TOP 8 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone in 2021


Best Calendar Apps for iPhone : Calendar Apps are the ones by which you can manage and schedule your events, meeting or daily stuffs. A good calendar is a valuable addition to your device. It can help you to stay on top of the upcoming events, appointments and meetings. Different calendar apps have different features.

On some of the calendar apps you can manage events, some e of them have social features and easy-to-read modes. If it’s difficult for you to keep a track of what work you need to do and where you need to travel the calendar apps will help you.

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

#1 What is a great calendar app on iPhone?

There are many calendar apps for iPhone in the store but the choice to the best is difficult. The best calendar apps on iPhone is hard to decide but what features makes a great calendar app can be stated.

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  • The calendar app should have a great design. Visual delight holds a strong position to decide something is worth it or not. Great design is eye-catching and makes the app attractive.
  • The text size, font and colour matters a lot. Whatever you enter in it should look appealing and good to see.
  • There should the feature of iCloud reminder in the app.
  • The app should provide views that are easy to change so that we can go through our events with ease.

The perfect blend of all this features make a calendar app useful and great to use on iPhone.

#2 Best Calendar apps for iPhone

So, as we discussed what makes a calendar app best for an iPhone above, depending on that here’s our list of best app-

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  1. Apple’s Calendar i.e. the Native app.
  2. Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  3. Goggle Calendar
  4. Period tracker Period Calendar
  5. Calendar and Reminder Any. do
  6. Calendars 5
  7. Awesome Calendar
  8. Fantastical 2

Let us now learn about each of them in details and brush up our knowledge.

#1 Apple’s Calendar

Calendar is the official app developed by Apple Inc. It runs both on iOS mobile operating system and macOS desktop operating system. It uses iCloud service of Apple to backup calendar. Before the release of OS X Mountain Lion, the version name was iCal.

It can track appointments and events and provide multiple Calendar views for making it easier to use and save time. The iCloud integration helps in syncing with other devices such as Mac, iPhones, iPad , etc. To keep up with friends and colleagues the users can also subscribe to other calendars. iCal allows to notify the user about the upcoming events and appointment.

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With every update, Apple successfully brings new feature. Event editing, full-screen support, heat map, different time zones, etc. Are few updates that Apple provided to its users.

#2 Microsoft Outlook Calendar

You can bring all the email accounts and calendar to a single spot that will be convenient. From scheduling the events in line to staying in top of the inbox OUTLOOK makes it easy to use with its well designed and arranged framework.

The outlook is so much loved in iOS due to :-

  1. The smart inbox just focus on the right things. The messages that you need to respond fast are arranged accordingly.
  2. You just need a swipe to delete, archive or schedule messages.
  3. You can easily share your meeting availability by a single tap.
  4. Outlook have all the apps that are loved by the users i.e. Facebook, Trello and more of them.
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#3 Google Calendar

Google calendar helps you in having your schedules always with you by just syncing it to other platforms and devices. You can go through your upcoming events in the Email without even lifting your finger. You can set reminders for the trans that are urgent and sensitive to time.

You can easily and quickly schedules meetings with potential clients with times and titles. If you want to meet your teammate and you don’t know if they are free or not, just have a look on the calendar. The update gives all the bugs and increase performance.

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#4 Period tracker Period Calendar

This app is a very unique app. It has features specially designed for women. The features are as follows:-

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  1. The app can predict women’s ovulation, period and fertile window.
  2. It can record intimacy, shows your chance if pregnancy if you want to conceive.
  3. There’s the option of pill reminder that doesn’t allow you to forget the medication.
  4. Girls can record their mood, cervical mucus, weight, temperature, etc. if they want to.

The app syncs the data with Apple Health. There is the Period tracker and cycle tracker for irregular periods .  There are multiple language to choose. This app keeps track of almost all the personal health symptoms and ongoing functions in the body.

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#5 Calendar & Reminders Any. Do

This app has simple and powerful calendar outlook. You can sync your to do list and the task list with your phone, desktop, tablet and web. If you have a scheduled time you get reminder to it. The voice entry command allows you to easily speak your mind out and the list of To-Do gets updated.

You can share lists among the family members and assign task with ease. Any. Do helps you and your people to sync and stay in touch. The Any. Do task list helps you immensely while shopping, with the shopping list in it enabling you to share it with others.

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#6 Calendars 5

You can tell that Calendars 5 is just the re-imagination of the best calendar app. It runs on iOS and is smart. The points that makes Calendars 5 to be loved so much is:-

  1. Calendars 5 is smart enough to understand whether it’s an appointment, event or meeting and schedule the task abiding to it.
  2. The task manager has everything in it for your management, to-do’s list and track events.
  3. It is the first smart calendar for iPad. The large screen helps you to schedule things easily.

The Calendars 5 is great to use. The features that makes it the best in use are:-

  1. The simple interface of the app makes it great to use and have an overview of the events.
  2. Even if you create, delete it edit events when you are online, it since the data to your account as soon as you get online.
  3. You can set custom alerts and set reminders.
  4. You can simple drag and drop events. With just simply swiping you can switch between days and weeks.

These exceptionally great features make Calendars 5 among the best calendar app on iPhone.

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#7 Awesome Calendar

The app shows you your holidays, keeps you organized and is best fit to be used for team projects. You can make your to-do list, create notes with photos, see the weather and more with this app.

You can add a meeting as quick as a will and then create note that will help you to prepare for the meeting. Awesome Calendar let’s you manage both your personal and professional life. It can be synchronized with Google task. You can set up different colors for different events and reminders.

The app provides you with a photo album calendar. You can search for your event, to-do and schedules. The weather forecast shown  is of present time and 10days further. You can lock the app with a passcode. You can even sync it with iCloud. This features makes it a great calendar app to be used and get your works done.

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#8 Fantastical 2

It is the best among the calendar apps on iPhone. You are shown your dated reminders and events on the main list itself. You can simply set reminders by starting the line with ‘reminder’, ‘to-do’, ‘task’, or ‘remind me to’.  You can create alerts by using simple phrases.

There is the list of all the new events with the map which shows the event location. When your iPhone is rotated in landscape it has a eye-catching week view. You can send birthday greetings by simply tapping on a birthday reminder.

The same calendar service is used as in that of Ape Calendar, Google Calendar, etc. It has multiple languages to access in. There’s the 3D touch available with the option of peek and pop. You can simply speak and it will record it and set as event. This app is the best in competition and highly recommended.

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#2 Conclusion

Now you knows which Calendar Apps are the best for iPhone and which one should you use. Depending upon the use of the user he should choose the app and get the complete benefit out of it. The above listed apps are the best and you can use them without a second  thought.


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