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If you are using a WI-FI router, you may wonder what is Precisely it is a default IP address of the router. IP address a virtual address of your system through which you will be identified in the world of the internet. IP is very useful in resetting your Username or password and also for many other things.

The router is widely used for wireless internet connection. There are so many features of routers that we don’t know. It can use as an offline server as well. Continue to read this article to find everything about Router login. Router Login Router Login

#1 Router IP Address:

The IP address is a short form of the Internet Protocol address. It is a digital address of a machine that helps the transfer of data and the internet. The information about your computer, operating system, and many other details can be known from your IP address.

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If you are setting up a router or local connection, IP is beneficial in these situations. The devices like routers, modems, and computers are connected with the internet by their respective IP addresses. The IP address of the device can be private or public depends on the application.

There are two types of IP address; IP4 and IP6. Among them, IP4 has numeric, and dot formation and IP6 is an alphanumeric code. IP is of IP4 type as it includes numeric and dots syntax. It is a prefix internet protocol address of routers and modems. You can reach the router settings by browsing

#2 Router Default Username, Password, And Default IP Address is a default IP address for most of the routers. There other IP address which is used by some companies. Like 192.168.30 for some routers of D link, 192.168.01 and 192.168.254 for TP-link. So, you can try any of these if you forget the IP address.

Similarly, Username and passwords are also fixed by the company. However, there are various combinations of passwords and Usernames used by different companies. The default username and password are already printed in the user manual of the router. You can easily find both from the manual.

There are some default IP addresses, Usernames, and passwords as per different companies. The most common IP address is, and the Username is admin. You can use the IP login purpose.

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#3 Forgot IP Address Username And Password?

You can connect to Wi-Fi only if you have a username and password. To set the username and password, you require an IP address. You can’t enjoy speedy internet unless you remember all of these three things. But don’t worry if you forgot your IP address, username, and password. There’s always a solution.

To find the IP address, SSID (username), and password follow these two simple ways:

#1 Checking the Manual

People check the device’s manual only when they disturb something. But you should read the manual before using a particular device. It is quite apparent. We all have to read manuals because the information is purely technical and in the small fonts.

If you forgot the IP address, username, or password of your Router, you should check in the manual of Router. The default IP address, username, and password generally are written in the manual. You can find the device manual in the original box of the device.

If you don’t have a manual from the router provider, you can still find the default IP address, username, and password. Check on the router hardware. In some cases, the company also mentioned the default IP address, username, and password on the router hardware.

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Router Manual
Router Manual

#2 Resetting Router

Once you knew the Default IP address, username, and password, you should reset your Router to change the username and password. You cannot change the IP address as it is the default for routers. But you can change the username and password as per your convenience.

Before resetting your Router, make sure you do these things:

• Only reset your Router if you knew the default IP address, username, and password.
• The Router needs to be powered on while resetting.
• It would help if you warned other people who are using the same Router to save their work because until you change the password, an internet connection will be lost.

Router Reset Button
Router Reset Button

#3 Steps to Reset Router:

Step 1: Turn on the Router.

Step 2: Now press the reset button from the backside of the Router gently.

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Step 3: Hold the reset button for 10 – 15 seconds and release it.

You will notice that all the LEDs from the router blink at the same time when you release the reset button. It means your Router is reset. Your Router becomes more vulnerable to hackers when you press the reset button. So, make sure of Changing Your Router’s Password as soon as possible.

#4 How To Access TP-Link Router Using

It is straightforward to access the TP-Link router by using You don’t require any technical support for this. If you have limited technical knowledge, you can easily set up a new TP-Link Router.

Make sure the Router is connected to an active modem or data jack to connect to the internet.

Follow these steps to access TP-Link Router using

Step 1: Turn on the Router by plugging in the adaptor.

Step 2: Connect your computer with Router via Ethernet cable. Make sure the established connection is proper.

Step 3: After connection, open web browser in computer and type and press enter.

TP Link Router Setup
TP Link Router Setup

Step 4: Next, enter the default password and click on Let’s get started/ Login if you don’t know the default username and password, check-in in the table above.

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Step 5: Now follow the on-screen option to configure your internet and wireless network from the Quick setup option.

TP Link Router Setup 2
TP Link Router Setup 2

Step 6: You need to enter the name (SSID) for your wireless network and Changing Your Router’s Password to secure your WI-FI network.

TP Link Router Setup 3
TP Link Router Setup 3

Step 7: Now join other devices with the new password and see in the connected devices list. You can also change the device’s name.

#5 Netgear Router Login

There are two ways to login to Netgear Router. For both of them, you need to have a stable internet connection.

#1 Login to Netgear router with Nighthawk app:

The Nighthawk app supports some Netgear routers. Check for the model of your Router in the list of products supporting the NETGEAR Nighthawk app.

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Step 1: First, download the Nighthawk application from nighthawk-app.com.

Step 2: You have to connect your mobile with the Netgear router’s WI-FI for further steps.

Step 3: Open the Nighthawk application and log in to that with your Netgear account.
You can also login to the Netgear router by using a web browser. For that, you need the default IP address of your Router.

#2 Login to Netgear with a web browser:

Step 1: Open Chrome or another web browser on the computer and connect the computer with the Router’s network. Or you can use Ethernet cable to connect your computer with Router.

Step 2: Now type in the search bar and press enter.

Step 3: Now the router login window opens. You have to type the default username and password to log in. If you don’t know, check in the table mentioned above.

Step 4: You can set a new username (SSID) and password from this router portal and make other modifications.

#6 How To Login To ASUS Wireless Router?

ASUS wireless router has a web control panel from which you can modify and save all the settings options. To make changes, you need to have a username and password to log in ASUS wireless router.

Follows these steps to log in ASUS wireless router:

Step 1: Make sure your computer is connected to the ASUS router by using an ethernet cable or a wireless connection.

Step 2: Now open Chrome or another web browser on your computer and enter In the next windows, you see the login page of the ASUS router.

ASUS Router Login
ASUS Router Login

Step 3: Write the default username and password. If you don’t know, check in the table above.

Step 4: Click on Login/ Get started.

Step 5: You can change the username and password from this portal and also change other settings options.

ASUS Router Setup 1
ASUS Router Setup 1

#7 If You Can’t Access

It is a scarce issue if you can’t access login. Before trying any other thing, make sure you enter the correct IP address of your browser. Some routers have different IP addresses. You can check the default IP address of your router from the table above.

Still, you can’t get access to You need to reset your Router. It will solve your problem. You can reset your Router without opening the login page of Router. The follow the abovementioned method of resetting router and then open in your device.

#8 How To Reset Router With IP Address?

Generally, people reset their Router from the reset button. But what if the reset button is not working? At that time, this method comes handy. You can reset your Router with IP address.

Follow these steps to reset Router with IP address:

Step 1: Connect your computer with Router by using a wireless network or via ethernet cable.

Step 2: Open Chrome or another web browser in your computer and type to open the router login page.

Step 3: Next, enter the username and password to log in.

Step 4: Follow this path. Administration > Device Management > Reset to Factory Defaults.

Step 5: Now click on Ok to reset your Router.

#9 Conclusion

Many people are dubious about how Router Login works or how to reset the Wi-Fi router. It is not rocket science. Follow the mentioned methods to set up your Wi-Fi router and to reset your Router if you forgot IP address, username, and password. Comment below if you have any queries.


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