TOP 10 Best BatmanStream Alternative Sites in 2021


Best BatmanStream Alternative Sites : I guess everyone is a sports fan. We love to play and even watch them. People spend lakhs of rupees to go to stadium in some other country to just support and enjoy their favorite game. The feel of being in a stadium, cheering for your team is all the way better than being at home and seeing it on television or in any website.

Well, all of us can’t afford to do so. Trust me, when I say you can enjoy almost any sports and live game on this websites. The commonly used website is it BatmanStream. BatmanStream allows you to watch live games that too completely free. You don’t even need an account to access it.

There are more sites like BatmanStream available on the internet. Batman Stream is rated well but the others are not even bad. Let’s have a look on the websites other than

Best BatmanStream Alternative Sites

List of Websites other than Batman Stream

  1. Stream2Watch
  2. VIP league
  3. 12th Player
  4. Atdhe
  5. CricFree
  6. Sport635
  7. LiveTv
  8. Live footballol
  9. BeInSports
  10. Viprow

#1 Best BatmanStream Alternative Sites 2021

Let’s discuss these websites in details and know more about them:-

#1 Stream2Watch

It is one of the best free sports streaming sites. You are provided access to any Live Sport match and game. This live sports streaming website shows you all the sports and live events which you never thought of also. The biggest positive about the site is that it has all its content in HD.

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The earning of the site is by showing commercial. You should switch on the Adblock before using this website. For both streaming and downloading there are more than one mirror.

#2 VIP league

The name suggest it to be VIP but it is 100% free to use. It is among those websites that try to keep their site clean. It’s basic design is a stand out thing for it. Each sports categorize are shown by large thumbnail in the homepage. Once you enter the page you choose there is the category for schedules games. These are arranged according to date and time.

The option to view the history option of any sport is a big positive point. Whether it be a die hard fan or an amateur viewer these stats help in better understanding. VIP league also have advertisements but they do the best to keep it to minimum number. In a nut shell it is one of the Best free sports streaming sites.

#3 12th Player

12th Player is among the top 10 sports streaming websites. This site center of focus is football. Or we can say that everything on this site is about football only. Each and every football match is available in this with scheduled date and time. The subscription to this site is absolutely free.

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They don’t charge any extra amount to watch live updates and streaming. We can watch live sports streaming online free. There are few adds on website for earning. Apart from football the other doors that the site stream is soccer, basketball, hockey. Like the 12th Player, batman also stream tennis. The site is user-friendly and you can see the live streaming sports on the homepage.

#4 Atdhe

This is one of the best sites for streaming sports. It provides you with link to view your chosen sport. It is free of both subscription fee and advertisement.  Latest online games are also available for free. You are not even required to sign up for online streaming. It provides only links and doesn’t stream itself.

#5 CricFree

It is one of the best live sports streaming websites. We can understand by the name itself that it is famous for cricket. It streams the Star Sports channel for free. Other than cricket, it also streams football, hockey, soccer, rugby, tennis, boxing, baseball and lots of other.

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The user interface of this website is extremely user friendly. Navigation is very easy in between sports. A chat box is also offered to you on the right hand side. It gives you the option of chatting to other CricFree users.


It is another best site for streaming sports. The platform is centered to football matches mainly. It has the feature of displaying news and updates regularly. It streams other sports like Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, etc. On the top left hand side of the site is the list of ongoing live matches.

The homepage supports a category to show ongoing and upcoming events. The result can be filtered according to your requirements and needs.

#7 LiveTv

LiveTv is another sports streaming site that allow you to watch live tournament and matches. The list of ongoing matches is present on the left hand side of the homepage. There is an option to find the upcoming matches even. The website eyes on mostly football matches. It is user friendly.

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There are different tags on the site, such as:-

  1. Upcoming broadcasts
  2. Popular videos
  3. This month’s sport events
  4. League table
  5. Match of the day

Though the website contains advertisement but the content are free to use.

#8 Live Footballol

This site is famous all over the world for streaming football matches online all over the world for free. All the games from English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga is streamed on the website. The sports also offer a number of other sports to watch like F1 Moto, UFC and Moto GP.

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It has a user friendly interface. Team names are displayed in the webpage. You can directly click on them and see their scheduled matches. International and club teams both are available on the website. There are videos saved on the site. You can download online streaming videos from this site.

#9 BeInSports

It is a website of global channels in it. It has a very friendly user interface. News, updates and live scores are shown in different columns. The streaming is in HD. It covers all the major sports like Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Handball, Football, etc.

They operate the channels in Middle-east, Canada, Philippines, etc. It holds all the rights to stream major sports. It had to be in our list of Top 10 sports streaming websites.

#10 Viprow

This site is having one of the best user interface among all. There are big thumbnails of the sports available on the web page. The sports covered are Football, UFC, Wrestling, Boxing, Basketball, Baseball. It also covers the uncommon sports such as Ice hockey, Darts, GAA, etc. This site is famous for the streaming of the uncommon sports.

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Well, so this was the list of top 10 website that are alternative to BatmanStream. Among these the top 3 according to me are-

  1. CricFree
  2. Stream2Watch
  3. Viprow

The rest of them are also very good in use. All of them shows HD streaming mostly. Sports is very necessary in our life as we learn many things out of it. In today’s busy world nobody has time to sit and watch television for long period of time. So, online streaming is  the new hot trend and will remain for a long period of time.

#2 Conclusion

One thing that we should keep in mind is the privacy breach problem. So, to safeguard your privacy a sports streaming VPN should be there. Our choice will be the Express VPN which is the best VPN in 2020. It is trustworthy and protects your privacy. Choosing the perfect sports streaming site is not that difficult also. You just need to know which sport you want to watch and then choose the site from the list above.


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