard plan and 300 GB RAM under the High Memory Plan. The network connectivity of each plan is 40Gbps, but network connectivity speed varies according to the plan you choose. The minimum speed is 1000mbps, and the highest speed is 12,000 Mbps.

Linux Hosting with CPanel is also here, and it includes all modern Linux OS such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CoreOS, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, Gentoo, and Slackware. For WordPress or other apps, one-click installation is not available. It can be hard for nontechnical people.

There are a total of nine data centers in Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London, Dallas, Atlanta, Fremont, and Newark. Customer support is a little weak, but at this price, you can’t expect more than this.

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#5 Vultr

The next name in the list of Cloud Hosting Providers Review is Vultr. All of us are familiar with this name. For all those who want high-performance SSD, I suggest this name for you. With its high-performance SSD cloud server, it offers efficient and reliable service.

SSD is the thing for which Vultr is famous as it offers 100% solid-state drives (SSD). It means the latest inter CPU and attractive Cpanel. There is a total of 14 low latency locations to choose to get your cloud server in 60 seconds only. You will be amazed by knowing its customer names. It’s high-performance SSD cloud servers boast global footprint like other names in the list.

Its reliable price packages make it more flexible. The price options are suitable for individuals, small businesses, start-ups, and big enterprises. The customer-centric control panel is the best part of Vultr, according to me. In this way, it saves your time, too. The altered yet dedicated IP address is another excellent feature.

There are four different types of hosting options: Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2), Block Storage, Bare Metal Simplified, and Dedicated Instances. The basic plan starts from $2.50 per month, and customer support is there without any doubt. You can find your answers from FAQ or post. Email, call, or social media support is also there. There is also an online community. You can find it at Vultr Discuss is an online community for help and share extra knowledge.

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#6 Hostgator

Hostgator is another Best Cloud Hosting Provider for all kind of users. It known as an SSL certificate provider, and we all know the Importance of SSL Certificate. But here we are discussing cloud hosting. It has a domain name registration business, but with that, they keep all your stuff on a single account.

It is the lower cost account with $4.95/month at twice RAM and twice cores than another name on the list. The basic price is $4.95/ month. It assures 99.98% uptime. At $4.95 per month, you will get 2 CPU cores, 2 GB of RAM, a free SSL certificate, and Unmetered bandwidth. You can access Linux environment support applications like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and WordPress. The customer support is not that much help, but if you are looking for a cheap option, you can consider this name.

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#7 IBM

IBM gives fierce competition to Google, salesforce, Oracle, and few more competitors but left behind all the known names due to its implied strategy. This cloud hosting service provider offers SaaS, Iaas, and PaaS through different cloud models.

One can freely choose desired tools, data, and delivery models for the next-gen service. IBM cloud will surely help you to gain value for your business. IBM built on the Watson and Bluemix groundwork, the cloud, and AI platforms from IBM. Bluemix delivers IaaS and PaaS, and Watson delivers AI and ML. If you want to use this hosting provider for unique applications of automotive, healthcare, or manufacturing, then IBM is for you.

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#8 Siteground

SiteGround is one of the best support teams with powerful backend and a bunch of features that makes SiteGround one of the top choice for users. Shared hosting is an excellent option for Joomla and WordPress.

Unique server architecture, WordPress caching plugin in combination with detailed knowledge, makes it perfect for the advanced users as well as newcomers. It takes 0.62 seconds only for the first byte and .96 seconds to load the complete site. Backend support is also unparalleled in the industry, which makes it more reliable than others.

High security of your account, automated daily backup, proactive server monitoring, and 99.99% uptime makes it an ideal solution for all.

The best support is another reason behind its high use. Knowledgeable, polite, helpful, and fast support agents are ready to help you all the time, even above their limit. In conclusion, if you ask me to support one name, I will surely go with this.

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#9 Hostinger

Now this one is the cheapest name in this list with $.99/month when you choose its subscription for 48 months. In seven different regions of the world, they have data centers all over the world. The uptime is ok with 99.91%, but you can afford it according to price.

If we count 15 months instead of 15 months, then the uptime of the server would be 99.97%. The average page load time is 369ms. If you choose a single web hosting plan, then you will get 100 GB of bandwidth, one email account, one MySQL database, and 10GB of disk space; otherwise, bandwidth and database are unlimited.

Note that add ons are not included in the basic plan, so after the addition of other services, the price will undoubtedly be high.

Priority support and SSL certificate not included in the basic plan, and hence you have to pay for it. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all platforms.

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#10 Cloudways

The last name in this Best Cloud Hosting Providers list is Cloudways. Majority of people known this name due to different reasons. It offers excellent function and affordability for WordPress hosting. You can create your WordPress server app with various applications.

This PaaS- platform-as-a-service cloud server offers fantastic features that help your website to grow. Three major concerns of Cloudways are optimization of speed, performance, and security. It hosts your site on a single server and create multiple copies of it and replicate it with selected data centers. Site migration is also easy and quick. Auto healing features resolve issues automatically and minimize the site crashing risk. With a bunch of additional features, hosting seems easy and advance.

Cloudways works with four different service providers named Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, and Vultr. After selecting the cloud provider, you can easily configure your server. You can create virtual machines and apps without a web server, Linux command, and supporting files.

Based on the cloud service provider, the final price of the package decided. The basic plan starts from $10/mo. The customer gets support via live chat, email, or phone call. There is an FAQ section where you can find answers on sales, technical queries, billings, and other related topics.

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#3 Conclusion

with this, we put a full stop on the Cloud Hosting Providers Review and guide. After reading this post, you know what the best names for the cloud hosting and Why Choose Cloud Hosting. Hopefully, you find all the answers from this post. If yes, then it’s great but if not, ask us, don’t wait!!!


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