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We all have used login in our life. Do you know what these numbers represent? It is not a secret code. It is an IP address of your routers. Now, you may wonder What IP address is. It’s a virtual gateway that helps the internet access your device information and for many other purposes. and Admin are more famous as they are the default IP of most routers. These IP addresses are essential. Using this IP address, you can log in to your router and make many changes in this system by using this IP address. Continue to read this whole article to know in about Admin Login, Username, and Password. Admin Login, Username, Password Admin Login, Username, Password

#1 How To Login To

To access your router, you need to login to Admin. When you log in to this page, you will get the customizable options for your router or modem. This IP address is the default for many companies.

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By accessing your modem or router admin through IP address, you can change the settings, Password, and configurations that your router software provides. Follow these steps to log in to Admin Wireless Setting.

• Open any web browser on your computer. Before this, make sure your device is connected to the router wirelessly or via ethernet. Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are more preferred than other web browsers due to security and friendly user interface.

• Now enter this IP in the URL bar and search it:

• If you are facing an error, there are two possibilities for this issue.

• There is a mistake in your typing. Check it properly.

• is not your router’s IP address. So, you need to find the IP address of your router.

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• You have to type the router username and Password. If you use Setup router, then you need to type the default username of the Password. It is generally admin and admin. For some companies, it may change. For such providers, you have to find out the default username and Password from manual or web.

• If you forgot your username and password, then you can reset your router. Then you can log in with the default username and Password.

• Once you enter the correct login credential, you will log in to the admin panel and configure the router’s settings.

#2 Login Page, Username, Password:

To secure your private router network, you need to immediately change your router’s default username and password. If you haven’t changed the default username & password, anyone can connect to your router and log in to the admin panel and change the Password. So, it’s better to change Password by yourself before someone else.

Once you enter the default username and password, it will be straightforward for you to manage router settings and connected devices. To set up the internet, you need to use ISP information. The ISP provides all necessary data for setting up the internet. Use the username and password in the router’s dial-up to set up an internet dial-up connect.

You can use the Wizard tool to set up the internet quickly. Expert users can set up manually for an internet connection. For beginners, it will be tough to set up the internet in a router.

From the Router Admin Page, you can adjust the Router settings. You can also change the IP address of your router from Network settings. So, instead of Admin Router, you can change it to your preference.

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There are many useful Router settings on the Router Admin page. The most important one is Changing SSID. You have to change the default SSID to your choice because it is easy to identify your network if it has a distinct SSID. It’s advisable not to use any family member’s name. So, people couldn’t find your Wi-Fi connection until you told them.

You can hide the SSID of your router. This feature is not in all routers. For more details about hiding SSID, you need to look at the user manual of your router. Encrypted security is not a new feature, and most routers have WPS2 and PSK features for encryption. You should enable this option for better security.

Always use updated and encrypted security devices for private connection. You have to use a strong Password for the WI-FI router as Admin Username & Password can be easily found out from the internet. So, make a strong Password with alphanumeric and symbols. Never use any member’s name or your contact number as Password. Use a minimum 11-character password.

#3 How To Find Router IP Address?

Don’t worry if you forgot the IP address of your router. There are various ways of finding the Router IP address. Try these ways:

#1 Method 1: Use or

These IP addresses are often used by most of the companies. So first, try these IP addresses and see if it works.

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#2 Method 2: Look at the Hardware Label:

You can also find the default IP address, Username, and Password from the hardware. Some companies add this information in the product details. So, look at the information label on the router. It is mostly on the backside or below the router.

Router Hardware Label
Router Hardware Label

#3 Method 3: For Windows:

Follow these three steps to find IP address if you are using Windows;

• Press the start button and search for the command prompt.

• Open Command Prompt and open it with Run as Administrator.

Open Command Prompt
Open Command Prompt

• Now type “ipconfig” and press enter.


• You will see the IP address as the Default Gateway address.

#4 Method 4: For macOS:

• Open the Apple menu in your MacBook.

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• Click on System preference and select the Network icon.

• Now select your network and click on the advanced option.

• Find the TCP/IP option and click on that to know the IP address of your router.

#5 Method 5:For iPhone or iPad:

• For iOS, open settings app from the home screen of the device.

• Now select the WI-FI option and tap on your wireless network.

• Now You can find the IP address in Infront of the DHCP option.

#6 Method 6: For Android:

• You need to download the third-party application “Wi-Fi Analyzer” to find your Router IP address.

• After installing Wi-Fi Analyzer, launch this app. Click on View and select “AP List.”

• Now you will see the router’s name and click on it to find out your Router IP address.

#4 Change Password Of Router

It is vital to change the default password. Because people can easily find the default password of your router as they are prevalent. So, when you set up your router, you need first to change the password for security purposes.

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To change the default password, you need to follow these steps:

Change Router Password
Change Router Password

• Open the Web browser in the device, which is connected to your router.
• Now type in the URL bar and press enter.
• Now login to the Admin panel by using default username and Password.
• Select Advanced settings option and click on Router Admin.
• Now you can change Password by entering a new one and press Ok to save changes.

You have to connect with the router with the new Password in all devices. Make sure you enter a robust 11-character Password for better security. You can also change Setup Configuration by using IP. Read further to know the Default IP address, Username, and Password.

#5 Router IP Address, Default Username, And Password

Company Name
IP Address
Apple iphoneIOS4.X

You can use this default IP address, Username, and Password for setting up your router. However, it would be best to change the default username and password as soon as possible for security purposes. You can get the default username and password from two places.

#1 From the User manual:

The company prints all critical information about the router and how to install and use the same in the user manual. However, people often neglect to read the user manual and try on their own. It is the worst technique to set up any device or machine.

First, you should read the user manual. You can also find the default IP address, username, and Password from the user manual. Or you can try login, which is the most common IP address.

#2 From the Hardware label:

In some routers, the default IP address, username, and password are printed on the Router label. This label is mostly back side or below the router.

#6 Why Can’t I Connect To

There are three possibilities for this issue.

#1 You are not connected with your router:

This IP address will not work if you are not connected to your router or router is powered off. SO, turn on your router and try again.

#2 Admin is not your router IP address.

In this case, you need to find your routers’ IP address from any of the methods mentioned above.

#3 Outdated drivers

If you are using old and outdated drivers on your computer, they might cause this issue. So, update your device drives.

#7 Conclusion Admin Router is a handy IP address. You can find the default IP address, username, and password from the table, as mentioned above. Hopefully, this article helps you with Admin Login, Username, Password. Comment below if you have any questions.


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