TOP 10 Best Animation Software (Free & Paid) in 2021


If you are confused about selecting the Best Animation Software (Free & Paid) in 2020, you came to the right place. More than hundreds of animation software are available on the internet, and some are paid, and a few are free.

We have considered some crucial criteria and aspects while making this list. So, it will be helpful to you, so select the best animation software for you. Read further to know about the top 10 best animation software.

Best Animation Software

#1 Best Animation Software (Free & Paid) In 2021

We bring you the best animation software in 2020. Some of them have a premium version. In that, you can use some advanced features by paying a few bucks. Some animation software is free of students. For this, you must have a valid student ID. The best 10 animation software are as follows:

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#1 Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya Animation Software

Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux
Price: $195/Month | Free for students

Autodesk Maya is the best animation software that you can use. There are so many new dynamics and effects are in Autodesk Maya. From dragons to beautiful landscapes and war/battle explosions, everything is added in this software.

It has Bifrost for procedural effects, ready to use graphs, interactive and beautiful hair grooming options, and in-depth adaptive liquid simulation features. You can also create realistic cloth from this software. You can easily mark, navigate, and organize particular events in time and smooth playback in the Time slider tool.

The Rokoko’s motion library plugins help you access HD motion capture data right in software and easily edit them. The new GPU- accelerated Proximity Wrap modifies the real-time imaging, materials, lighting, and camera automatically.

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Autodesk Maya has a new Matrix-driven workflow in which you can easily do matrix-driven transformation and operations nodes to reduce node and connection clutter in your video scenes.This is the Best Animation Software for Mac computers.

This software can easily integrate with other software like Arnold. This feature enhances the efficiency of Maya software. You can view scene changes in real-time and also use Arnold GPU/CPU in Maya.

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#2 Animaker

Animaker Animation Software

Platform – Web Browser-based
Price: Free & Paid

More than 6.5 million people widely use Animaker software. From large video making to GIF and short video making, Animaker is very useful. It can also be used for live video editing. Animaker runs on a Powerful HTML 5 engine, so you can make a large-sized video project without clutters.

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It has more than hundreds of customized templates, which you can use to make your videos or short clips. This feature is very much helpful for beginners. Animaker gives you access to one of the biggest video asset libraries like animated characters, properties, BGs, icons, videos, etc.

You can make characters with different 15 facial features for customizing and 10 accessory slots and more than 20 expressions. The automatic lip-sync feature is also in Animaker. The smart move feature helps you to move and modify the play of objects very easefully. You can also allow to live video editing in 4k videos and add subtitles to videos.

More than thousands of royalty-free tones are available on Animaker. And the maximum project size is 20 GB. It is Best free Animation Software and premium also. Both types of versions of Animaker are available.

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#3 Blender

Blender Download Animation Software

Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux
Price: Free

If you are looking for free or open-source Animation software, Blender is the most suitable candidate for selection. This is the Easiest Animation Software to Use . All of the features and customization options of this software is entirely free of cost.

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From modeling, sculpting, simulation to video editing, VFX, animation, all king of things can be done with Blender software. It offers high rendering features and comprehensive tools for sculpting, retopology, curves, and modeling. It has digital tools to perform sculpting, and they are powerful and flexible.

In many award-winning shorts and features, films used Blender software for editing and processing. The Grease pencil tool helps to develop story art, 2D sketches, and comic designs. You can fix the camera and object motion sense, masking, and compositing with the VFX of Blender.

You can run a robust and real-time simulation of videos and also do video editing in Blender. This software supports some programming languages like Python API for scripting and customization.

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#4 Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Animation Software

Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux
Price: $59.99/Month

Cinema 4D is easy to learn and powerful animation software. It is a perfect combo for all 3D artists who want to achieve breath-taking results rapid and hassle-free. This Animation Software is Best for Beginners and seasoned professionals, this software is more suitable, as it is super easy for hands-on experiments.

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Cinema 4D has impressive features for Polygon modeling. In professional projects, this feature helps a lot. The knife tool, plane cut, loop cut, and line cut tools are in this software. There is a polygon pen tool that helps you resize and create all geometric shapes and designs. IT enables a lot with 3D and 4D design.

You can create your 4D animation in just a few minutes if you have an excellent Cinema 4D software experience. You can shift your scenes into the fourth dimension with this animation software.

You can name any virtual object on Cinema 3D and make keyframing simpler than before. From the Power slider, you can rapidly define keyframes of all or selected parameters. This software has fully-loaded libraries of present objects, materials, and scenes that make it very easeful to start a 3D project.

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#5 K-3D


Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux
Price: Free

K-3D is free software for 3D modeling and animation. This software merges flexible plugins with a visualization pipeline architecture, and this makes K-3D a versatile and powerful animation software for artists. K-3D is super easy to learn, and the application helps you with finding options.

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K-3D has procedural and parametric workflows. You can interactively adjust properties or immediately appear results. This software allows us to integrate with other tools. You can easily modify and create robust and high-quality animation videos. You can undo/redo actions to make changes.

With the help of a node-based visualization pipeline, you can connect anything with anyone. K-3D allows you to make a combination that you have never seen before. K-3D software is entirely free.

You can use this Best Animation Software For Linux, Windows and macOS platforms, and you can also share and maintain the work record via this software. You can work on one side of the model and show the other result value. YO can use k-#D to make, so things are more comfortable.

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#6 OpenToonz

Open Toonz Animation Software

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: Free

OpenToonz is a free 2D animation software developed by “Toonz,” Italy. This Animation Software is for Commercial and non-commercial purposes. It is open-source software so that anyone can use it free of cost. This software has some cutting-edge animation tools and has a user-friendly interface.

You can change picture style, modify incident light in the picture, and apply wavy distortion. You can take the sequence number scanning efficiently between animation numbers. You can make four types of scanning, including black & white, colored, and with or without binarization. It is compatible with the TWAIN standards.

It is useful to make digital painting. You can use antialiasing lines and make high definition image data, and the Xsheet and timeline interfaces are available in this software. The effects can be synthesized easefully with the GUI using a node tree.

You can handle images with a real scale considering a resolution (dpi). This tool is easily compatible with raster and vector images.

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#7 Terragen

Terragen Animation Software

Platform – Windows and Mac
Price: Free & Paid

Terragen 4 has many new and unique features. It offers the most realistic atmosphere model for commercial applications. You can design a complete spherical planetary atmosphere with proper lighting and volumetric cloud and fog layers by using Terragen 4 software.

You can make beautifully realistic sunsets in seconds by adjusting the sun angle, almost equal to a real-world atmosphere model. Terragen 4 helps you to create golden rays from the sun. The HDR environments rendered by Terragen 4 are made up of image-based light sources and reflection environments.

You can design 3D procedural functions with truly realistic terrains, including sheer cliffs and overhangs. You can create any natural scene as per your imagination with Terragen 4 animation software.

Terragen 4 has a ray traced real-time preview with progressive refinement, and it supports shaders, lighting, and atmospherics, including cloud with volumetric shadows. Terragen 4 has a paid and free version. It supports only Windows and Mac operating systems.This is Best Animation Software for Mac.

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#8 Pencil2D

Pencil 2D Animation Software

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: Free

Pencil2D is a lightweight and straightforward to use software that mainly focuses on the enhanced animation. It supports Raster and Vector editing.This Animation Software is Best for Beginner so You can easily switch between raster and vector workflows. You can sketch, ink, and paint with minimum affords from Pencil2D animation software.

Pencil2D supports on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Free BSD operation system. So, it is almost supported on all platforms. It is open-source and free software. You can easily Import/Export database to and from this software.

There is an image library that helps you to create animation within a few minutes. Pencil2D software is highly customizable, and there are many customization features for animations in this tool. The dashboard helps you to track your project list.

You can do 3D animation 2D imaging by using templets. It also provides advanced animation curves and weight painting. Moreover, this software offers 24×7 customer service and also has various video resolution options.

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#9 Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic Animation paper Animation Software

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: Free

Plastic Animation Paper software is a powerful and fast tool for animation. This software is suitable for all types of users, including pro to beginners. It provides a superfast response while drawing, flipping, and doing another editing.

It has a high-quality line, and there is no degradation when it is transformed or no change in resolution. You can use this tool for small to large format frames and smooth real-time rotation and the view’s zooming. It has X-sheet, which straightforward but powerful feature.

The layers include black, blue, red, green, and custom options, and you can also paint in this software. This Best Animation Software For Windows, macOS X, and Linux. The tool bat is fully customizable, and there is a speed dial for reaching your favorite functions with a few clicks.

It has a real-tie full-frame reference on 2nd monitor. There are various video formats supported in this software, including MP4, 3gp, Mkv, gif, etc.

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#10 Powtoon

Powtoon Animation Software

Platform – web browser-based
Price: Free & Paid

Powtoon is a virtual communication platform designed to aid businesses to create animated videos and presentations for promoting. The concept of Powtoon software is unique and distinct.

You can use Powtoon in the Free version, and for more advanced features, you need to buy the premium version of Powtoon. This software has many cool features, including communication management, easy data import/export, image library, drag & drop interface, multimedia support, project templates, etc.

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There is two-factor authentication for each project for security. We have to add one more bonus animation software in this list due to its superior functionality.

#11 Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio Animation Software

Platform – Windows, Mac, and Linux
Price: Free

Synfig Studio has many attractive features and applications to perform. You can use the spatial resolution of this software for vector-based imaging.This is Best free Animation Software It also supports high dynamic range imaging and has some tremendous artist-oriented customizations.

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#3 FAQ

#1 What Animation Software is best for beginners?

OpenToonz and Synfig Studio are considered the most suitable animation software for a beginner because they have limited functions and easy interface. The help windows used to find options in this animation software.

#2 What is the best free Animation Software?

Animaker is the best free animation software. The unique and advanced features of Animaker software helps you to create powerful and effective animations and videos.

#3 What is the most accessible Animation Software to use?

Adobe Character Animator is known for its simplicity. However, it has minimal functionality. So, you can try Blend animation software. It is not so simple to use, but once you know how to use it, it becomes more effective.

#4 What is the Best Animation Software for Windows?

Autodesk Maya is the best and most efficient animation software for Windows. It offers numerous premium features, and it can integrate with other tools very effectively.

#5 What is the Best Animation Software for Mac?

Blender and Autodesk Maya are most suitable Animation Software for macOS. They are perfectly capable of functioning and supporting different types of editing operations.

#4 Conclusion

This 10 best animation software are most effective and can support large multimedia. Among this software, some are free, and in some software, you need to pay for the premium version. Hopefully, this article helps you with the selection of animation software. Comment below if you have any questions.


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